“The Simple Infantry Soldier”

By Brig Banaras Khan Jadoon, Retd, FF (2nd SSC)

Brig Banaras Khan JadoonEditor’s Note: Brig Banaras Khan Jadoon was commissioned in 33 FF Regt in July 1972. After his retirement, he has settled in Morgah, Rawalpindi.

The other day while reading an anecdote ‘My Simple Office Runner’ in Pakistan Army Blog (Retired Officers), I was reminded of a similar anecdote.

When I was commanding my unit (33 FF) on the LOC in Kashmir in 1991, we used to get meat on hoof on weekly basis from the Supply Platoon. The goats being provided by the contractor and overlooked by ASC people used to be so emaciated that some of them would never reach the unit alive and had to be slaughtered in the truck by a watchful soldier. Having traveled long distances from down country without water and fodder, the poor creatures used to be very hungry and thirsty. Before handing over to the unit reps, they were made to drink salty water which increased weight of an animal by 3-4 kg.

Seeing their poor health, I ordered postponement of their slaughter for minimum 3 months and asked the companies to let them graze in the forest under the supervision of down category soldiers. After 3 months, most of the goats became fat and multiplied in numbers as some of them were pregnant. Reluctantly, we built huge stock of surplus fat goats and 6 months before we were to be relieved, the unit had to consume mutton twice a day on every day of the week. Still, we took two truck loads of goats to Bahawalpur.

One day, the SM in his morning ‘OK Report’, informed me, “Sir, Raat ko aik bakri nay bacha diya tha, laikun woh marr gaya”.

A baby goat.

I ordered that the soldier deputed to look after the goats be charged for negligence.

When he was produced before me on the Charge Sheet, I asked him, “Why the newly born baby goat died?”

He very simply answered, “Sir, uss ki Ammi ka doodh nahi utra, iss liye woh fout ho gaya”.

Suppressing my laughter I let him off.

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  1. Lt Col Masood Alam( retd) says:

    Thanks brig Jadoon for making us remember good old days in AK.

  2. Lt Col (R) Tariq Rashid Bhatti, Sigs (2nd SSC) says:

    Thank you for the nice article. I loved it.

  3. Maj (R) Pervez A. Minhas (49th PMA) says:

    Well Brig Jadoon(Tiger killer).
    I hope you do not blame the then 2 AK Bde DQ (Me)?

  4. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah (2nd SSC) says:

    BRAVO, Sir G.

  5. Col (R) Maqbool Rabbani says:

    Brig Jadoon is a brave and honest soldier. He and his Unit have faced the enemy very squarely on LOC. His simple and honest narration be appreciated. Bravo Jadoon, God bless you.

  6. Amazing to note the corrupt practices of the Army ration supply contractor. Beside the Brig should not have charge sheeted the sepoy on grazing duties which were enforced upon him because of the implicit corruption of the ration contractors. This has proved that Army ration contractors’ corrupt practices are so rampant and common place that we have had to start enjoying them in such anecdotes.

  7. Shahid Hussain S Saqib says:

    Allah hamaray Jawaanon ko aur himat day keh woh dushman kay daant khatay ker sakain, Aameen sum Aameen.

  8. I love it…..very nice anecdote.

  9. Brig Rana Zulfiqar, Ord (66 PMA) says:

    Good one, sir!!

  10. Col Zahid Shah (46 PMA) says:

    A nice one, simple and street smart! Their wittiness nearly always gets them off the hook. 🙂

  11. Arshad Ali says:

    Innocent soldier, old timer!! Now a days you can’t find such simple soul.
    Nice write up.

  12. Brig Jadoon,
    Nice job!! Our jawaans are the best, the bravest and simple souls.
    I did my 6 months attachment with great 33 FF Regt in Lahore. I took good care of the unit when it was deployed on L of C in Kashmir and I was DADOS. I am now in Canada and like to hear more about 33 FF, its officers and achievements.

    • Brig (R) Banaras Khan Jadoon says:

      Dear Jamil,
      Nice to hear you after along time. Hope you are well settled now. The unit is back in Waziristan, hunting terrorists and is being commanded by Lt Col Majid.

  13. Brig (R) Aslam Khan (33 PMA) says:

    A good anecdote.

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