What’s so Special about Pakistan?

By Col Masood Anwar (34 Long Course)

I miss the heat of summers; I miss the cold of winters. I must be crazy; perhaps yes. Why this craziness? Because the feeling of having and not having; ecstasy and frustration; the joy in waiting and the pain of separation; my friend, I cannot explain, I can only make known my feelings in words, if you wish. I ask you, “Have you ever stood at a railway platform and watched a train arrive and depart? You must have a number of times; therefore you can appreciate; feeling for feeling. If you haven’t, do so on the first opportunity and you will know what I mean.

My friend, when the heat of the day frustrates you and you wait for the evening to arrive for evening brings coolness along; you feel something inside you; I call it “the urge.” My analysis is that the multiplicative factor of “urge” in our part of the world is very communicative whereas in this part of the world,where I happen to be at this point in time, its communicative worth is low. Needless to say that, the pleasure of living lies in the dynamic nature of “urge”.

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