Write a Caption: Elephant Pulls a Plane

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An Elephant Pulling an Aircraft

Test your Caption Writing Talent - An Elephant pulling a plane

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Test Your Caption Writing Talent

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  1. No tourist safari van available

  2. Col (R) Naveed Zafar, EME says:

    (It is a newly coined term, it is not “ELEPHANT TOW”).


    Holy Quran has proved it 1400 years ago.The QURANIC VERSE, meaning that whatever is in the skies & Earth is for human beings. Not strange.

  4. Maj (R) Rauf Shad says:

    “Hath kangan ko arsi keya”.

  5. Siraj Ullah Qazi says:

    “Black Magic”.

  6. Salim Gul says:

    “Hop on hop off Service!”

  7. Niaz Ahmad Khan says:

    Elephant rescues the “white elephant”.

  8. Editor’s Choice: “Back to square ONE!!”

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