“The Witty Mess Waiter, 1978/79”

By Maj Tahir Yasin, Retd (56th PMA Long Course)

Photo of Major Tahir Yasin, Army AviationEditor: Maj Tahir Yasin is from 27 Baluch/Avn. He got commission in Oct 1977, retired in 1998 and has settled in Lahore. He is currently employed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Back in 1978/79, we were in exercise area for collective training. One day we were sitting in the Field Mess for dinner. Our CO had gone on some duty and the 2/IC was acting CO, so he was on the head chair. While having dinner, 2/IC, a Pushto speaking officer, told the waiter standing next to him, “Alaka, woh lay ker aao”. (‘Woh’ was his pet word, which he used for every thing).

Pakistan Army Mess waiterWaiter looked at us, not understanding any thing as to what Maj sahib wanted, just kept standing. We again started with gup-shup. After some time the 2/IC remembered that he had asked for some thing which has not been served so far. He again said to the waiter, “Alaka Karim! Woh lay ker aao”.

Karim, the waiter, again kept standing.

Little furious on not being looked after, Maj Sahib said a bit sternly the third time, “Alaka Karim! Woh lay ker aao”.

The waiter responded, “Sir, woh khatam ho gaya hai.

Maj Sahib said, “Oh Achcha!! Theek hai.

We all enjoyed the quick witty response of waiter Karim.

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  1. Lt Col Jami says:

    Once a Gen officer handed over his scarf to a runner and saidاو لکا اسے دھو کر کے لاؤ Runner came after 5 minutes with two equal pieces of scarf.

  2. Lt Col Saeed A Azad (R), 39 PMA L/C says:

    Entertaining and funny anecdote.

  3. Is there anyone from Camp 99 or Camp 46 here?

  4. Lt Col Kamran Qadir Khan (R), EME says:

    And this ‘woh lay Aao’ is still very common among the lady wives of army while addressing batmen.

  5. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) 2nd SSC says:

    Good one.

  6. Abdul Basit Suhail says:

    ‘Woh’….Looks like a secret code….unknown to witty waiter?
    The 2IC did not train up the waiter properly…to understand his diction….in code words…

  7. It is amazing that the Major Sahib had such frittering memory at such a young age.

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