Write a Caption: Goats Crossing a Water Channel on a Pipeline

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Goats Crossing a Water Channel on a Pipeline

Test your Caption Writing Talent - Goats Crossing a Water Channel on a Pipeline

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Test Your Caption Writing Talent

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  1. Qaiser Khalil says:

    Two successive governments and still no bridge. They’re lucky we can’t vote.

  2. Lt Col Naeem Ahmed Khan (Retd) says:

    After all, Editor wins, as he is a flyer and flyers believe in this formula ” agility in survival “

  3. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    My Captions are as under;-
    1.Discipline is the answer.
    2. Discipline always pays.
    3.Pakistani drivers to learn from goats.

  4. Now I understand USA interest in Iran-Pakistan Gas line

  5. Maqsood Choudary says:

    How cute. Impressed by their determination and discipline. Hope it is not photo-shop.

  6. Col (R) Naveed Zafar EME says:

    “Pipe Marchers” “Escape Goats” “

  7. Editor’s Choice: “Agility is Survival”.

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