Then and Now Photo of PA-14418 Lt Col Zaka Ullah Khan, FF

Lt Col Zaka Ullah Khan, FF, 2nd SSC, Then & Now Photo  

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  1. Siraj Ullah Qazi. says:

    Zaka you have lost a lot of weight.

  2. Lt Col Tariq Ahsan Ali Khan (Retd) Islamabad says:

    Not much change, still looking very fresh and evergreen. ماشاالله

  3. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema, Air Def/Avn (ABD-1) says:

    Zaka Bhai,
    Jeetay raho, muskaratay raho, Khush raho.

  4. Lt Col Naeem A Khan, Air Def (HDR-4) says:

    Wah Zaka wah…. Nice pictures as your soul is. So very pure, loving, caring, passionate,& reaching out to friends. Keep happy, healthy & stay full of life, brother.
    Don’t forget to sometime call friends to visit State of Chamkani too.♥️❤️

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