Urdu Poetry | ‘Munn Ki Payas’

Urdu Poetry

By Lt Col Fazal Dad (Retd), 58th PMA L/C

Urdu Poetry by Lt Col Fazal Dad, 59th PMA L/CEditor’s Note: Lt Col Fazal Dad was commissioned in 9 Medium Regt Arty in March 1979. He commanded 171 Medium Regt Arty. He retired in 2006 and has settled in Rawalpindi. He has earned his MBA degree from NUST. He writes good Urdu Poetry.Urdu Poem, 'Munn ki Payas' by Lt Col Fazal Dad, 58th PMA

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  1. Maj Mujib Aftab says:

    Bohot khoob. When I read the caption, I read it Munni ki Payas. Got very excited & immediately opened the mail. But was equally happy to read Munn instead Munni. Thanks Sir

  2. Maj Tanvir Talat, Retd (1st SSC) says:

    Wah, wah!!

  3. Harkinder Chahal says:

    Very nice thought expressed beautifully. An eternal human longing for true essence of things and relations.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Col Shah Alam, Retd (34th PMA) Canada says:

    Very well said and thanks for sharing.

  5. Dear Col Fazal Dad,
    A good poem for “Army Blog (Retired Officers)”. Waiting for more poetry from you.

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