The Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur (District Rajanpur)

The Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur, District Rajanpur, DG Khan Division.

By Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (R), 2nd SSC

Lt Col RZ Cheema

Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema

Ayaz Ahmad

Ayaz Ahmad

After giving it much serious thought I have decided to publicly post this narrative, albeit at the risk of being accused of pretentiousness, as I believe that there is some potential for encouragement here for those who may be interested in helping the poor and the needy.

The Story of Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur: Ayaz Ahmad, a brilliant slum boy from Jampur, District Rajanpur (Dera Ghazi Khan Division), stood 2nd in recent Matriculation Examination conducted by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, DG Khan. He got this position in the Humanities Group (Boys). His father is paralyzed and Ayaz drives a rickshaw to earn a living for his 6 family members (including him) and for the treatment of his father. Against all odds he passed his Matric Exam with laurels. He doesn’t have any means to continue his studies further.

I was in USA when I heard this news on 29 July 2013. The same day I made the following Graphic and posted it in “Stand Up for Pakistan”, (a closed Group of educated Pakistanis on Facebook). I also requested the Group members to share that Graphic extensively hoping that it may be seen by some official of Punjab Government or some NGO and they may help this brilliant boy.

Charity Work in Pakistan - Ayaz with his paralyzed father - Ayaz Ahmad Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur

At the time of making of the above Graphic, I was not in contact with Ayaz and picked up the information from a newspaper that he has six siblings. Later when I personally contacted him, he told me that he has one sister and two younger brothers.

Samia Aslam, a member of ‘Stand Up for Pakistan’, suggested, “Why we are waiting for the government support or some NGO. Can’t we do anything for him in our personal capacity?”

Extract from a Facebook Group - Charity Work in Pakistan - Social Work in Pakistan

I liked the idea floated by this lady and asked my family members and Army and civilian friends, living in USA, to donate some amount for the lad. I suggested to them that anything between $20 to $50 will do. But most of them surpassed my suggested amount by many times. I told them that it will be a sadqa-e-jariya and Allah will reward them for this noble deed. I promised them that I would personally meet the boy to ensure that their hard-earned money would not fall in some scam.

Finding the Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur

I reached Islamabad on 17 August 2013 and was busy with some family affairs. Then I planned to go to Jampur but my friends told me that it would be a security hazard to go there alone. The abductions for ransom are aplenty in that remote part of the Punjab. I was in a fix when I suddenly remembered that one of my unit officers, Maj Islam-ud-Din Zubade (3rd SSC), had served as Secretary District Armed Services Board Muzzafargarh for many years. He also looked after DG Khan Armed Services Board for some period when its Secretary retired. I asked him to trace the brilliant slum boy from Jampur. Maj Islam was an instant help. He called me after an hour, gave me the cell number of Ayaz and told me that he had been in Military Hospital (MH) Rawalpindi for the last two weeks in connection with his father’s treatment.

I thanked Allah that the boy was in Rawalpindi and I didn’t have to go all the way to Jampur. It is my strong conviction that if you decide to help a poor and needy person Allah makes it easier for you. And that is exactly what happened in this case. I immediately called Ayaz on his cell phone. His father was not in MH, but was admitted in the Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFIRM) which is located behind the MH.

Ayaz with Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of the Punjab

Charity Work in Pakistan - Ayaz with Chief Minister Punjab - Ayaz Ahmad Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur

I met Ayaz and his father, Muhammad Khameesa, in AFIRM on 29 Sep 2013. When Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, called all position holders in Lahore, Ayaz requested him for the treatment of his paralyzed father. The Punjab Government immediately took up the case and his father is now being treated free at AFIRM. Khameesa is Masha Allah showing signs of improvement. Now he can move one of his hands, can open his eyes and can eat as well. The boy is confident that they will be able to go back to Jampur in 4 to 6 weeks.

Ayaz, the Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur, with His father at AFIRM, Rawalpindi: Photo courtesy Cancer Care for Needy Patients-CCNP.

Charity Work in Pakistan - Ayaz and his father at AFIRM Rawalpindi - Ayaz Ahmad Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur

The rickshaw of his father is parked at their home back in Jampur as no one is there to operate it. Ayaz is the eldest while he has two younger brothers one of whom is in class 2 and the other is in nursery. Ayaz has been admitted to Government College, Jampur. He has taken up Civics, Political Science and Islamiyat as his Elective subjects in F.A.

I tried to give Ayaz some money which he refused to take. He is a very khuddaar lad. With much effort, I convinced him to accept the financial assistance and told him that he would get his fees and some subsistence allowance regularly. I advised him to concentrate on his studies and also help his brothers in their school work. His hard work will not go waste and In Sha Allah the standard of living of his family would be improved one day.

I am thankful to all of my friends and relatives who donated funds for the further education of Ayaz Ahmad. I am also thankful to Maj Islam-ud-Din Zubade for his timely help in locating Ayaz. I am a 62 years old retired person and have no previous experience in social work. Please pray to Allah to give me strength in my efforts to be a liaison between the donors and the brilliant lad Ayaz Ahmad and to provide all of us with opportunities to help the poor and needy people of Pakistan.

I am also thankful to the honourable lady, Samia Aslam, who originally floated the idea of helping this Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur.

Please also pray for complete and speedy recovery of Muhammad Khameesa, so he may once again be able to earn the livelihood for his family and give a free hand to Ayaz Ahmad to concentrate on his studies and help his younger brothers to rise high in education by emulating him. Aameen!

Anyone interested in helping this lad, can send me an email at:

All those who are not in a position to financially help this boy are requested to share this article on their Mailing Lists in order to spread the message. Jazak Allah Khair. The sharing buttons are at the end of this article.

Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 261 - Social Work in Pakistan - Charity Work in Pakistan

Surah Al-Munafiqun, Verse 10 - Charity Work in Pakistan - Social Work in Pakistan

Hadith about 'Mera Maal' (My wealth) - Social Work in Pakistan - Charity Work in Pakistan

Donate from God-given wealth - Charity Work in Pakistan - Social Work in Pakistan

Career Counseling for Ayaz Ahmad, the Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur

A good-hearted lady, Ameena Sohail, has suggested that some one should provide some career counseling to this strong boy and inform him about some vocational training, the fastest way to get independent and start building a career. She works in an NGO which doesn’t operate in that area. She is trying to find some NGO which is working in this boy’s hometown or nearby area.

The subjects (Civics, Political Science, Islamiyat) selected for study by Ayaz are not good subjects from the point of view of his future life. He will not get a job anywhere with these subjects. He should have gone in to learn some skills from some local technical training centre in Jampur/DG Khan/Multan. There is no dearth of jobs for a skilled person but graduates of type of subjects he has picked up can not even get a lowly paid job .

A Suggested Self Sufficiency Plan for Ayaz Ahmad’s Family
A Senior Army officer, Lt Col Arshad Nazir Faridi Chishty (28 PMA Long Course), has suggested that the family of Ayaz Ahmad may be made self-sufficient by initially giving them 20 desi chickens and later, if found profitable/manageable, increase the quantity to 100  chickens. His whole family be asked to breed desi chickens in their home.

Quite a few security guards and retired armed forces men from Pothohar area were convinced by Col Arshad to make this effort to reduce a part of their poverty. He advised them to start with 20 desi chickens.

Economics of Running a Small Project of 100 Desi Chickens
1. Number of chickens                          100
2. Number of eggs per day                   100
3, Number of eggs in a month            3,000
4. Price of one egg                                 Rs.12
5. Price of 3000 eggs per month       Rs.36,000
1. Expenses per month                       Rs. 2,000
2. Loss due to Naaghaa of eggs       Rs. 1,000
3. Pilferage/ailment                            Rs. 1,000
4. Further leakage                               Rs. 1,000
5. Further unforeseen                        Rs. 2,000
Total Expenses                             Rs. 7,000
Net Saving:                                    Rs. 29,000 (36,000 minus 7,000=29,000)

With a net saving of Rs. 29,000 per month this family of six people can be made to become fully self-generating, self-respecting with an honorable source of income. There are plenty of rich people who will buy these desi eggs.

Death of Ayaz’s Father
Unfortunately father of Ayaz Ahmad died in AFIRM Rawalpindi today morning (8 Oct 2013).
إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــو ن 
His dead body was dispatched in an ambulance which left for Jampur at 0830 am. Please pray for the departed soul.

Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur.

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Brilliant Slum Boy from Jampur.



  1. Umair Malik says:

    Can any one confirm me Ayaz number? This news is again posted in Facebook and my brother sent me a message from UK to help this guy. I contacted at that number which he has mentioned, the guy said I am Ayaz will you help me? I have sold my rickhshaw, my father is ill for his treatment I need 20,000 more can you send me and I need nothing from you. When I saw this article I am shocked his father had died in 2013.

  2. Asghar Nawaz DG NLC says:

    Dear Col Rashid

    I can make an offer. Ayaz can be given the training at NLC’s Applied Technology Institutes Mandra or Dina at NLC’s expense in the discipline of his choice along with a monthly stipend. After acquisition of diploma he will be given the job in NLC. He has the option to continue his academic studies in parallel.

  3. Salam Brother,

    Please send me the detail (address and phone number) of Ayaz Ahmed ASAP. what’s the current position.



  4. Maj (R) Mustafa Ashraf says:

    Dear Cheema,
    I returned after performing HAJ and opened my emails today. I really enjoyed the details about brilliant Ayaz of JAMPUR and apperciate the efforts on your part for upbringing of the young boy.

  5. Col (R) Arshad Nazir Faridi Chishty says:

    Please do inform if there is any progress.

  6. Lt Col (R) Malik Sarfraz Khan (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Cheema Bhai! After doing his FA, I may be helpful to the fellow for appearing in ISSB for PMA Long Course (His current subjects do not matter). INSHA ALLAH, he will be well groomed at CAMPUS ACADEMY under my personal guidance & financial support. You may further coordinate with me. Rest may ALLAH ALMIGHTY reward you for your noble efforts.

  7. Col Arshad Nazir Faridi Chishty, USA (28 Long Course) says:

    My suggestion to all the gentlemen who have been praising Col Rashid Zia Cheema for supporting his efforts to help a brilliant boy like Ayaz, is that it is better to provide the money to Col Cheema to start this welfare work. Then trust him and let him get on with the job. I am very sure he will produce very good results, InshaAllah.

  8. Malik Khurram (Rawalpindi) says:

    In my opinion, initially Ayaz should be provided facilities to complete his Intermediate. He should keep driving rikshaw (In case he has no other wish/option to work) along with his studies. Fee and other educational expenses should directly be paid from an account maintained for helping such brilliants. After completing intermediate, first attempt should be ISSB and you all can help him in this regard. Your guidance and support can lead him to laurels. Though less chances but in case of failure he can go for a degree in Computer Sciences. CSS is an option for such a brilliant after getting simple BA degree.

  9. Lt Col (r) Zafar Junaid Usmani says:

    Great job Col Cheema Sir, you have taken the initiative to start a humble effort for a very noble cause. You will succeed InshaAllah. May Allah always be with you, and help you to achieve your aim! Ameen.

  10. Hasan Jawaid (USA) says:

    I agree with Brig (R) Amir and Brig (R) Babar’s suggestions on registering an NGO and providing counseling through it. People from Pakistan and abroad are interested in supporting programs that offer education and financial support to less fortunate children who are deprived from education due to financial problems but then back-off from supporting it because of lack of trust in competency and commitment. However, we are fortunate to have Col Cheema who has shouldered this responsibility and is willing to lend a helping-hand to less fortunate and deprived children. As suggested by Brig (R) Amir and Brig (R) Babar, once it is formalized there will be all kinds of financial and technical support pouring in from within and outside Pakistan. Key to all this is having right (competent and committed) individuals like Col. Cheema who can shore up help from Army and civil institutions in defining the vision and scope as he deems necessary on the short and long term basis. Anyway, it would be nice to see this effort takes a formal shape and offers a hope to several deprived and less fortunate children. On a similar note, once it is formalized it can be linked-in with other reliable NGOs to gain synergies. Best of luck and needless to say we are here to assist you in any way we can.

  11. Brig (R) Amir Muhammad Mumtaz says:

    My Dear Col Cheema, with no amount of words one can appreciate this noble undertaking at your part, as is evident from the overwhelming response. I want to suggest that an account may be opened and circulated here so that one can quietly contribute.

    May I also request some of us (retd Army Offrs), to devote some time from our busy routine to register an NGO and help needy people like Ayaz. Let Col Cheema be its first Chairman. I am sure there is no dearth of money. People only want their money to be spent judiciously.

  12. Asad Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Cheema, we are proud of you for this noble cause. God bless you.

  13. Engr. Capt (R) Muhammad Haseen says:

    At the end: ALLAH helps those who help themselves and mind it ROME was not built in a day.

  14. Brig (R) Babar Aziz Beg (1st SSC) says:

    My Dear Col Cheema, may Allah Karim bless you for your noble efforts. After my Army career Allah gave me a chance to serve as DG NADRA where I made humble contribution of establishing Nadra Registration Centers and then after seven years I went over to NATIONAL TELECOM CORPORATION wherefrom I retired as Chairman. During all these years interviewed hundereds of boys and girls for various slots. Believe me none appeared with the subjects which Ayaz has chosen for himself. Gen Qazi has very rightly pointed out that Ayaz would fall short of job requirements which is ultimate for him. Let us ensure that your sincere efforts achieve the desired objective by arranging apprpriate counselling by some expert. May be Maths, Stat, Economics, etc be a workable option for him. Please give me his contact I shall try to help him in this regard. My cell no is 0323-5005566.
    Kindly giving me contact details of Col Zafar Mustafa. I had the honour of knowing him once he came to Shinkiari to comd a unit and I was CDSO there as young Lt. Regards.

  15. Syed Abid Salam says:

    Col Cheema, May Allah reward you in your noble mission. You may appreciate that in a technology era, acquiring technical skills is best for sustenance. Please visit website of TEVTA ( in DG Khan Div.The Govt Institutes under TEVTA offer facilities for technical training at home for the brilliant boy. Please do explore and if you need any help on the civil side I will be glad to extend.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema says:

      Dear Abid Salam,
      Sir, thanks for your advice. (I’m glad that my elder brother’s Ravian classmate (1964-68) has joined this cause). I have seen the TEVTA website given by you. They don’t seem to have an institute in Jampur. I would contact their Head Office in Lahore ( for further guidance.

  16. I have a strong faith that God loved them who loves the mankind of God and that can be done by contributing in the society we are living and that is what you my dear Col Rashid Cheema, your good self are doing with all the support of your dear friends. Hence I am positive that you and all your colleagues shall be among those to whom Allah loves as I said in the first sentence of this text of mine. The work which you are doing amount to building of a Nation. I myself am doing a humble contribution but in the field of health where I have chose the rapid growing disease of DIABETES. Since 2004, I am furnishing FREE herbal medicine for Diabetes to the needy one but on a very small level to the extent my pocket could sustain the expenses. As of to day it is about 10000 capsules per month which I disbursed in the patients of Diabetes. Well I am going to share these details of yours on my Facebook because I am positive more people shall come forward to assist you in achieving your objectives in this respect. May Allah give you strength and health to continue the same for a long time to come. Ameen.
    Major (Retd) Sagheer Ahmed
    Former Director (HRM) Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited
    Former Director (A & P) Baluchistan Wheels Limited
    Former Executive Director Wajedo International Corporation
    Former Director on Board of Pakistan Steel Fabrication Company Limited
    Former -Director on the Board of Directors of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (For ten years)
    Former Secretary General, Employers’ Federation of Pakistan
    Cell No: 0333 2333904

  17. Khan M. Nazir says:

    The Hunar Foundation ( is doing an excellent job in training poor boys as top class technician (certified by City & Guilds). They plan to launch a setup in Lahore by December this year.

  18. Tariq Rafique says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    Indeed a great contribution towards the needy and deserving people of Pakistan but in my humble opinion instead of concentrating on one individual we should start looking for others as well who are in distress and need assistance from their brethren but somehow their voice doesn’t reach to the ones who matters. In this regard a suggestion is being extended that instead of starting from a scratch and to develop a new network we should concentrate on finding the donors and deserving people and refer them to already established organisations, few of them I can quote such as Lt Gen (R) Maqbool Ahmed Khan AC in Lahore, Maj Gen (R) Arshad EME in Multan, Lt Col Sikandar Ghumman (R) at Nunewali, Pasrur and few others in District Chakwal. I am sure there may be few more as well in different parts of the country. It will not facilitate only those who are living abroad but will also assist the ones who are otherwise committed in their pursuits/careers. And in turn will help the already established NGOs/organisations to expand their scope/mandate. Regards.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema says:

      Dear Mr. Tariq Rafique, you have a very valid point there but in this case the donors are mostly my friends and relatives and they want me to handle this case personally.
      I was worried about travelling to Jampur but Allah made my job easier by sending the boy to Rawalpindi in connection with his father’s treatment.

  19. Kaizer Durrani says:

    Xlent, helping the poor and needy, reserve a place in jannat for yourself .

  20. Zahoor Akbar Malhi says:

    Rashid Bhai, an honored & noble precedence set. You have received a great encouraging response from the people living in Pakistan & abroad.
    I agree to the point of Malik Khurram Sahib that there are many other who also deserve the same sort of help & patronage but either they do not show up due to self respect or they don’t get an opportunity of propagation.
    My humble suggestion is that get the registration of NGO with a name ” HELPING HANDS FOR EDUCATION” or any other suitable name, then open an audit-able account in a bank, invite a group of volunteer supporters to assist you in maintaining account books.
    GO AHEAD, Allah the Almighty may help you in this noble cause.
    My services are available in any form, i.e labor, traveling, office work or financial support to my capacity.

  21. Lt Col Khawar Amin Malik (Retired) 16 Horse. says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    In this noble cause I along with my family friends and course matse are with you; can extend help to this boy as well as other needy people.

  22. Lt Gen (R) Javed Ashraf Qazi says:

    Dear Rashid,
    Your initiative is praiseworthy and I am sure God will reward you for this.
    I was disappointed to see the subjects Ayaz has selected for study. These are most useless subjects from the point of view of his future life. He will not get a job anywhere with these subjects. He should have gone in to learn some skills. I am sure there must be some technical training centre around. There is no dearth of jobs for a skilled person but graduates of type of subjects he has picked up can not even get a peon’s job .

  23. Lt Col (R) Khalid Masood (66 Long Course) says:

    Excellent effort. Allah may accept it and reward you. Ameen.

    I am happy that an officer of my arm has done so nice.

  24. Lt Col (R) Shahnawaz Ahmad. says:

    Col Cheema sir, May Almighty Allah reward you for this noble cause.

  25. Dr. Sardar Suhail says:

    Thanks Col Sahib. You doing a great job. Bravo

  26. Lt Col (R) Abdul Rahamn (39 Special) says:

    Dear Cheema, see how desperately anxious are the people to help the needy. Within last about one hour you have messages of help from all over the world. There are innumerable people who want to help. Money is not the problem. The problem is the planning and a group of people who can devote their time to practically do it and monitor it. That needs an organization. Any volunteers for that and of course in Pakistan?

  27. Group Captain (R) Tanveer Hasan says:

    Col Sahib, an excellent deed you can be proud of. You are exalted here and there too. In case the boy wants to study at Barani Institue of Mangement Sciences, Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi,, he is most welcome. 100% fee waiver. May Allah accept our humble contribution.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema says:

      Dear Gp Capt Tanveer,
      I am impressed by your offer of fee waiver. Jazak Allah Khair. But I think it would be very difficult for him to leave his paralyzed father, mother and 3 siblings and study so far away from his home town.
      Do you have some other benefit for him in your mind?

  28. Col Arshad Nazir Faridi Chishty, USA (28 Long Course) says:

    Now that so many noble hearts have hailed your noble efforts for Ayaz, a lot of work can be done. while the rickshaw will run whenever Ayaz will find time, his entire family will participate in growing those 100 DESI chickens. The money from the chickens will surpass that may be coming from rickshaw driving. People just need to be encouraged and they will work for their own pressing needs.
    Can you kindly send me the email of Malik khurram please.

  29. Malik Khurram, Rawalpindi says:

    Great work sir. Its a great thinking by Col Arshad Nazir to make a family self sufficient by helping them establishing their businesses, rather depending on stipend. Ayaz was hilighted by the media and he is having so much helping hands with him, but a lot are there who have not been shown/hilighted by anyone. I hope one day your mission willl reach a point where we shall be able to do something for them too. Please have me with you in this mission.

    Best regards and Prayers,

    • Col Arshad Nazir Faridi Chishty (28 Long Course) says:

      Dear Malik Khurram, AOA. I am happy you have liked my idea of making Ayaz’s family self sufficient. If you are from Rawalpindi, quite a few security guards, retired armed forces men from Pothohaar area were convinced by me to make this effort to reduce a part of their poverty. Thank you for your offer to work with me in this regard. Your Pothohaar area specially suffers from a difficulty caused by the Government. Please send me your email address, I shall send you an article in this regard. My best regards.

  30. Lt Col (R) Muhammad Anwar Khan, UK (2nd SSC) says:

    Well done & Keep it Up Cheema Jee. You have done a Cmmendable job. My Financial & Moral Support in my humble capacity is with you. Please call when required. Regards & best Wishes!

  31. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Cheema, Keep it up. May Allah bless you with sound health to perform good deeds. Kindly help me by sending cell # of Islam-ud-Din Zubaide. We served together in Dir Scouts.

  32. My Dear Cheema, I am really proud of you. May Allah Almighty bless you with His never-ending blessings and you remain a source of inspiration for generations to come. Keep up the good work. My prayers and best wishes are always with you.

  33. Major (R) Munir Ahmed (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Cheema, Commendable effort. We are proud of having an associate like you. This is the real investment one can do in this world. May Allah reward you for this (Aameen). Hats off to Ayaz who has set an example of hard work, dedication & determination. Good wishes for quick recovery of his father. It will be great of you if we can share his cell number. I will try to get him a fixed stipend by my company during his period of studies. Once again accept my heartfelt gratitude for this magnificent effort.

  34. Brig (R) Asif Sirhindi says:

    Col Cheema, Great Job Done,………..Only Allah can reward you for your noble effort.

  35. Maj (R) Muhammad Javaid-ul-Hussan, Australia (2nd SSC) says:

    Cheema, the way you are doing for deserving people, it is only the Allah Pak who looks after you nobody knows how. Keep it up and keep on getting the reward not only from Allah Pak but every body in shape of prayers, you even do not know. My prayer is that you may be blessed by Allah Pak in all the fields of life. Aameen.
    ‘Karo mehrbaani tum ahl-e-zameen per, huda mehrbaan ho ga Arsh-e-Bareen per.’

  36. Lt Col Naeem Ahmed Khan (Retd), 2nd SSC says:

    You have earned Jannah in this world Cheema Jee. May God bless you with very very very long life, health and everything you have ever wished in life and hereafter. Ameen.

  37. Azam Gill, France (2nd SSC) says:

    God bless you, Cheema jee, for the decision to share an outstanding example of the talented, intelligent, and hard working people of Pakistan suffering due to an absence of leadership.

    Can this young man benefit from the scholarships available at the Mianwali University started by Imran Khan, that is twinned with Bradford University UK? Even his family could be located there, under the patronage of some zimeendar or industrialist with a social consicnence, and he could find on-campus student employment.

  38. Shafquat Ullah Khan (2nd SSC) says:

    Cheema dear,
    Allah de mal sha , Allah de kamyab ka. Very well done, may Allah bless you.

  39. Jazaak Allah bil Khair.

  40. Dr. Arif Qureshi, Dansville, USA says:

    Rashid Bhai, may Allah reward you. You have done a lot of leg work and most of us would follow your plan. Count me as one of your supporters. You may want to have a mental plan what needs to be done till this kid and family are on their feet. This may include guiding this kid to study with a back end target to be gainfully employed [career counseling, etc], funds required every month/year for next 6+years or whatever time frame. An email can be sent to the group with short and long term commitments!

    Brother, you are a mission which needs to see an end. We can start with needs for next 2 years and hopefully fund it. We can all pledge whatever we can.

    My dilee duaaz for all.

  41. Capt Rana M. Sadiq (2nd SSC) says:

    I have no words but to say JAZAK ALLAH.

  42. Usman Cheema, USA says:

    Dear Uncle Rashid,
    Exceptional work! May Allah reward you for your great efforts and good intentions. Ameen.

  43. Lt Col (R) Ashraf Waraich, USA (1st SSC) says:

    Dear Rashid Cheema,
    Look around and find some more cases like this. Keep it up.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema says:

      Dear Col Ashraf,
      Sir, you are going for Hajj after a couple of days. Please pray for Ayaz Ahmad and his father.

  44. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa (Cheema's Coy Comd in PMA) says:

    Dear Cheema,
    I recommend that you let the forum members know your postal address/ bank account number, so that instead of just praising your effort, we chip-in monetarily and help the poor talented boy.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema says:

      Dear Col Zafar Mustafa,
      Thanks a lot for your valued suggestion. I have now given my email address in the article. Many people are contacting me for discreetly sending some financial help for Ayaz.

      • Maj (R) Inam Ullah Khan (2nd SSC) says:

        Assalam’alakyum. It will be alot easier for those who want to donate if as suggested by Col Zafar Mustafa, you would post the bank account number you have created for the needy boy or may be many others in the future who may merit and require the little help we can offer. Best regards.

  45. Lt Col (R) Masood Alam (2nd SSC) says:

    Well done Cheema. This is a wonderful thing you have done. May Allah bless you and give you more strength to to do more social work and such like good deeds. Regards.

  46. Brig (R) Khalid Hassan, USA (2nd SSC) says:

    Keep it up Cheema.

  47. Maj Arshed Ahmed Butt (1st SSC) says:

    A commendable social work. My physical and moral support is with you. Let’s make a focus group in our area (DHA Phase 2, Islamabad) to institutionalize such effort.

  48. Col (R) Qaisar Rashid (2nd SSC) says:

    At your call Cheema Jee.

  49. Hasan Jawaid, USA (1st SSC) says:

    Excellent efforts Col Cheema, keep up the good work. Not only our prayers, our support – financial and moral – are with you also. Just reach out to us (all your friends in US) and let us know if we could also be party to this noble cause. Best wishes, stay safe and well.

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