Women Jokes (in English)

Dressing up of a Woman

Jokes in English : A Woman never dresses up to impress Men - Women Jokes, Female Jokes

List of Ways to win an Argument with a Woman

Jokes in English : List of Ways to win an Argument with a Woman - Women Jokes, Female Jokes

“No, you’re right.”

Jokes in English :“No, you’re right.” Said no woman ever - Women Jokes, Female Jokes

‘Slightly’ upset Woman 

Jokes in English : 'Slightly' upset Woman - Women Jokes, Female Jokes

Dear Men, Never criticize a Woman’s Appearance

Jokes in English : "Dear Men, Never criticize a Woman's appearance" - Girls & Women Jokes

Efficiency Level of Women

Jokes in English : Efficiency Level of Women - Women Jokes, Female Jokes

Crazy Woman

Women and Girls Jokes - Crazy Woman - English Jokes


  1. Col Azmat Kahlun says:

    Jokes apart I love the way how 17 PMA officers upgrade their ranks I wonder they may not one day make a parallel general officers army and try to run army.

    • Dear Col Azmat Kahlun,
      Please don’t take Maj Siraj wrong. His name was Syed Sirajuddin Ahmed which he later changed as Siraj Syed. He is from Arty and then joined Avn. He is a friend of my late uncle Dr. Khalid Cheema. He is mentioning both names so that his old acquaintances also recognize him.
      He changed his name after retirement. CMA(O) has not given him pension for the last 20 years or so, because he changed his name. He lives in USA. He is not well and can’t travel to Pakistan.

      • Col Azmat Kahlun says:

        I can make out how our senior must be feeling after not being allowed his pension but there must be some way that he should receive it. The rules are there to help, not to hurt any one and further more any thing in my post was on the lighter side as a joke. Thanks for replying really appreciate.

  2. Lt Col Maqsood Ahmad Cheema (R), Ord says:

    Had Captain Syed Sirajuddin Ahmed (17 PMA) changed to Maj (R) Siraj Syed USA not been busy in the scientific research of the women behavior, today he might had been Lt Gen (R) Siraj Syed.
    Any how, nice job.

  3. Capt Syed Sirajuddin Ahmed (17 PMA) changed to Maj (R) Siraj Syed, USA says:

    When a man holds a woman’s hand before marriage, it is love
    After marriage it is self defense

    A woman is one, so jolly and good,
    But too complicated to be understood

    Between a woman’s YES and NO
    There is no room for a pin to go

  4. Ismat Butt says:

    Nice post. Good jokes.

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