The Human Factor

By Col Masood Anwar, Retd (34th PMA Long Course)

I have a feeling that we are running in the wrong direction. Our kind of democracy is failing us; our concept of morality is a casualty of parallax error; morality and ethics are perceptually different; we are trying to compete with the developed countries using obsolete tools of development: borrowed money, borrowed thinking, and borrowed values. As for tools of development, in our case, the in-service device the“human factor” is old-fashioned; it is accompanied with old ideas; it suffers from ideology twist; and is tangled in a culture-religion mix.

What do we do then? Relax and enjoy? Beat our chests? Shed tears? Or do something? What something? Don’t look up towards the sky; God helps those who help themselves. Wake up and rise; let’s join hands with “CHANGE”.


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