Waves Under the Sea

The Holy Qur’an refers to a new scientific discovery that is in the depths of the sea, where there are waves and darkness, let us read …
Scientists have discovered that the ocean’s depths are large / deep waves that are different waves from the ocean’s surface. Allah (swt) compares the works of atheists and infidels with a man who lives in the ocean deep and covered by a layer of deep waves which in turn is covered by waves from the ocean’s surface is covered with darkness. This description demonstrates how the atheists and the virtues of disobedience / actions are far from the light of Allah (swt).
Allah (swt) says:
Or they are like the darkness in the depths of the sea, covered by a wave, and again a wave, and then the clouds, dark on dark. If someone reaches out his hand, he can hardly see it. The God does not give light, he has no light.A God does not give light, he has no light. ”  (Quran 24:40)
Honored be to Allah swt, later scientists discovered this in 2007, and they had not anticipated this finding. Who told the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) about the deep waves? Allah is the narrator who says of himself:
“He knows the secret, and He does not know His secret, other than a messenger of His good pleasure in. And he is traveling with the guard, in front and behind them” (Surah Al-Jinn, verse 26-27).
1. In the deep sea, Breaking waves has never been observed, “said Hans Van Haren – (Discovery News)

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