Tariq Ki Dua (Andalus Ke Maidaan-e-Jang Mein)

Allama Iqbal’s Poem; Tariq ki Dua (Andalus Kay Maidaan-e-Jang Mein)

Tariq ki Dua (Andalus Kay Maidaan-e-Jang Mein), Allama Iqbal poem with English translation

English translation: English translation by Mukarram Alam.

Tariq Ki Dua (Andalus Kay Maidaan-e-Jang Mein)

Tariq’s Prayer (In the Battlefield of Andalusia)

Yeh Ghazi, yeh teray purisrar banday,
Jinhain tu nay bakhsha hai zouq-e-Khudai.

These victorious, these mysterious parishioners of yours;
to whom you bequeath godly-taste!

Dou-neem in ki thoukar say sehra-o-darya,
Simat kar pahar in ki haibat say raayi.

Who Cleaves desert-o-river in twain;
their terror turns mountain in to a mote!

Dou alam say karti hai baigana dil ko,
Ajab cheez hai lazzat-e-ashnaayi.

They care not of both the worlds;
strange is the taste of pleasure!

Shahadat hai matloob-o-maqsood-e-Momin,
Na maal-e-ghanimat na kishwar kushaayi.

Martyrdom is require-o-requisite by the believers;
neither wealth nor celebration!

Khayaban mein hai muntazir lala kab say,
Qaba chaahye iss ko khoon-e-Arab say.

Rose been waiting since long on flowers’ couch;
wanted color of Arabs’ blood!

Kiya tu nay sehra nasheenoun ko yakta,
Khabar mein, nazar mein, Azan-e-sehar mein.

You’ve united desert living tribes;
in thoughts, in deeds, in morning prayers!

Talab jis ki sadiyoun say thi zindagi ko,
Woh soze iss nay paaya inhi kay jiggar mein.

Desire of which life needed since centuries;
that lament was found in them!

Kushaad-e-dar-e-dil samajhtay hain iss ko,
Halaakat nahin mout in ki nazar mein.

Ennobling-hearts are fully cognizant-with;
death isn’t an end of life in their eyes!

Dil-e-mard-e-Momin mein phir zinda kar day,
Woh bijli kay thi Na’ara-e-‘LA TAZAR’ mein.

Make alive again in the hearts of Muslims;
that power; which was in the slogan of ‘La-Tazar’!

La-Tazar (Verse 26 of Surah Nuh- No. 71 – Quran)

Azaa’im ko seenon mein baidaar kar day,
Nigah-e-Musalmaan ko talwar kar day.

Awaken iron-will in their hearts;
and make eyes of Muslim like a sword!

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  1. Allama Iqball is my favorite Poet ever.

  2. Javed Ahmad says:

    Great poetry by Iqbal.

  3. Rehman Alì says:

    I love Iqbal and his poetry.

  4. Rahib Shah says:

    Iqbal was a great poet. I love his poetry about Islam.

  5. Sir,
    I have no words to praise Dr. AIlama Muhammad Iqbal Sahib. I love his poetry.

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