“Three Points for Olympic Victory” by Maj Farooq Rana (A-4)

Maj Farooq Rana“Three Points for Olympic Victory”: Added on 20 June 2013. This water-colour painting, on 15″x22″ Fabriano 300 gms rough paper, has been created by Maj Farooq Rana (A-4).


Three Points for Olympic Victory by Maj Farooq Rana (A-4)

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  1. Azam Gill (H-1), France says:

    Another superb piece of creativity, Rana jee.
    Muted colours recede to emphasize attention on the essence of the Olympics with the primary focus on the winning wrestler, secondary focus on the one below him. The detached intensity in the eyes of the winner is the artist’s statement. Too late for Manet and Amrita Shergill, but if Colin David is still alive and flourishing in Lahore it should get his attention.
    By the way, the British SAS have an ‘Artists’ Battalion’ of reservists: all creative people like yourself at the service of Her Britannic Majesty’s most nefarious designs!

  2. Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

    My heartfelt thanks to all the friends for their impassioned and encouraging words which provide great strength in my work. It just reflects how much respect and warmth we have for each other. Do continue to provide support. I am indebted for this. I am also thankful to Cheema for providing such a powerful platform to link all of us. Regards!

  3. Lt Col Zubair Ahmed (A-3), Canada says:

    What an attention to detail man!

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      Zubair, thanks for your regular heartening comments. I am sorry I could not reply your very first comment (On Facebook, a year or so ago). I was not well versed with these things at that time (Facebook, etc. I still am not. Don’t get much time for these). I have very rich memories of your company in PMA and Multan both. Hope to see you sometime in Canada. Keep good health. Regards.

  4. Maj Rehmat Elahi (G-3) says:

    Farooq Rana, your performance is excellent. Just carry on with the creative capabilities.

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words and providing inspiration for further refinement. Regards.

  5. Maj Mushtaq Ur Rehman (A-2) says:

    Rana, Shabaash!!

  6. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa (Abdali Coy Comd) says:

    An excellent painting of professional standards.

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      You have been Sir! as reassuring and encouraging as you were 41 years back. That’s what a ‘Daddy’ is for. Thanks for kind words. Profound regards.

  7. Major Javed Yusuf (G-3) says:

    Dear Rana, Very well done!!

  8. Lt Col Nisar Sarwar Khara (A-4 Pl Comd) says:

    Great going, Rana….Stay blessed always!

  9. Brig Khawaja Alam Zeb (A-4) says:

    Bai Wah!!!!

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      Dear AlamZeb, you are such a nice and supportive friend that your comments are weighed in Gold by me, Sir! Keep contact. Regards.

  10. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (A-1) says:

    Well done, Rana. Keep it up. Thanks for continuous ‘supply’ of paintings for the Course website. The ‘Demand’ is still unquenchable.

  11. Col Qaisar Rashid (SS-4), UK says:

    You do wonders with brush and colors, Rana.

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      Dear Qaisar, your regular support and inspiring words provide me with inspiration and great strength to further my work. You have been very supportive with your kind words. My honest thanks. Stay blessed and have a nice trip of Europe. Regards.

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