Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana, Lt Col (ABD-1)

Lt Col Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana with Platoon mates in Lahore, 23 August 2017

Officers ex Abdali-1 Platoon , 2nd SSCC in Lahore, 23 Aug 2017

Recent Photo of  Lt Col Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana

Tariq Anjum – Then & Now Photo

Lt Col Tariq Anjum Rana, Then and Now

 Lt Col Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana

2/Lt Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana

Tariq Rana with A-3 Cadets in Exercise Area, 1972. All the GCs are from A-3, except Shaukat (?), Azam (SS-4) and Tariq Anjum Pervaiz Rana (A-1). Zafar is also probably from A-2. Later some GCs of A-3 were also shifted to A-5 (Naveed Akbar, Javed Iqbal). One GC in the 2nd row is still unidentified. Some one to give his name. Photo contributed by Lt Col Anwar Khan (A-3).

A-3 Cadets in Exercise area, 1972

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