“The Simple JCO of 3 NLI Bn”

By Maj Pervez A. Minhas, Retd  (49th PMA)

Major Pervez A. Minhas, 49 th PMA Long CourseEditor’s Note: Maj Pervez Minhas is from 19 Baloch.

Back in 1979, I was posted in 3 NLI Bn which was being converted from Northern Scouts to NLI Bn. Hence we moved from Nekru (ex Kel Sector) to Batrasi, near Mansehra for training and reorganization of 3 NLI troops. My unit officer Capt Junaid Barlas (ex 2nd SSC) and myself had to go on leave to Lahore. He called a JCO and asked him to go to GTS Bus Stand at Mansehra and bring two seats for Lahore.

On his return the JCO triumphantly confirmed that the task has been accomplished.

Barlas asked him “Acha dou”, expecting him to give him the tickets.

The JCO smiled and said, “Sir, woh tou jeep mein hain”.

We asked him, “Bhai, laa ker daay dou”.

He went out and lo behold, he walks back in our room with the TWO-men front seat of GTS bus, which he had physically removed from the bus and had brought it back to Batrasi.

Barlas jumped out of his chair and asked, “What the hell is this?”

The JCO replied, “Sir, you ordered to bring two seats, bus wala was not giving but I brought it forcibly”.

What a simple soul he was!!

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  1. Tayyab saeed says:

    Sir Assalamoalikum.
    I am proud officer of 3 NLI regt. We love our troops for their simplicity, bravery, and dedication. At present NLI is one of the leading regt in ops and when so ever we ever deployed infront of our traditional enemy they always ask” NLI tu nahi hai sathio”. This sentence from your enemy is enough to explain. NLI troops need nothing in return but only love and guidence from seniors. Waiting for your visit in outfit.
    Your unit
    3 NLI REGT

  2. Liaqat Ali says:

    I am proud to be the first parental officer of 3 NLI Regt. It is indeed a humorous anecdote but I am assuring you that still this kind of simple troops are present in NLI Bns. But they are bold, brave and simple.
    Pakistan Army Zindabad.
    FASBOTOO paindabad.

  3. Zafar Iqbal says:

    I think still JCO has power who earns his respect with hard work but sorry to say that you called him a simple JCO.

  4. Gen Farooq says:

    Dear Pervez Minhas,
    It is after a very long time that I happen to see your photograph and enjoyed your narration. You are no less when it comes to sharing a joke or humour. I have fond memories of time with you at PMA.
    May you live long and healthy.

  5. Lt Col (R) Murawat Hussain (67 PMA) says:

    I served with Ist NLI as Battery Commander. I found them dedicated, loyal and obedient soldiers. It’s a treat to serve with them. Pray for them for their simplicity and toughness.

  6. Col (R) Shah Alam, Canada (34 PMA) says:

    Thanks for sharing, Pervez. Made me chuckle but also saddened me on the simplicity of our men in uniform.

    This story brings back fond memories of 1973-74 of my flying in Alouette III helicopters in Gilgit & Skardu and association with NLI troops. Ever so smart, good looking and disciplined, it was an honor to serve them ferrying critical supplies and evacuating causalities.

    35 years later I doubt though if one would find such modest and humble soldiers anywhere – even in the remotest part of Northern Areas.

  7. Lt Col (R) Waseem Rashid Hashmi (53rd PMA) says:

    What a simple soul!! 🙂

  8. NOw we have much more cunning and money minded souls like rest of the society. We’ll miss such innocent and dedicated souls.

  9. Col (r) Syed Jamal Hussain Shah says:

    Really very funny, he made it sure to carry out the order in real spirit. What a simple soul he was! God bless the soul.

  10. Dear Maj Pervez Minhas,
    It is a very funny anecdote. I think such simple souls are no more in the present day Army, they are now more educated.
    Long live Pak Army!!

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