Sword of Honour Winners, PMA, Kakul, Abbotabad

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul Abbotabad.

Compiled by Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (R), 2nd SSC

1st PMA Long Course Sword of Honour Winner - BSUO Raja Aziz Bhatti (04 February 1950)The Sword of Honour is awarded to that Gentleman Cadet of Long Course who achieves an overall best performance during his entire training period at the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. The award of Sword of Honour is considered as a great honour and it is the cherished dream of all cadets.

The cadets of Graduate Course/Technical Graduate Course/War Course/Special Short Course are awarded with COAS Cane (Previously C-in-C Cane). Whereas the cadets from Integrated Course and Lady Officers’ Course are awarded with Commandant’s Cane. Passing Out Parade of Mujahid Course-1 was held with 127 PMA Long Course on 20 April 2013. Can any reader inform what kind of Cane does this course get?

There were however two exceptions when cadets from 9th Graduate Course (21 April 1973) and 10 Graduate Course (20 Oct 1973) were awarded Sword of Honour instead of C-in-C Cane. Due to 1971 War, there were no Long Courses after the Passing Out Parade of 48th PMA L/C (11 Dec 1971) and a few short courses and Graduate courses were run. The Passing Out Parade of the next Long Course, 49th PMA L/C, was held on 19 April 1974. During this period only 9th and 10th Graduate Courses were given Sword of Honour.

Due to 1965 War 37th PMA Course was converted into a short course therefore on 30 March 1966 CSUO Kamal Alam was given C-in-C Cane instead of Sword of Honour. 37th PMA Course did not get a chance to hold Bn appointments, as 36th PMA L/C was still there and  passed out later (on 7 May 1966). The cadets of 36th PMA L/C got regular commission after completing one year and got ante date of seniority by one day over 37th PMA Course.

The BEST cadets from a number of PMA Courses were selected and sent to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK. This selection was usually completed before the end of the Second Term at Kakul. They were graded as the BEST cadets of their respective Courses and there are some stellar performances by these Pakistani cadets at Sandhurst of which Pakistan and PMA Kakul can be proud. A Post regarding Sandhurst Graduates of Pakistan Army has been added separately.

This Post shows the photos of Sword of Honour winners receiving this coveted award on their Passing Out Parade. There are separate Posts for C-in-C/COAS Cane Winners from PMA and COAS Cane winners from OTS Kohat/OTS Mangla.

Editor’s Note: The following Analysis has been contributed by Lt Gen Tahir Mahmud Qazi (Retd) Air Def. Other officers are welcome to join in and contribute.

Analysis: Sword of Honour 

1. Military Academies are judged by the quality of officer they produce. In the Armed Forces, the biggest quality of an officer is to prove himself as a great leader of men, by leading from the front. A famous dictum is that ‘Come On is a better command than Go On’. I congratulate Col Rashid Cheema for undertaking the effort of compiling data of the awardees of the ‘Sword of Honour’. Should it be left here. To me perhaps not. We should carry out an analysis and draw some deductions. I am going to make an attempt, but all my colleagues are welcome to join and contribute.

2. Acid Test of any soldier is the performance during moments of truth. When I had a look at the list, I realized that ‘Pakistan Military Academy’ has a unique distinction, which no other Military Academy can match. Its grooming and assessment system has proved its efficiency and objectivity. The cadets so identified in their very initial years proved their worth on the battle field. Have a look.
a.1965 Indo-Pak War: When the war came, thirty-one courses were passed out and there were thirty-two awardees of Sword of Honour. The highest gallantry award was bestowed upon Maj Raja Aziz Bhatti (Sword of Honour, 1st PMA). In addition, following data is interesting:-
(1) BSUO KK Afridi (4th PMA) fought bravely in Rann of Kuchh battle and was awarded Wound Stripe.
(2) BSUO Hazoor Hasnain (20th PMA) was awarded SJ.
(3) BSUO M Naeem Akhtar (26th PMA) Embraced Shahadat in defence of Haji Pir Pass in 1965.
(4) BSUO Shabir Sharif (29th PMA) was awarded SJ.
It may be kept in mind that most of the officers were very young when the war came.
b. 1971 Indo-Pak War: When the war came, forty-seven courses had passed out and we had 48 awardees of Sword of Honour. Again the highest gallantry award was bestowed on Maj Shabbir Sharif, Sword of Honour, (29th PMA). How else an Academy could be judged? The two wars that the country fought, the cadets were identified in their tender age of 17-19 years and they proved the system of assessment right by laying their lives. Can any one match this? I leave it here. Have a look at the other performances in 1971 War:-
(1)   BSUO Saad Ullah  (3 PMA) awarded HJ.
(2)   BSUO Hazoor Hasnain (20 PMA) was again awarded SJ.
(3)   BSUO Adib Anwar (32 PMA) embraced Shahadat near Chichawatni, and now a railway station is named after him.
(4)   CUSO Sabi-ud-Din Bokhari (38 PMA) was awarded SJ.
c. War on Terror & Siachen: The stories of bravery of our young officers are unending
(1)   Cadet (appt not known) Meraj Muhammad (112 PMA) was awarded SBt posthumously.
(2)   BSUO Mohammad Javed (70 PMA) embraced Shahdat at Siachen as Captain.
3. Career Progression: Promotion in the Pakistan Army is the second indicator of the capability and performance of the officer, based on their qualities. Following data is interesting:
a. Lt Gens: The awardees from IMA/PMA, 4th, 7th, 17th, 23rd, 40th, 41st, 42nd, 44th, 50th, 51st, 52nd, 55th, and 67th Long courses (14 in total) have been promoted. The list  will go on as the latest courses are junior, as of now.
b. Maj Gens: The awardees from 11th, 22nd, 24th, 34th, 38th, 46th, 52nd, 56th, 58th, 60th, 63rd, 67th, 68th, 69th, 71st and 74th (16 in total) have been promoted.
c. Brigs: The awardees from 2nd, 3rd, 20th, 21st, 25th, 37th, 49th, 53rd, 62nd, 64th, 65th, 66th and 72nd PMA long courses (13 in total) have been promoted.
d. Federal Secretaries: In the initial years of Pakistan, quite a few officers were transferred to Civil Services (the practice is still on as per the provisions of Constitution). Some of them rose to Federal Secretary or equivalent positions. Awardees from 6th, 9th, 13th and 14th PMA Long Course joined Civil Services and progressed. A few officers died while in service and a few left the service on account of one reason or the other.
By and large, the assessment of PMA has stood the test of time. If there had been some disappointments, that is only to prove that it’s a man-made assessment system.

Editor: Now see the photos of Sword of Honour Winners of different Courses. It will also be interesting to know at what rank did these officers retire!!

Honour Board at PMA, Kakul, Showing Sword of Honour Winners (1948 to Apr 1965)The name at the top of this Honour Board is that of BSUO Sadiq ur Rashid Muhammad Abbasi from IMA/PMA Course (Passed out on 25 Nov 1948) and the name at the bottom is that of BSUO Azhar-ul-Islam from 31st PMA Long Course (Passed out on 17 April 1965).
Photo contributed by Maj Ehsan Ullah, 6 FF (60th PMA).

Sword of Honour Winners (1948 to Apr 1965), Honour Board at PMA, Kakul, Abbotabad

Cadets ex IMA, Dehradun
The final term cadets who arrived for IMA Dehradun, who had only 2-3 months training remaining, were commissioned upon arrival in Pakistan at GHQ Rawalpindi in Sep 1947. As no Passing Out Parade was held, as such no Sword of Honour was awarded for this course .
The cadets from junior terms were temporarily attached to units and they later joined PMA upon its raising. That course was called IMA/PMA Course and passed out on 25 Nov 1948.

IMA/PMA Course (25 Nov 1948): BSUO Sadiq ur Rashid Muhammad Abbasi
Date of Birth: 20 May 1926.
Parent unit: 1st Mountain Regt Arty (later 1 SP). He commanded 11 Fd Regt Arty.
Alma Mater: Aitchison College, Lahore. Then Prince of Wales Military College (later Royal Indian Military College) at Dehra Dun.
He belonged to the Nawab family of Bahawalpur.
He was Governor of Sindh for a long duration (18 Sep 1978 to 07 Apr 1984).
Retired as a Lt Gen.
Date of Death: 21 March 2002.

Sword of Honour Winners, Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul : BSUO Sadiq ur Rashid Muhammad Abbasi (IMA/PMA Course, Nov 25, 1948), the first ever Sword of Honour winner.

1st PMA Long Course (4 Feb 1950): BSUO Raja Aziz BhattiSword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: 14 July 1928.
Parent Unit: 17 Punjab Regt.
Alma Mater: Kadoorie School Hong Kong and then Queen College Hong Kong.
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal. 
He embraced Shahadat on 10 Sep 1965 at Burki Sector, Lahore, in 1965 War. He was awarded Nishan-e-Haider posthumously.
He was Maj at the time of Shahadat.

1st PMA Long Course Sword of Honour Winner, Pakistan Military Academy - BSUO Raja Aziz Bhatt (04 February 1950)

2nd PMA Long Course (26 Aug 1950): CSUO Habib Akbar
Date of Birth: 16 March 1932.
Date of Death: 4 April 1999.
Parent Unit: 6 Lancers.
Alma Mater: Prince of Wales College, Dehra Dun.
IA-38 Gen Sir Douglas Gracey was the Reviewing Officer at the Passing Out Parade of 2nd PMA Long Course. He, during his 3 years’ tenure (Feb 11, 1948 – Jan 16, 1951) as C-in-C, reviewed Passing Out Parade of only one course.
Habib Akbar invented the secret ‘Mole Plough’ for the armoured Tank, that can plough through the minefield and give a surprise attack to the enemy. It was indigenous production and was inducted in Pakistan army.
He also invented the first electronic automatic Azan Clock, that would give Azan exactly on time ANYWHERE in the world (Not just fixed cities) based on just setting the sunrise and sunset times of that spot.
Retired as a Brig.
Photo contributed by Dr. Farooq Akbar, son of Brig Habib Akbar.

Sword of Honour Winners, Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul : CSUO Habib Akbar, 2nd PMA Long Course

3rd PMA Long Course (10 Feb 1951): BSUO Saad Ullah
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 14 Punjab Regt.
Alma Mater: ???
Brig Muhammad Saleem (10th War Course), a 14 Punjab officer, writes about Brig Saad Ullah; “He was my first CO when I joined 14 Punjab in July 1967 at Lahore. About one year close association with him as IO was a great learning for me and he became my military role model in my 32 years career as I didn’t come across a better officer than him. He was an approved Maj Gen, but became a casualty of our ego-centred military system during Zia era.”
Was awarded HJ in 1971 War.
He is the author of a book titled ‘From East Pakistan to Bangladesh’.
He retired as a Brig.

Sword of Honour Winners, Pakistan Military Academy : BSUO Saad Ullah (3rd PMA Long Course, 10 Feb 1951)

4th PMA Long Course (25 Aug 1951): BSUO Khushdil Khan AfridiSword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 10 FF but then joined 8 FF quite early.
Alma Mater: ???
Passing Out Parade of 4th PMA and 5th PMA was held at the same day on 25 Aug 1951.
He was the First PIFFER to win a Sword of Honour.
He was with 8 FF in 1965 Rann of Katch Skirmish when he got wounded and was awarded golden strip. Then as CO 12 FF  took the unit to East Pakistan in 1970 and fought 1971 War.
He was critically wounded as as a Major, in a night patrol he walked into a minefield in Rann of Kachh in June 1965. Picked up by the Indians, and after the cease fire on July 01, 1965 he was returned on a stretcher. He was again a POW in East Pakistan as a Lt Col.
He was Col Commandant of FF (18 March 1985 to 06 Jan 1986).
He was Governor Baluchistan (22 July 1984 to 30 Dec 1985).
Retired as a Lt Gen.
Photo contributed by granddaughter of Lt Gen K. K. Afridi.

4th PMA Long Course Sword of Honour Winner, Pakistan Military Academy :BSUO K.K. Afridi (25 August 1951).

5th PMA Long Course (25 Aug 1951) No Sword of Honour was Awarded.
Passing Out Parade of 4th PMA and 5th PMA was held at the same day on 25 Aug 1951. The Sword of Honour was won by BSUO KK Afridi from 4th PMA. There was no Sword of Honour awarded to 5th PMA L/C. There was threat of war in Kashmir hence the course finished a few months early. Hence 5th PMA earned the nick name of ‘Nehru Commissioned Officers’. 

6th PMA Long Course (23 Aug 1952): BSUO Abdul Qayyum
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 11 Cavalry (FF).
Alma Mater: Prince of Wales College, Dehra Dun and then Aitchison College, Lahore.
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal. He was the first East Pakistani officer to earn a Sword of Honour.
He was from a very learned Bengali family. Despite the fact that his brother was killed in military action in Dacca University in March 1971, he opted for Pakistan.
Honour graduate of the Fuhrungsakademie (Hamburg) and an Honorary Member of the German General Staff.
He resigned in 1974 and was subsequently given a post (1978-89) of Additional Secretary (Policy Planning & Research) in the Ministry of Information by Gen Zia ul Haq.
Was President, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad (1990-94).
He was Professor of Islamic Studies at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) from 1994 to ????.
He frequently lectured the army on Imaan and other subjects of religious interest.
Wrote many books on Islam and Pakistani politics, such as; ‘On Striving to be a Muslim’, ‘Understanding the Quran’.
Date of Birth: 23 Nov 1932.
Date of Death: 8 Feb 2013.
He retired as a Col.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.
Photo contributed by Maj Gen Syed Ali Hamid, Retd (39th PMA).

Abdul Qayyum, Sword of Honour Winner, PMA (Pakistan Military Academy), Kakul - 6 PMA Long Course

7th PMA Long Course (13 Feb 1953): CSUO Ahmad Shamim Khan.Sword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 13 Punjab Regt.
Alma Mater: ???
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal. 
He had served as Comdt Comd & Staff College, Quetta (Sep 1979 to Aug 1982).
Retired as Lt Gen.
Photo contributed by Ali Nadeem.

Sword of Honour Winners, Pakistan Military Academy : CSUO Ahmad Shamim Khan 7 PMA Long Course (13 Feb 1953)

8th PMA Long Course (12 Sep 1953): BSUO Saeed-ud-Din Hafeez
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 1st Mountain Regt Arty (now 1st (SP)
Alma Mater: Punjab University Lahore.
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal and Medal for Military Subjects.
He raised 93 Med Regt Arty, trained them in three weeks and deployed them in Operational Area.
Commanded 18 Div and 33 Div. Served as MGA in GHQ.
Retired as Maj Gen in Dec 1985.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.
Photo contributed by Brig Muhammad Latif (R), Arty (20th War Course).

Saeed-ud-Din Qazi, Sword of Honour Winner, 8 PMA Long Course, PMA, Kakul

9th PMA Long Course (13 May 1954): BSUO Umar Khan Afridi
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 5 Horse (Probyn’s).
Alma Mater: ???
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal.
He joined Civil Service. Served as Chief Secretary NWFP (now KPK) and later retired as a Federal Secretary.
He was a  ??? when joined Civil Service.
Photo awaited.

10th PMA Long Course (18 Sep 1954): CSUO S.F.H. Rizvi.Sword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 7 Punjab Regt.
Alma Mater: ???
Retired as ????
Photo awaited.

11th PMA Long Course (12 May 1955): CSUO Khurshid Ali Khan
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 11 Cav (FF).
Alma Mater: Aitchison College, Lahore.
He commanded 11 Cav (FF) during 1971 Indo-Pak War. He was Pakistan’s ambassador in Portugal and subsequently appointed as Governor NWFP (now KPK).
Retired as Maj Gen.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.
Photo contributed by Maj Gen Syed Ali Hamid, Retd (39th PMA).

Khurshid Ali Khan, Sword of Honour Winner, PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) 11 PMA Long Course

12th PMA Long Course (17 Sep 1955): CSUO Khalid Latif Ansari
Date of Birth: January 4, 1933.
Date of Death: 1964 at Kamoke.
Parent Unit: ?? Punjab Regt.
Alma Mater: ???
He was the first Pakistani to take over Parachute Training School from the Americans. It was established in 1964 with the help of US Army’s 10th Special Forces Group as a wing and was later raised as a school on 22 March 1981.
He was Maj at the time of his death.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.

Khalid Latif Ansari, Sword of Honour Winner of 12th PMA Long Course, PMA, Kakul

13th PMA Long Course (10 May 1956): CSUO Usman Ali Ghulam Isani. Sword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: 27 May 1934.
Parent Unit: 1 SP Regt Arty.
Alma Mater: Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree.
He joined Civil Service and served as Chief Secretary NWFP (now KPK) and later retired as a Federal Secretary.
He has served as Chairman University Grant Commission, Vice Chancellor of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, and Vice Chancellor of Iqra University.
Also served as PSO (Principal Staff Officer) to Prime Minister (1985-87).
U.A.G. Isani is a Ph.D. in Education Administration from NUML.
He was a Capt when he joined Civil Service.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is still awaited.
Photo contributed by Maj Nasir Ali Isani, Retd (42nd PMA).

UAG Isani (Usman Ali Ghulam Isani), Sword of Honour Winner, 13 PMA Long Course

14th PMA Long Course (06 Oct 1956): CSUO Arshed Farid
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: Guides Cav (FF).
Alma Mater: ???
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal.
He joined Civil Service of Pakistan and died in a road accident when he was Commissioner Swat.
He was a Capt when he joined Civil Service.
Photo awaited.

15th PMA Long Course (30 May 1957): CSUO Khadim Hussain
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: ?? Engr Bn.
Alma Mater: ???
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal. 
Also served in SSG.
Date of Death: ???
He retired as Brig
Photo awaited.

16th PMA Long Course (05 Oct 1957): CSUO Esmond D’ Cunha.Sword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 1 (SP) Fd Regt Arty.
Alma Mater: ???
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal.
He later joined the Air OP at Dhamial and was awarded the elite Flying Trophy.
He left the Army in 1963 and later migrated to Toronto, Canada in 1970. A few years ago his son presented him with personalized licence plates for his car SRDOFONR  proudly reflecting the Sword of Honour….you can imagine how many people have asked him what this represents!!
He was a Capt when he left the Army.
Photo contributed by Esmond D’ Cunha.

CSUO Esmond D’ Cunha (16th PMA Long Course, October 05, 1957), Sword of Honour Winner, Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbotabad

17th PMA Long Course (26 April 1958): CSUO Agha Nek Muhammad Khan
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 10 Punjab Regt but transferred to the Corps of Engrs the same year.
Alma Mater: ???
Retired as Lt Gen.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.

Lt Gen Agha Nek Muhammad Khan, Sword of Honour Winner of 17th PMA Long Course, PMA, Kakul

18th PMA Long Course (18 Oct 1958): CSUO Said Afzal Durrani
Date of Birth: September 21, 1938.
Date of Death: June 24, 1979.
Parent Unit: 5 FF Regt.
Alma Mater: Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree.
In addition to the Sword of Honour, he also won the Norman Gold Medal.
Also served in SSG. He was airdropped in India in 1965 and became a POW for 6 months.
He was awarded SJ. ???
Durrani Drop Zone in Peshawar, which is used for parachute jumps, has been named after him.
Died of heart attack on 24 June 1979 during service.
He was a Lt Col at the time of his death.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.

Lt Col Said Afzal Durrani, Sword of Honour Winner of 18th PMA Long Course, PMA, Kakul

19th PMA Long Course (25 April 1959): CSUO Ch. Abdul Wahab.Sword of Honour Winners PMA.
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: ?? Engr Bn.
Alma Mater: ???
Got early retirement.
Date of Death: ???
Retired as a Brig.
Photo, while receiving the Sword of Honour, is awaited.

CSUO Ch. Abdul Wahab, Sword of Honour Winner, PMA (Pakistan Military Academy),19th PMA Long Course

20th PMA Long Course (17 Oct 1959): BSUO Syed Hazoor Hasnain
Date of Birth: ???
Parent Unit: 15 Baloch Regt.
Alma Mater: ???
He joined SSG and was dropped in India in 1965 War. He was the only one who ex-filtrated back to Pakistan.
He was SJ & Bar.
He was COS 11 Corps and was posted to an Inf Bde in Malir. To pay a farewell visit to a formation on 11 July 1980, he was flying to Kohat that the L-19 aircraft crashed on a mountain between Peshawar and Kohat and he and the pilot died.
He was a Brig.
His photo, while receiving Sword of Honour, is awaited.
Photos contributed by Maj Ehsan Ullah, 6 FF (60th PMA), son-in-law of Brig Syed Hazoor Hasnain.

Syed Hazoor Hasnain, Sword of Honour Winner Pakistan Army ex 20th PMA

COAS Pakistan Army and COAS Bangladesh Army were both from 20th PMA Long Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul Abbotabad - 21st PMA Long Course to 40th PMA

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 1st PMA to 20th PMA Long Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 21st PMA to 40th PMA Long Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 41st PMA to 60th PMA Long Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 61st PMA to 80th PMA Long Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 81st PMA to 100th PM ALong Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 101st PMA to 120th PMA Long Course

Sword of Honour Winners PMA Kakul - 121st PMA to 140th PMA Long Course

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  1. Brig. Salman says:

    76 PMA Long Course Sword of Honour winner Syed Muhammad Adnan is a Lt. Gen now. Please update.

  2. Sir,
    The ‘Alma Mater’ of Capt. Maeraj Muhammad Shaheed 112 L/C and Major Wajid Iqbal 119 L/C is “Cadet College Razmak”. Please update. Thankyou

  3. Sword of Honour from 82 L/C is Maj Gen Asad Nawaz Janjua. My father is from the same course

  4. Maj Gen Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery, Arty (2nd SSC) says:

    While going through the analysis by Gen Qazi and the data provided by you in the Post, one cannot but notice the high number of awardees who left the service after a few years either to join the Civil Service or to other spheres of life. A few of the awardees got involved in discipline cases and had to end their career. However, these were very few.

    While no system is perfect, the assessment system being followed in the PMA has generally stood the test of time. I make this statement having been a Platoon Comd in PMA as well as OTS, and later on having seen most of my cadets as students when I was a DS at the Staff College Quetta.

    So why the early retirements etc? This needs further analysis. It is probably due to the disillusionment they feel when they land in the units and realise that the world outside PMA is very different than what they thought, especially if they are not handled properly as young officers in their units. At times they fall in the wrong hands in the units.

    The responsibility to groom these officers lies basically with the COs of the units who must ensure as far as possible, that such officers are taken care off. However, these are off the cuff remarks.I think a deeper analysis at the Army level is required.

    • Sir,
      You carry a vast experience in the both command and instructional appointments, there is one thing which I being a Captain always think and try to get answers from senior officers about it. Why can’t we make military service a voluntary service in true meanings? I mean to say that when an officer thinks he’s not suitable or he should pursue a career in some other profession, why military stays reluctant to release him? It’s a fact,I have seen officers lingering after putting up their resignations but system is not letting them off, eventually these officers become a liability for the system and an unhealthy environment is created for rest of the officers, young officers specially.
      Developed countries have this practice, a person serving in the military for good about 4-5 years, and leaving to do a different job/study whatsoever. But why we are moving otherwise?
      Your worthy comments, please.

      • Maj Gen Khalid Jaffery (Retd) says:

        Capt Tariq,
        There are two main reasons I can think of due to which the Army is reluctant to part with officers. First as you know the Army faces an acute shortage of officers, especially in the current environment, being deployed on counter terrorism operations, and now with the tense situation with India. I think this shortage is more acute in the technical arms which is why the Army would be reluctant to part with them. Secondly, by the time an officer puts in a few years of service, the Army would have invested considerably on the officer financially and otherwise. The reluctance of the Army to release trained officers, you would agree, is understandable.
        An officer, once he joins the Army, should carefully consider the choice he is making and also once he wants to leave. The life in the Army can be tough, but that should not be the consideration for wanting to leave. However, I have seen officers been released from the Army quickly enough for compassionate reasons.
        You have mentioned developed countries. The system you are referring to probably is conscription. In our case, there is no need for it because we normally get enough volunteers. Otherwise you would appreciate that training an officer for a few years and then letting him go to pursue another career does not suit the Army, again due to the effort and time spent on the officer.

  5. Anis Asghar says:

    Alma mater of Capt. Nisar Akbar – 28th Long Course is Lawrence College Ghora Gali.

    • Thanks, the info provided by you has been added in the Post.
      Can you please help in getting the photo of Nisar Akbar, while getting the Sword of Honour?

  6. Mujahid Ali says:

    I am from 78 Long course. I left army at quite early stage due to medical reasons. Then I went abroad. I am back now and quite sick and want to see if can see any of them or contact them. I have lost all the pics and data due to so many migrations. I have a lot of memories of my old buddies specially my platoon mates of Ghaznvi-II. Can you help me to see how to find any of them? I remember their names and GC numbers, but nothing else.

  7. Fawad Niazi says:

    Sword of honor 84th Long Course, Omar Ahmed Bokhari, is now a Major General.

  8. Abid Salam says:

    Like to place on record that Esmond D’Cunha who did Senior Cambridge in 1954 from St. Marys Cambridge School Rawalpindi earning the distinction of only Christian officer to win the Sword of Honour, the most coveted trophy, and Norman Medal in Studies both 1st positions in PPMA Kakulin 16th PMA Long Course.

  9. Alma mater of 131 PMA L/C winner Hamza Azmat Is KIPS College Johar Town Lahore

  10. Imran Khan says:

    Any member of 1st long course still alive ? Anyone know any Bengali member of first L/C.

  11. Hamza Sami says:

    Assalam o alaikum. It has come to my knowledge that the Alma Mater of the Sword of Honour winners of 32,35,36,54,56,59,60,65,66,68,70,72,77,84,88,90,94,96,98,100,102,106,108,110,114,115, 116,122,126,128,129,132,134,135 PMA Long Courses is Military College Jhelum.

  12. M Sabeel Raja says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    Azhar Selah Abbasi (74 PMA) is now Lt Gen.

  13. Thank you, the Post has been amended.

  14. PA 11449, Lt Col (Retd) Mahboob Shah says:

    My Dear Col Rasid Zia Cheema,
    I understand, Brig (Retd) Jaffar Khan, BSUO, Winner of Sword Of Honour, 21st PMA, AC, has passed away yesterday in his house on Lehtarar Road, ahead of Khanna Pull, Rawalpindi. May Allaah grant him beautiful place where ever he is. You may like to update your record please.

  15. Yasser Nawaz Bajwa S/O Lt Col (R) Muhammad Nawaz Bajwa. 11th PMA L/C says:

    Dear Moazzam,

    Can you please contact me via email on yasser_bajwa@hotmail.com. My late father Lt Col (R) Muhammad Nawaz Bajwa once served with 15 (SP) Rgt Arty as 2IC. It will be my honour to get in touch with you.

    King Regards,

    Yasser Bajwa.

  16. Dear Moazzam,
    The info provided by you has been added in the Post. Thanks a lot.

  17. Ref: Sword of Honour 99th PMA L/C
    Alma Mater: Government College Lahore.
    In addition to TBt, he is also a recipient of Imtiazi Sanad.
    He is presently serving as Lt Col.
    Please update.

  18. Lt Col (retd) Nisar Sarwar Khara says:

    Great work, Cheema…..Keep it up and stay blessed always.

  19. Dear Nk Sabeel,
    The Post has been updated now. Thanks for your kind help.

  20. Brig Masood Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Ref 59 PMA L/C. My younger brother Capt Riaz Ahmed Khan (late) got the sword but his pic getting the sword wasn’t available on your blog. After a hectic effort I managed to get one. How do I send it to you?

  21. It has been updated now. Sorry for the oversight.

  22. Dear Capt Munir Aslam,
    Thanks for the info. The correction has been made.

  23. Dear Shahid Durez,
    The rank of Brig Firzok has been corrected in the Post. Thanks for your help.

  24. What was the training duration of 132 PMA L/C? As 130 and 131 passed out on the same day, 131 with 1.5 years of training.

    • Salman Tahir says:

      My son passed out in 132 L/C. its duration was also 1.5 years. They joined PMA Kakul in November 2013 and passed out in April 2015.

  25. Dear Sir
    Now recently Cadets have joined United States Military Academy commonly known as West point, NY, USA. A very different from other academies, where selection is also done by Def Offrs of USA and it is four year course.1st Cadet is to be gratudated in class of 2017. May i know the details of their standing?

  26. Flavian Rego says:

    Data about Late Shabir Sharif is incorrect. He attained shahadat in 1971. Bhutto first awarded him a SJ Bar. .later changed it to N.H. After the 1965 War, he addressed my class of Senior Cambridge at St. Anthony’s School Lahore about his daring action of towing an Indian Field Howitzer behind a Tata Mercedes Truck. Today his brother Raheel is the COAS.

  27. Arash Jan Babar says:

    Interesting annd rare footage of 25th PMA passing out parade

  28. Saquib Munir Ahmed says:

    64th PMA Long Course (22 Oct 1981): BSUO Muhammad Jahangir Akhtar. Brig (Retd) Jahangir is an Old Gallian, from Lawrence College, Ghora Gali. He was my class mate and housemate at LCGG until 1977.

    • Dear Saquib Munir Ahmed,
      Thanks for providing the info, it has been added in the Post.
      My younger brother Zahid Zia Cheema is also a Gallian. He was in LCGG from 1975 to 1980.

      • Saquib Munir Ahmed says:

        Zahid Zia Cheema is well known to me, he was a year junior to me at LCGG and we recently met in Gujrat at a common friend’s place.
        Please also highlight another Gallian:
        18th PMA Long Course (18 Oct 1958): CSUO Said Afzal Durrani. Commissioned in 5 FF Regt.
        I will get back with more people after researching. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Where can I post the pictures of these Gallians?

  29. Ejaz Malik says:

    Koi 52nd Long Course ki photos laga dey, thanks.

    • One photo is already there. It is out of the scope of this Post to add many photos of one course, however, some exceptions are there.

  30. Maj Arif says:

    86th PMA L/C ASUO Raza Aizad is a sevring Brigadier
    88th PMA L/C BSUO Kamal is a serving Brigadier

  31. Waseem Shakeel says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    Hope that You will fine & Healthy. Sir I want to know that what is Difference between TGC Cadets Course & Regular Commission?? TGC Cadet are Promoted As Capt After Passing out and Or They Attend the PMA Training as Other Cadets?? Kindly Shortly Explain it So that I can Apply for Course. I Have Civil Engineering.

    Best Regards,

    Muhammad Waseem Shakeel


  32. Professor Zaheer Shakeel Awan (Institute Of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly tell me which Graduate Course was passed out during 1998-2000 (102 PMA Long Course)?? or Which SSC Course was during the 1998-2000??

  33. Arash Jan Babar says:

    Great info Col Rashid sir.
    It might be noted that the final term cadets who arrived for IMA Dehra Dun, who had only 2-3 months training remaining, were commissioned straightaway upon arrival. Their passing out parade was held at GHQ Rawalpindi. (Can any reader inform if a Sword of Honour was awarded for this course and to whom?).

    The cadets from junior terms were temporarily attached to units and then joined PMA upon raising

  34. Dear Ardad Ullah Khan,
    Thank you, the info has now been added in the Post.

  35. Kunwar Sharoon Jiwan Mall (103 PMA) says:

    Maj Shabbir Sharif Shaheed, NH, SJ & Bar. He won two SJs, the second one in 1971. For consideration & reconciliation, please.

    • Dear Kunwar Sharoon Jiwan Mall,
      Maj Shabbir Sharif (Shaheed) got SJ in 1965 War and NH in 1971 War. He didn’t get a second SJ in 1971 War. I have personally got it confirmed from Brig Yasub Ali Dogar (R), Guides Infantry FF (35 PMA) and Brig Shaukat Qadir (R), 6 FF (42 PMA). Maj Shabbir Sharif was also from 6 FF.
      Any info given in Wikipedia about two SJs is incorrect.

  36. Maj Arif Khan says:

    If you have any info regarding 1st OTS , kindly send at ardahukhan@gmail.com

  37. Azmat M. Saqib (Gen's relative) says:

    Lt Gen Shahid Aziz (44 PMA) was also CGS and later retired as Corps Commander, Lahore, before becoming Chairman NAB.

  38. Lt Waleed, Sword of Honour winner of 133 PMA Long Course has joined 21 Horse Regt and he is son of an army officer and studied in APS Sialkot for school and college.

  39. Dear Admin,
    I want you to make an amendment in title “85th PMA L/C (16th April 1992)” in which the alma mater of the recipient of Sword of Honour Kashif Mateen Ansari is Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree.

  40. Shazif Ramzan (130 PMA) says:

    AOA Sir,
    I would like to share the name of my college i.e. Military College Murree. I am the first Sword of Honour winner from my college. My father Brig M Ramzan is also serving in the army and he is from 21st OTS.
    Shazif Ramzan
    130th PMA L/C

  41. Zaheer Shakeel Hashmi says:

    Who was the PMA Commandant during 102 L/C tenure?

    • 102 PMA L/C Passed Out on 21 Oct 2000.
      Maj Gen (later Lt Gen) Imtiaz Shaheen was Comdt PMA from 3 Dec 1998 to 2 March 2000 and Maj Gen (later Lt Gen) Shahid Hamid was Comdt PMA from 3 March 2000 to 4 Nov 2001.

  42. Abu Bakar Saeed says:

    Please give more info about Captain Asif (79th PMA L/C). Why was he murdered at Damn-e-Koh, Islamabad?

  43. Shahid Joyia says:

    Who was the PMA Commandant during 116 L/C tenure?

  44. Muhammad Zia says:

    I can provide information about Muhammad Ali Butt (43 L/C) as I am in contact with his illustrious brother Muhammad Ahmed Butt.

    • I will be really grateful if you provide the email address of Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Butt (brother of Maj Muhammad Ali Butt, Sword of Honour winner of 43rd PMA L/C). I will request him to provide a photo of his brother for the above Post.
      My email address is: nativepakistan@gmail.com

  45. Dear! Can you give some more information of 7 PMA L/C?

  46. Ibrahim Ahmad Joyia says:

    I need some information and pictures of 9th PMA L/C, 13th May 1954. Can you give some information about those who started KKH Highway?

  47. Hamza Sami says:

    The date of shahadat of Capt Meraj Muhammad (112 PMA L/C) is 4 June 2009.

  48. Syed Isfandyar Ahmed Bokhari was not the part of QRF. He was G3 102-Brigade who volunteered to lead the troops into battle.

  49. Maj Raja Azmat Rashid (r), 77th PMA says:

    Sword of Honour winner from 80th PMA L/C, M. Asim Malik is from 12 Baloch, which is his father’s unit too. His father is Lt Gen Ghulam Muhammad Malik (r).
    Maj Retd Azmat Rashid, father of Sword winner from 131 PMA L/C, Lt Hamza Azmat, is from 77 PMA L/C. Please update .

  50. Muazzam Ali Saqib says:

    Academy SUO Muhammad Talal Tariq (121st PMA Long Course). His Alma Mater is Cadet College Hasanabdal.

  51. Talha Khan says:

    CSUO Shahbaz 82nd PMA L/C , Arty , Serving Brigadier.

  52. Lt Col Tahir Zia, (R) Engrs says:

    An outstanding work for motivation of young lot. Thanks.

  53. Lt Col Nisar Sarwar, Retd (8th War Course) says:

    This is for Capt Asfandyar Bokhari (Shaheed), Sword of Honour winner from 118 PMA Long Course
    Soldier to soldier

    I abandoned medical and prefered being soldier like Asfand did….

    I topped the course in PMA as Asfand did..

    I opted for 11 FF as Asfand did…

    I got promoted as Capt almost at same age as Asfand did….

    I also dreamt of becoming Shaheed as Asfand did….

    But then….Asfand took the lead..leaving me faaaaaaaar behind.!!!

    This son of soil got his dream filled which I could not do despite fighting war….!!!

    You beat me hollow, son….and smiling up there….but I am so proud of you!!!!

  54. Farman Ali Rao says:

    Can someone tell me that Lt Gen Zulfaqar Ali / Zubair and Maj Gen Khazat SuppariWala were from which PMA/OTS Courses?

  55. Capt Shahid Naeem, Retd (61 PMA) says:

    I am Capt Shahid Naeem (R), got commissioned in 1980 in 61 PMA /L/C. Can you send me staff group photo on my email address? steefunhard@gmail.com
    Kind regards.

  56. Maj Aijaz Hussain Balti ,FF says:

    sword of honor 82 L/C ,got commissioned in 3 sp Arty

  57. From 1st PMA says:

    You seems to have missed mentioning Lt Gen from 1st PMA long course in your summary of ranks by courses

  58. Col Arshad Rahat Ansari, Retd (52 PMA) says:

    Sir, the photograph for 52nd PMA L/C is not of ASUO Taufiq Rafiq but of GC Shams ul Tauheed. He was ASUO but was de-belted about 2 weeks before the Passing out. He was awarded the President’s Gold Medal and here he is seen receiving the medal. Shams ul Tauheed joined 1 Med Regt Arty and retired as a Lt. Col. He was unfortunately named in the conspiracy case of Gen Zahee ul Islam Abbasi and was honourably acquitted but retired on Adm grounds, Will try to get the picture of Taufiq Rafiq.
    PS. I am from 52nd L/C and was Pl Mate of Taufiq

    • Col Arshad Rahat Ansari,
      Thanks for pointing out the mistake. The photo of ASUO Taufiq Rafiq has been contributed by his daughter and the same has been added in the Post today (16 Nov 2015).

  59. Lt Col (Retd) AnsarSiddiqi says:

    I do not have any comments but a suggestion that as the civilians are also going to read this site, therefore abbreviations may be avoided.

  60. Very nice data collected in one frame I suggest that Officers passed out from OTS Kohat and OTS Mangla may also be included in this record. I want to emphasis that recently Shaheed Gen Officer in Operation “ZARB E AZB” Maj Gen Sana Ullah was commissioned from OTS-12 course.

  61. Mirza Abdullah says:

    Please make some additions / corrections:-
    69 L/C Sword winner is now a Lt Gen
    80 L/C Sword winner is now a Brig
    132 L/C Sword winner joined 2FF

  62. Gh Haidre says:

    Interesting analysis by Zafar bin Basher about the units joined by Sword of Honour winners..!

  63. Kader Khan says:

    Dear Editor,
    Can you say Mr. Hussain Md Ershad, ex President of Bangladesh belongs from which PMA course?

  64. Dear Zafar Bin Basher,
    Sir, Thanks for pointing it out. Maj Shabir Sharif’s name has now been added in the “Analysis” written by Gen Tahir Qazi at serial (4) under the heading “1965 Indo-Pak War”.

  65. Zafar Bin Basher (43 PMA Long Course) says:

    Here’s some statistical analysis of the Sword of Honor recipients. The analysis includes 122 recipients for whom Col. Cheema has provided info regarding the units that they were commissioned in.
    1. 56 (45.90%) of those 122 offrs joined infantry units followed by 29 (23.77%) offrs going to AC. 20 (16.39%) Sword of Honor recipients chose Arty units with the remaining 17 (13.93%) offrs selected Engrs units.None went to the Corps of Signals or any svc unit.

    2. As a single unit Guides Cav can boast of 6 offrs followed by 5H and 1SP each getting 5 offrs. 3 Baluch and 4 Punjab each got 4 Sword winners.

    3. Of the 56 winners joining infantry, 19 of them joined Baluch units, 18 and 17 of the winners going to the Punjab and the FF regts respectively.

  66. Gh Haidre says:

    Saeed ud Din Hafeez, 8th PMA L/C, Arty, retired as a Maj Gen.

  67. Mamoon Shaafaey says:

    109L/C passes out on 10 April 2004.
    ASUO Mamoon Shaafaey joined his father’s (LtCol retd Musleh Ud Din Saadi, TI (Mil), 51st Long Course) regt 107 Engineers Bn on claim.

  68. I can provide Sword of Honour pictures of 90 L/C and 91 L/C from the PMA magazine “Rising Crescent”.

  69. Muhammad Shakeel says:

    ASUO 110 L/C Ahmed Raza Kazmi passed out on 17 October 2004.

    • Dear Shakeel,
      The Passing Out date of 110 L/C is 16 Oct 2004 (Saturday). Their date of commission, which is always one day ahead, is on 17 Oct 2004 (Sunday).
      Can you help me getting the photo of Ahmed Raza Kazmi, while receiving the Sword? You may send the photo at Editor’s email address: nativepakistan@gmail.com

  70. M. Mushtaq Khan says:

    105 L/C Capt Pervaiz Mehdi got commissioned in 39 PR and emraced shahadt in a road accident when his unit was serving UN MSN in Ivory Coast in 2006/7.

  71. Ikram Qureshi says:

    CSUO (now Lt Col) Sajid Amin of 90 L/C joined 48 F2f Regt not 47 F2f Regt.

  72. Ali Hyder says:

    Capt Meraj Muhammad referred at serial 1 of “War on Terror and Siachin” was ASUO 112 L/C and Sword of Honour winner too.

    • Dear Ali Hyder,
      The Analysis written by Gen Tahir Qazi is only for those officers who won the coveted Sword of Honour. The above info about Capt Meraj Shaheed is already with us.

      • Zafar Bin Basher says:

        I believe Maj. Shabbir Sharif SJ, NH Shaheed was an SJ awardee in 1965 war as well.

        • Flavian Rego says:

          The awarding of SJ bar to Maj Shabbir Sharif (Shaheed), was the initial knee jerk reaction at the same time as Sqn Ldr Middlecoat ( Shaheed) was also awarded a SJ Bar by the Yahya Government. Later as published in Dawn, Maj Shabbir’s award was converted to NH. and Bhutto awarded an NH to a Sowar from an Armoured unit as well, which removed the elitist hold on the top gallantry awards, a practice which even the British never followed during WW1 and WW2. India, Pakistan and Nepal all have Victoria Cross holders of those wars who were not Dera Dun or Sandhurst graduates.

  73. Ali Afzal Khan says:

    ASUO Muhammad Ahmed who won the Sword of Honour in 116 L/C was commissioned in 34 Punjab Regiment.

  74. Muhammad Saghir Raja says:

    Gen Sabhi ud Din Bukhari(38th PMA) retired as Maj Gen and not as Lt Gen. Please correct the record.

  75. Maj (R) Siraj Syed, Avn (17 PMA) says:

    Dear Col Rashid Cheema,
    Great pleasure to see you in continued action. Esmond D’Cunha (16 PMA) was one of my best friend. He was in Air OP along with me. I knew him extremely well and most of the time I remained at his house. His father was Col D’Cunha from AMC and their house was very close to the Signals Mess. I knew both his mother and father. Esmond was one of the greatest musician and played the piano by ear. His mother always admired his music skills and told me that if he was in Britain, he would be honored as a great piano player. Is there any way I can get hold of his email address or phone number. If Esmond sees this note he can contact me at 970-407-9329 in Colorado.
    Rashid, your visit to USA is over due. Best wishes.

  76. Afzaal Khan says:

    Lovely to read about all the illustrious early era Army Officers who were trained in PMA. They had the qualities of true Officers, sadly later something went amiss with the passage of time, perhaps the selection standards were lowered or….
    My father and his brothers were from a much earlier period of officers and apparent was the distinguished touch of training. From Dehradun Military Academy continued at Kakul..

  77. Nasir Baltit says:

    Gerat job, sir. Very proud of you, sir Cheema.

  78. Fawad Ali says:

    AOA sir, passing out date of 96 PMA L/C is 28 Mar 1998 instead of 28 May.

    • Dear Fawad,
      Walaikum Assalam.
      Thanks for the info, the date has been corrected now. How about sending your Sword of Honour winning photo?

  79. Lt Col (R) Muhammad Arshad Meer says:

    Well done Rashid. Only you could do it. Stay blessed.

  80. Muhammad Naeem Sadiq says:

    An excellent effort. Highly commendable.

  81. Zabee Khan says:

    Good effort of compiling valuable information.

  82. Lt Col (R) Bakht Biland says:

    Indeed great efforts in compiling this data. Just one correction, 38 PMA Sword of Honour retired as Surveyor General of Pakistan in the rank of Lt Gen.

    • Dear Col Bakht,
      His course mates and his neighbours at Lahore have confirmed that he retired as Maj Gen.

    • Muhammad Saghir Raja says:

      Col Bakth,
      Gen Bukhari(38th PMA) neither served as Svy Gen nor was he promoted as Lt Gen. This info can be verified from the officer himself on cell # 0333 4111000.j

  83. Dr. Saeed Lehrasab says:

    Excellent work of research. It could be transformed into a thesis for academic purposes. Especially would be of good use for NDU.

  84. Brig Naeem Akbar (Retd) says:

    Great compilation of record. Keep it up!!

  85. Please change the name of Sword of Honour winner of 75 L/C. His name is Abrar Malik not Baber Malik.

  86. Ahmed Iqbal Khan Burki says:

    Excellent efforts by the author. I would request to add the Sword of Honors from OTS as well.

  87. Ahsan Muzaffar says:

    ASUO of 123 PMA Long Course is commissioned in 3 SP Artillery Regiment.

  88. Col Naseer Ahmad Raja (Retd), 38 PMA says:

    An admirable effort. It is suggested that these photographs and citations of award holders with photographs be displayed in PMA Museum or any other prominent place. It would inculcate sense of competition besides motivational value.

  89. Major Hammad Tippu says:

    ASUO Tauqeer from 104 PMA joined 19 FF. He is my course mate.
    Moreover, my father is from 37th PMA & my elder bro is from 102L/C.
    I must appreciate your effort in compiling this worth sharing data.

  90. Lt Col Shahid Hussain Abid says:

    Passing Out Date for 89th Long Course is April 14, 1994
    Date of commission is 15 Apr 94.

  91. Good effort, sir.

    • Nisar Ahmed Mughal (82 PMA) says:

      Great effort to compile the history of our beloved outstanding colleagues.
      Brig Syed Mohammad Adnan 76 PMA Long Course has been approved the rank of Maj Gen. Please update his record.
      It is suggested that picture of the actual SWORD OF HONOUR be displayed on the cover page.
      I will In Sha Allah contribute regularly.
      God bless you,

  92. Anwar Malik says:

    CSUO Muhammad Afzal Mehr 99 PMA L/C also got TBt in war against terrorism.
    CSUO Khalid Ansari 12 PMA L/C was also first commandant of Para Training School (SSG).

  93. Brig (R) Firzok Attaullah says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    I really enjoyed going through your painstakingly compiled work; our colleagues need to help you fill in the voids and make corrections wherever required. This is truly a great effort on your part. Going through the list is quite like a nostalgic drive through the beautiful memory lane.
    Thank you.

  94. Lt Col (Retd) Sajid Majeed Bhatti says:

    Great job. Recalled many old memories. Sword of Honour of 47 PMA, Khurran Nawaz is the General Secretary of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, probably the only SOH who has joined politics and doing well.

    • Dear Col Sajid Bhatti,
      Thanks, the info has been updated. His elder brother Maj (R) Qaisar Nawaz Khan Gundapur (44PMA) has promised to send his brother’s photo.
      Post Script: The photo has since been added.

  95. Faheem Ajaz says:

    Aoa sir,
    Brig Fazal Qadir (R), was our principal of Cadet college Swat, you mentioned here as Sword of Honour of 25 PMA but he used to say that he was Sword of Honour of 21 PMA, secondly if you kindly add in his info as Principal Cadet College Swat.
    Faheem Ajaz
    Cadet college swat, 2nd entery

    • Dear Faheem,
      Brig Fazle Qadir is from 25 PMA. The Sword of Honour winner of 21 PMA is BSUO Jaffar Khan. This detail has been taken from a book published by PMA. However, his being the Principal of Cadet College Swat, has been updated.

  96. Brig (R) Shaukat Qadir says:

    I have been pondering whether to draw your attention to a fact. Since you have pointed out that Asif (79 PMA) was my son, an infinitely better person and soldier than I, it seems like boasting—something I dislike—if I draw your attention to his achievements. However, since you have included some comments on those you knew about, I thought I might draw your attention to this fact. I decided I should let you know.

    Asif walked out of PMA not merely with the Sword and Norman Medal, but with every single medal that PMA had on offer. I am not sure how many medals he had but they were above 20 and not a single medal, from PT to anything else went to another cadet. I believe that his record stands to date.

    Thanks and regards,

  97. Sir,
    Kindly include OTS Sword of Honour winners in Native Pakistan.

    • Dear Col Iftikhar,
      The cadets of OTS got COAS Cane (previously known as C-in-C Cane). Please send me the photos of winners and I will In Shaa Allah initiate a separate Post for them.

  98. Ashfaq Rahman says:

    Long live PMA.

  99. Lt (R) Mohsin Zahur, 4 Cav (52nd PMA) says:

    Dear Col.Cheema,
    Your great effort in compiling the record and history of our brilliant officers is commendable.
    The picture shown of 52nd L/C passing out parade shows Shams-ud-Tauhid instead of
    Taufiq Rafiq.
    Maj Gen Taufiq can be requested to submit the correct photograph.
    email: taufiqrafiq@yahoo.com

  100. Maj (R) M. A. Hasnat (30 PMA) says:

    It must have been an awesome effort by the person who compiled such a wonderful document. All my appreciation and best wishes for him. He certainly deserves a big pat on his back. It took me more than five decades down my memory lane. Well done !! What really made me to wonder most was seeing 130th PMA (100 courses after our course) passing out exactly after 50 years.

    HASNAT (CSUO Tariq Company, 30th PMA Long Course)

    • Zafar Bin Basher says:

      Dear Maj Hasnat,
      I ran into your comment by chance. We have been living in the United States since 1989. Please let me know how best to contact you directly. Kindly convey my regRDS TO Bhabi. I always remember you.
      Zafar Bin Basher

  101. Dr. Ghayur says:

    I make comment in favor of a senior most Kohatian Imtiaz Hussain Baloch for such a remarkable contributions that he is making for forum.
    Dr. Ghayur
    2nd entry Rustam House
    Cadet Colege Kohat

  102. Major Raja Azmat Rashid (retd) says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am PA-27340 Major Raja Azmat Rashid (retd) father of recipient of Sword of Honour of 131 Long Course, Course Senior Under Officer, Raja Hamza Azmat, GC Number 50910 who joined 12 Baloch on claim. His actual name is Hamza, but due to the reason that there were two GCs by the name of Hamza Azmat and Hamza Musharraf in the same platoon (Babur-2) my son was given the GC name”AZMAT” which continued until his passing out. Through your page I want to make a request to all concerned to use his correct name.
    Thanks and regards.

  103. Maqsood Ali Khan says:

    Farooq Nawaz Janjua SJ-Late (Major)-4 Punjab Regt, received the Sword of Honour from FM M.Ayub Khan.
    Please let me know your email address on which I send the Photograph.

  104. Lt Gen (R) Israr Ghumman says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    Your undertaking is most appreciable. Maj Farooq Nawaz Janjua, 30th PMA joined 4 Punjab and won SJ during 65 War.

  105. Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan Khattak (Retd) says:

    Dear Cheema,

    My compliments on your tremendous effort; truly a job well done. This is, however, an incomplete job because from a number of PMA Courses the BEST cadets were selected and sent to Sandhurst; this selection was usually completed before the end of the Second Term at Kakul. Unfortunately, these are the forgotten sons of PMA as no mention is made of them, despite the fact they were graded as the BEST cadets of their respective Courses and there are some stellar performances by these Pakistani cadets at Sandhurst of which Pakistan and PMA Kakul can be proud.

    I understand that in recent years, some better PMA GCs have also been selected for other Academies in the world who will also require similar mention in your List !

    Similarly, with a little effort we may also find out about some of our very senior Pre- Partition officers who had been awarded the Sword Of Honour from IMA Dehradun. There are not too many of them, but I do know that the Late Lt Gen Atique ur Rehman and Brig Hissam Effendi were awarded the Sword of Honour at IMA.

    It also needs to be clarified that some of our cadets who are sent to Sandhurst are reported as winning The Sword Of Honour at Sandhurst. The fact is that these young men are awarded the (Overseas) Sword Of Honour, which is quite different from the Overall Sword Of Honour. Previously the best Overseas Cadet would be awarded “The Commandant’s Cane”. Some years ago some Arab country presented a SWORD for the best overseas cadet, which then replaced THE COMMANDANTS CANE.Irrespective of the fact,whether it is a CANE or SWORD, many Pakistani cadets have won this honour for Pakistan.

    In case you have the time please contact me on 0300 8547900, come and have tea with me and if required, I can clarify further.

    Best regards

    Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan (Retd)

    • Dear Gen Ali Kuli Khan,
      Sir, I am already collecting data of Sandhurst graduates but it will take some time.
      Thanks for your invitation on tea, I will InshaAllah visit you.
      I am also an Aviator like you. When you were promoted Lt Col back in March 1977, I along with my CO Lt Col (Later Brig) Hamid Chaudhry dropped you at Kel where 12 Baluch was located.
      Please send me your Sandhurst days photo at my email address: nativepakistan@gmail.com

    • Azam Mairaj says:

      Dear General Ali Kuli Khan,
      Yesterday (22 June 2015) I was reading an article about 1971 War written by Brig Liaquat Bukhari and he mentioned your and Maj Patrick’s name along with other officers who took part in operation. I have written a book on Christian War heroes and Martyrs and these days I am working on the next edition of my book. If you can let me know about Maj Patrick or any other Christian Officer which you think can be included in the book. Please send me your email address.
      Sir, I live in Karachi. I can meet you whenever it is convenient for you.

  106. 2/Lt Faizan Ahmed (130 PMA L/C) says:

    Thanks a lot sir for your great effort. I’d also like to provide u with some statistics..
    1.ASUO Mearaj Muhammad from 112 L/C received sword of honour.. He joined 12 Cavalry.
    2. ASUO Sohail Akram from 122 L/C later joined SSG and got DAGGER OF HONOUR.
    3.BSUO Awais iftkhar from 127 L/C joined 13 Lancers
    4. From 128 L/C, ASUO Asher Jamil Khan received sword of honour. He was my prlm corporal. He has joined 3 Sind regiment.
    5. ASUO Moazzam from 129 L/C got sword of honour and joined 15 SP regt Arty.
    6. ASUO Shazif Ramzan from 130 L/C received the sword and joined 54 Punjab regt.
    7. Course Senior Under Officer (CSUO) Azmat from 131 L/C got the sword and joined 12 Baloch regt.
    8. Also to mention here that due to the shortage of officers in Pakistan Army, 130 L/C and 131 L/C passed out on the same day, i.e. 18 October 2014… 131 L/C had completed 1 and a half year training at PMA. Therefore they had all the appointments, but the names of the appointments were different. Their course number 1 was called Course Senior under officer, rather than Academy Senior Under Officer.

    • Dear Faizan Ahmad,
      Thanks for providing the missing links. I have added the info in the Post.
      Now help me in getting the photos of Sword of Honour winners from 128 to 131 Long Courses.

      • 2/LT Faizan Ahmed (130 PMA) says:

        I’ll try my best to get the photos. I’ll contact the sword winners and get the photos from them

        • Thanks. I have yet to see a more responsible 2/Lt like you, with just 2 weeks of service and having a good sense of responsibility. 🙂 Stay blessed.

  107. Brig Munir (Retd), 37 PMA says:

    . A commendable effort.
    . In the 4th Para,two errors may please be corrected as under:
    – For ‘7 May 1966′ read ’30 March 1966’.
    – For ‘BSUO’,read ‘CSUO’. 37 PMA Course did not get a chance to hold Bn appointments,as 36th was still there & passed out later( on 7 May 1966).

  108. Maj Gen (R) Khalid Jaffery (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Cheema,
    Excellent work. Congratulations. May I add, Lt Gen Naveed Zaman, 61st L/C, was commissioned in 10 Punjab, his father’s Bn.

  109. Zafar Bhatti says:

    I am the son of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, to my knowledge he was the BSUO of 1st PMA Long Course and not GC as mentioned in the photograph when he got the Sword of Honour (as well as the Norman Gold Medal).

    • Dear Zafar Bhatti,
      Thanks for pointing out the mistake. It has been corrected in both the photos.

    • Nasir Baltit says:

      Dear Raja Zafar Bhatti,
      I am Col Nasir very proud of your father who is my hero…if you allow me I want to meet you. It will be a pride to see son of great warrior.
      My e mail is nasirbaltit@yahoo.com
      I am in Lahore Cantt.
      waiting for your reply,

  110. Lt Col Khan Adeeb Ahmed Umerzai ( Retd ). says:

    A good effort indeed. A correction is required in the typing error, under the Editor’s Note, Analysis- Sword of Honor para 2. b. 1971 Indo-Pak war, Maj Shabbir Shareef has been referred from 25 PMA whereas he belonged to 29 PMA.

  111. Brig (R) Aslam Khan, AC (33rd PMA) says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    Excellent, painstaking work for the benefit of so many. Much easier said than done. Many thanks and God bless you. Ameen.
    Best wishes,

  112. Excellent compilation; congrats. I also endorse Col Nazir Ahmed’s comment for the likes of Ahmed Omer continue to do the nation proud.
    I may add that 42nd PMA’s sword of honour winner, Lt Gen Khalid Kidwai headed our Strategic Command commendably for many a year, whilst in service as well as after retirement, in the most challenging times for Pakistan.

    • Dear Gen Parvez Akmal,
      Thanks for your update, I have added it in the Post.
      Please help me in getting the photo of your course mate Lt Gen Khalid Kidwai for this Post.

  113. Lt Col Sohail Raza Qizilbash (Retd), 36 Punjab (37 PMA) says:

    37 PMA passed out on 30 March 1966 and 36 PMA passed out on 7 May 1966 along with 1st War Course. 36 PMA got regular commission after completing one year and got ante date of seniority by one day over 37 PMA. Incidentally, Kamal Alam expired in AFIC a few years ago due to complications as a result of heart surgery.

    • Dear Col Qizilbash,
      Thanks a lot for clarifying about the Passing Out dates of 36 and 37 PMA Long Courses. I have added the info in the Post.
      Can you help me in getting the photo (while receiving the Sword) of BSUO Kamal Alam?

  114. Colonel (retd) Nazir Ahmed says:

    Commendable work. You may also consider compiling record of Pakistani award winners from RMA Sandhurst. My son Ahmad Omar was FIRST Pakistani to get two awards, The Overseas Sword of Honour and Best in Academics and Military Subjects Award in 2002. A fresh graduate from that academy will have the list with him containing names of all those who passed from that Academy after 1947, indicating those who were awarded. That list is provided to every officer cadet.

  115. Yeh Ghazi Yeh Teray Purisraar Bundday! It always takes me back to drill square. Thanks!

  116. Col Sohail Qureshi, EME, USA says:

    Col Cheema,
    What a wonderful collection. This is our history. Great job.
    Thank you.

  117. Fiza Afridi says:

    I’m the granddaughter of Lt Gen (Retd) K.K. Afridi, Sword of Honor winner from 4th PMA. I have his picture receiving Sword Of Honour from Khawaja Nazimuddin. If you are interested I can email it to you.

  118. Sword of Honour 113 PMA L/C: BSUO Syed Mustajib Hassan.
    Commissioned in 38 Cavalry.

  119. Ahsan Khan says:

    Getting Sword of Honour is dream of every cadet of PMA Kakul. They never forget this place. Such a greenish and lovely Place!! I recommend everyone must visit Kakul.

  120. Brig (R) Tariq Saeed Janjua (2nd SSC) says:

    AOA Cheema,
    An excellent effort of compiling a very important event of history of Pakistan Army. May I add small info about two Sword of Honours:-
    a. 40th PMA: Tariq Waseem Ghazi was commissioned in 3 Baloch, his father’s unit. He also commanded 3 Baloch.
    b. 48th PMA: Tariq Mehmood was son of Gen Tikka Khan. He left army as Maj and has settled in USA. His brother Col Khalid Masood, 39th PMA was commissioned in 12 Med Regt Arty and retired as Col.

  121. Khizar Khattak says:

    PMA long course 108 Passing Out date was 11 October 2004.

  122. Tahir Aziz Khan says:

    Jissay kehtay hain cadet asl may lafz qiadat hai.
    Qiadat ussko milti hai jissay shouq-e-shahadat hai.

  123. Salman Haider, 106 L/C says:

    Commendable effort.
    Want to add an info:
    100 L/C ASUO Nauman ul Haq joined 1(SP) Regt Arty.
    106 L/C I have sent you the pic of ASUO Mubashir Riaz receiving sword from Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir on 13 Oct 2002.

    • Dear Salman Haider,
      Thanks for providing the info and the photo. Both have been added in the Post.
      Passing Out date of 106 Long Course is 12 Oct 2002 (13 Oct is their date of commission).

  124. Zafar Mohsin Dar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very well done.

  125. Brig. Khalid Nazir , SJ says:

    BSUO Usman Mehmood, 115 PMA Long Course was commissioned in 40 FF Regiment, where he is serving at present.

  126. Captain Abu Bakar says:

    This is a very good Post!!

  127. Lt Col (R) Muhammad Tariq Butt says:

    Very informative and inspiring. Almost all the generations of PMA are there except OTS graduates. I am sure they too will find some space at appropriate place as with out them our family will remain incomplete. I also wish more photographs addition will make this page even more beautiful.
    Well done and keep it, Sir and may Allah keep us all blessed always and all the way. Ameen

  128. PASSED OUT from PMA Kakul (105 Long Course) on 13th April 2001. He topped in the overall exams and training in PMA and obtained the Sword of Honour, joined 39 Punjab Regt (Jannisar), martyred while serving U.N. Peace Keeping Mission, Ivory Coast (Africa) on 23 Feb 2007.

  129. Thanks, Col Sahab and may God bless you… Please guide me that from where can I get the picture of the sword of honour ceremony of Esmond D ‘Cunha.

    • Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

      Entire D’Cunha family moved to Canada about 50 years ago. Perhaps due to initial difficulties of settling down, Esmond never contacted anyone after migrating. Only source of getting the pic of Esmond receiving Sword of Honour, to my mind could be ISPR , if they are maintaining old record. Regards.

      • Col Zafar Mustafa Sahib,
        Esmond is now in contact with me. And thanks for the information that you provided. He also confirmed that he is sword of honour and added that he has won the flying trophy. I have already contacted ISPR they have promised me they will check the record and they will also ask from 1 (SP). Please if you have any picture other then sword of honour ceremony, meaning group picture with Esmond. Col if you are in Karachi then I would love to interview you about your friend’s memories for my book’s 2nd edition. Also please send me your email and postal address.

        • Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

          Dear Mr Azam Mairaj,
          I just read your last message. So happy to learn you were able to contact Esmond. I went through minor surgery and am unable to sit for long at a stretch. It would be ideal if we meet after Ramzan and have long sessions about my memories of an outstanding person like Esmond. In the meantime, my cell # is 03008270966 and you are welcome to contact me. I am of course settled in Karachi Defence Phase V. Please let me know Esmond’s contact # in Canada so I can have the pleasure to listen to his voice after half a century.

          • Azam Mairaj says:

            Its a pleasure to know that you are in Karachi. Definitely we will meet after Ramadan. I will forward you Esmond’s phone number and email.

  130. Sir,
    Kashif Mateen Ansari of 85 PMA L/C was commissioned in 26 Punjab (LAT) Bn. This is also my Bn. I will try to obtain his relevant photo and other details.

    • Dear Gen Kingravi,
      I have added this info in the Post. Will eagerly wait for the photo of Kashif Ansari.
      I am thankful that you previously provided photo of your Course mate, Lt Gen Ayaz Salim Rana (50 PMA).
      I’m grateful for your kind help.

  131. If anybody is from 1 (SP) or 16th PMA and knows Esmond D’cunha so please contact me on this email :

    • Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

      I confirm that Esmond D ‘Cunha won Sword of Honour and Norman Gold Medal when he was commissioned in 1(SP) Fd Regt Arty in Oct 1957 ex 16 PMA Long Course. I joined 1(SP) a year later and had the pleasure of his friendship till he resigned as a Capt and migrated to Canada. I still miss him though I have crossed 80. Col Cheema is requested to forward my article about Christian offrs to Mr Azam Mairaj because under medical advice( after minor surgery) I am not supposed to sit for long at a stretch.
      I am surprised why PMA’s record does not mention about Esmond (in my humble opinion) one of the finest offrs produced by PMA.

  132. Qaisar Iqbal says:

    I am Sword of Honor winner of 103 PMA Long Course. I want to send you my picture.

  133. Dear Cheema,
    This is valuable piece of information. I have written a book on Christian War heroes and martyrs and I am currently working on it’s 2nd edition. I read here that Esmond D’cunha is sword of honor (PMA 16th) but PMA record is not confirming it they are only confirming that he is Norman Gold Medal winner so what was your source and if you have confirm evidence than please inform me. Then this will be a valuable contribution in the 2nd edition of the book because I found one Christian PAF sword of honor and one Christian Naval sword of honor.

    • Dear Azam Mairaj,
      The above info was taken from a book published by PMA on its history. I’ve sent you the copies of relevant pages via email.
      I think following two Posts in my website will also be helpful for the next edition of your book (Lt Col JJK Salik was an excellent Artillery officer):
      Remembering Col Tajik
      Churches in Pakistan
      I am at your service for any assistance, you are always welcome.

  134. Saad Mehmood says:

    I want to know about the Sword of Honour winner of 129 PMA Long Course, I’ll be very thankful to you, can you please tell?

    • I am also looking for the details/photos of 129 PMA L/C and 128 PMA L/C. ISPR hasn’t given the details in their website. Will info you when get any input from visitors of this site.

  135. Brig (R) Muhammad Iqbal Awan says:

    Is it possible to have E mail addresses of the people in command / authority. One could give vent to the feelings if such an opportunity is afforded and in the process the matters perturbing the most of Armed forces personnel would be resolved.

    Here I may be selfish in bringing about a case which needs to be given cool consideration at an appropriate level. Is there any one ready to resolve the problems of the veterans? Now is the time for the image building of the Armed Forces personnel and that is required from the COAS and PSOs. Why can’t the issue of Okara Stud Farm allottees be resolved? Lot of humiliation is being unleashed against the veterans on the behest of the political and administrative people at district as well as provincial level.

    Even around six Lt Gens have not been able to take possession of the land allotted to them legitimately in Renala, District Okara. What is the plight of soldiers JCO NCO and junior officer, can not be explained here.

    This welfare measure of allotment of lands needs to be looked into and appropriate measure taken to safe guard the honour and dignity of the Veterans who have been allotted these lands. .

    • Dear Brig Iqbal,
      You can raise this issue at Veterans’ Own forum on Facebook. It is a forum of retired officers and an issue (not attending well to retired officers in CMHs) has already been resolved.

  136. Ali Shan Khan says:

    Sword of Honour of 77 PMA L/C was Brig Sajid Shakoor (Late), he joined 22 Baloch Regt.
    I have his picture. But how can I post? Any admin of this Blog?

    • Dear Ali Shan Khan,
      Walaikum Assalam.
      You probably missed the Editor’s Note at the end of the Post, where it was requested to send the pics at the following email address of Admin:-
      When did Brig Sajad (These are the spellings given in a book published by PMA) die? Was he still serving at the time of his demise?

      • Ali Shan Khan says:

        I have sent photo of Brig Sajid Shakoor Sword of Honour 77 PMA L/C at the email address of Editor. Please acknowledge.

        His correct name is Sajid Shakoor (not Sajad, which was mistakenly written in PMA book). Please update it.

        Brig Sajid Shakoor died in November 2013 while still in service, he was attending a course in United Stated and he died of heart attack. I am his nephew.

        • Thanks for sending the photo of Brig Sajid Shakoor (Late). The spellings of his name have been corrected and the other info provided by you has also been updated in the Post.
          However, the photo has not been posted. Gen Aslam Beg (then VCOAS) was the Reviewing Officer of 77 L/C but in the photo there is some other officer. May be it was some rehearsal. The clarification will have to be sought from PMA because once the photo is posted it will be a part of the Internet even after its deletion from my website.

          • Ali Shan Khan says:

            Yeah you are right, the Reviewing officer was Gen Mirza Aslam Beg (VCOAS). I will send you the picture in which VCOAS gave him Sword in an indoor ceremony because of rainy day. I will let you know about the pic because it is in hard form.

  137. Hassan Abdullah says:

    A very good segment!!
    I will like to add my father (72nd Long Course) commissioned in 174 Engrs Battalion. Now serving as a Brig.

    • Dear Hassan Abdullah,
      How about getting your dad’s pic while he is receiving the sword of Honour?

  138. 102 L/C Mir Baz Joined 1 FF, presently he is a Maj.
    106 L/C ASUO Mubasher Riaz Joined 10 Guides Cav, presently he is a Maj.
    107 L/c BSUO Asif joined 20 Lancers, he is a Maj.
    108 L/C BSUO Hamid Bajwa, Joined 108 Hy Arty Regt, Presently he is a Maj.

    • Dear Nomi,
      Thanks for the details. I have updated the Post. Due to security reasons, I have deleted the current units/appointments of these serving officers.

  139. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    I would like to add that BSUO Safdar Ali Shah of 10th Graduate Course was commissioned in AEC and retired as a Brig.
    14 Long Course. Arshad Farid was commissioned in Guides Cavalry. As a Capt , he joined Civil Service of Pakistan and died in a road accident when he was Commissioner Swat.
    16 Long Course. Esmond D’ Cunha was commissioned in 1(SP) Fd Regt Arty.
    Brig FB Ali ,from First Graduate Course ( passed out from PMA in 1948) was Dy Comdt PMA ( and Acting Comdt due to hospitalization of the Comdt) on the Passing Out day of 48 Long Course in Dec 1971 and in that capacity took the salute and gave away awards
    ( due to exigencies of service, no outsider senior offr was available to take the salute).
    He mentioned in his speech that he was proud of being the first offr, commissioned from PMA, who was taking the salute at a regular PMA passing-out parade. Indeed this honour belongs to that wonderful offr who was one of his kind.
    Maj Shabbir Sharif Shaheed was awarded SJ during 1965 War and NH ( posthumously)
    in Dec 1971.
    Winner of Sword of Honour,(8th PMA) Maj Gen (R) Saeed-ud-din Hafeez was commissioned in 4 Fd Regt Arty.

    • Dear Col Zafar Mustafa,
      I have a list of Reviewing Officers from a book “History of PMA” published by PMA. Brig FB Ali was Reviewing Officer as Offg Comdt at the Passing Out Parade of 45th PMA Long Course (and 7th Graduate Course too) on 28 Aug 1971.
      Please advise further.

      • Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

        Dear Cheema
        I was not in PMA on 28 Aug 1971 , hence can’t comment on the status of that Passing Out parade. However I am sure about the facts mentioned about 48 Long Course Passing Out. Thinking hard , I seem to remember Brig FB ALI was promoted Brig and posted as Dy Comdt PMA sometime in September 1971. I admit I may be wrong because it happened 43 years ago and I had no direct connection to this event.
        I would suggest you ask someone in PMA to have a look at the honour board of Dy Comdts and let you know when Brig FB Ali took up this appt. Regards.

        • Dear Sir,
          I have a list of Dy Comdts as well, taken from the a/m book. Brig FB Ali was appointed Dy Comdt of PMA on 01 June 1971.
          Thanks for your prompt input, as usual.

          • Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

            Dear Cheema
            Thank you. It proves I should stop relying on memory the way I have been doing all my adult life. Regards.

    • Dear Col Mustafa,

      I have been looking for an officer of 1(SP) and thanks to Col Cheema that found through his website your comment about Lt Esmond D’cunha. Do you know how I can get Esmond D’cunha’s picture of sword honour winners ceremony. . It will be a great contribution. Do you know the current CO of the 1(SP)? I have written a book about Christian War heroes and martyrs. Currently, I am working on second edition of the book. If you know any notable Christian War hero which can be included in the next edition so please tell.I am also working on the translation of the book with the name “Christian Defenders of Pakistan”.

      Your’s sincerely,

      Azam Mairaj.

  140. Lt Gen Jamil Haider (R), 2nd SSC says:

    Dear Cheema,
    Afew corrections may be incorporated if deemed feasible:
    22 PMA- BSUO Sami was a Maj Gen comd an Inf Div when he died in the air crash of 1988.
    33 PMA-Cpl Riaz was commissioned in an Arty Regt.
    38 PMA-Sabih ud Din Bokhari retired as a Lt Gen.
    53 PMA-Firzok was commissioned in a Baluch Regt and not Arty Regt.
    58 PMA-Khadim is a retd Maj Gen.

    • Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa (6 OTS Course) says:

      Dear Gen Jamil,
      If I remember correctly, Maj Gen Sami had just taken over as VCGS when he died in the 1988 air crash. A thorough gentleman and a keen professional, he attended OWJTC-1 with me in 1962 at SI&T at Quetta.

      • Lt Gen (R) Jamil Haider says:

        Dear Sir, you are probably right. Hats off to your kind self and a wonderful memory.
        God bless you.

    • Dear Gen Jamil,
      Thanks for the input, it has been added in the post.
      However, the course mates and neighbours of Gen Sabih ud Din Bokhari (38 PMA) have confirmed that he retired as a Maj Gen.
      Being a Gunner yourself, can you do a favour to find out the parent unit of Cpl Riaz (33 PMA) and what was his rank at retirement?

      • Lt Gen (R) Jamil Haider says:

        Dear Cheema, if I’m not wrong Cpl Riaz retd as a Brig. I’ll try and find his parent unit ASP.

  141. SM Amir says:

    There was no passing out parade in Oct 1996 as 94 PMA Long Course was extended to 2 1/2 years.

  142. Asad Raza says:

    Sword of Honour winner from 52 PMA L/C Gen Taufiq Rafiq got commissioned in Engrs and did PhD in structural engineering from Stanford University USA.
    Sword of Honour winners of 64 PMA L/C and 66 PMA L/C both got in Engrs and are Brigs. Winners from 121 PMA L/C and 126 PMA L/C also went to Engrs.

  143. Lt Col (R) Zahid Iqbal , Arty/.CMI says:

    Aoa, Respected Sir, I am from 75th L/C and passed out on 12 Mar 1987. Our Sword of Honour was Late Maj Abrar Malik, 9 FF. He died of blood cancer when he was BM of an Inf Bde at Malir Cantt. May Allah SWT bless his soul. Ameen

  144. Lt Col (R) Amir Afzal Khan, Air Def (40 PMA L/C) says:

    Dear Cheema,
    I would like to congratulate you for your effort.
    With Regards,

  145. Syed Yahya says:

    BSUO Hassaan Ahmad Malik (125 PMA L/C) was commissioned in 6th Punjab Rgt.

  146. Gen (R) Mushtaq (34 PMA L/C) says:

    That is a great job you are doing . My course (34 PMA L/C) is well represented in your collection. Gen khurshid’s picture provided by Col Khalid Masood Malik is authentic as are the facts in the write up.
    Best wishes.

  147. Lt Col (R) Mian Liaquat Shah (40 PMA L/C) says:

    Truly wonderful effort. A few updates are submitted.
    Col Qayyum (6th PMA) was commissioned and posted to 11th Cavalry (FF). Mine is also 11 Cav and he was my 1st commanding officer.
    Maj Gen Khurshid Ali Khan (11th PMA) commanded 11th Cavalry (FF) during the 1971 Indo-Pak War and gave a brilliant account of leading the Regiment in combat. I can make this statement with some degree of accuracy as I was his war time Adjutant. After his retirement he served as our ambassador to Portugal and subsequently was appointed Governor of the erstwhile N.W.F.P. Province.
    Kindly update as appropriate.

    • Dear Col Liaquat Shah,
      Thanks for the valuable info. I have updated the Post.
      I attended FAC at Masroor Base Maripur Karachi in July 1974. You and my unit officer Capt (later Maj) Nasir Ali Isani (42 PMA) were the instructors. One F-86 also crashed when our course was taking shoots. A Pakistani instructor died in that crash.
      Thanks again for your input.
      Please read some articles about your friend Brig Zaka Ullah Bhangoo (Late) ex 38 PMA:
      TERROR In the Himalayas

  148. Lt Col (Retd) Tahir Anjum, Punjab (39th PMA Course) says:

    Not one of the BUT “The Best Blog ” on the Army. Tremendous effort put in.
    Sabi ud din Bokhari (38th PMA) was commissioned in the Engrs and Nadeem Ahmed Aziz (45th PMA) was commissioned in the Baluch Regiment

  149. Lt Col Naseer Kayani, 87 PMA L/C says:

    Rana Naeem Sword of Honour from 87 PMA L/C was commissioned in 8 FF. He is Lt Col not Col.

    • Dear Lt Col Naseer Kayani,
      Thanks for informing about the parent unit of Rana Naeem. It has been included in the Post.

  150. 83 PMA Long Course (16 March 1991): CSUO Mustafa Bilal Ahmed’s Passed Out Parade was on 17 March 1991.

    Capt Mustafa Bilal Ahmed left Army in 1996. He has settled in USA.

    How do we upload pics?

    • Dear Shahid,
      Thanks for the details, these have been added in the Post.
      The Passing Out Parade of 83 PMA L/C was held on 16 March 1991, but the Date of Commission is 17 March 1991. The Sword of honour was allotted on 16 March.
      You can’t upload any pic in this website. However, you may send the pics to the Editor at rashid.cheema11@gmail.com

    • Qaiser Abbas Khattak says:

      As per my authentic information Capt Mustafa Bilal had “OVERSTAYED LEAVE” and later on resigned from service.
      We all still love and respect him and he is still very close to our hearts.

  151. Maj Hyder Malik (79 PMA) says:

    Sir, Sword of Honour winner of 79 PMA Long Course, Asif Qadir Sheikh was murdered at Damn-e-Koh Islamabad as Captain.

    • This photo will not do. We are interested in the photo where Gen Sabih is receiving the Sword of Honour.

  152. Maj Asif Niazi (83 PMA L/C) says:

    Winners of Swords of honor of 76, 103 & 114 PMA joined 4 Punjab Regt.

  153. Ali Nadeem says:

    For 7 PMA Long Course.: Lt Gen (retd) Ahmad Shamim Khan. Was commissioned in 13 Punjab Regiment and retired in 1988 as Comd 5 Corps.

  154. Raja Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Assalam-o-Alikumk sir,
    Nice to find your Post, great job done. Wish and pray for well being of yours and others around you.

    Here are some details for your Post:
    Kamal Anwer (88 Long Course) was commissioned in 10 Baloch. Omer Naseem (89 Long Course) was commissioned in 5 Horse. Sajid Amin (90 Long Course) was commissioned in 47 Fd Regt Arty. Sheraz Khadim (94 Long Course) joined 9 Hy Regt Arty.

    ASUO Ahmed Raza Kazmi (110 Long course) joined 10 Med Regt Arty. BSUO Ahzam Khitab joined 14 FF (111 Long Course). I’ve been Pl Comd with both of these courses.

    Regards and Allah Hafiz.

  155. Brig (R) Shujah Khurazmi says:

    It’s simply the best efforts any one out of years has ever made. May Allah bless the Editor and his team with best of everything in life, Aameen! My heartiest congratulations and best regards!

  156. Wajid Rasul says:

    Sword of Honor 71st L/C – Maj Gen Muhammad Irshad. Commissioned in 12 Med Regt Arty.

  157. Muhammad Aamer Imtiaz says:

    It is a good effort.
    There was no Sword of Honour awarded for 5th PMA. There was threat of war in Kashmir hence the Course finished few months early. (My father was from 5th PMA)

    • Thanks for the details, the same have been added in the Post above. What is your father’s name?

      • Asad Raza (130 PMA L/C) says:

        PMA 5th was known as ‘Nehru Course ‘ among officers of PMA 4th L/C

        source: The Way it Was-Brig Zahir Alam Khan

  158. Maj (R) Jamil (55 PMA) says:

    It’s really a great effort!!!

  159. Lt Col (r) Zafar Junaid Usmani (53rd Long Course) says:

    Sir Cheema,
    It’s indeed a wonderful effort! After all your unique memory bank is working! A little amendment in the Passing out Parade date of 53rd PMA. It was 18th April instead of 17th.

    • Dear Col Usmani,
      Thanks for your appreciation. It has nothing to do with my memory, I’ve got the dates and names from a book published by PMA.

      The Passing Out Parade of 53rd PMA was held on 17 Apr 1976 but the date of Commission is always one day ahead ie 18 Apr. During your service you quote date of commission so many times and tend to forget the date of Passing Out Parade.

  160. 86th PMA Long Course ASUO Raza Aizad commissioned in 15th Baloch Regt.
    99th PMA Long Course BSUO Afzal Mehr commissioned in 4 FF Regt, later on join SSG.

    • Thanks for the info. It has been incorporated in the Post.
      Can you help in getting the pics of both these Sword of Honour winners?

  161. 80 PMA Long Course (07 Sep 1989): BSUO Muhammad Asim Malik was commissioned in 12 Baloch regiment. Regards.

  162. Brig (R) Ahmed Salim (34 Long Course) says:

    I wonder if you ever approached CORO and MS Branch for the missing details. Great job. Keep it up!!

    • Sir,
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      I have got some photos from a book “History of PMA”. I am also in contact with ISPR. Their website has only last 6 years photos. I will InshaAllah get all photos but it may take a long time.

  163. It is good effort but needs improvement, especially, in the cases of supreme sacrifice the citations must be read and reread, for example, Maj Shabbir Sharif Shaheed was a stellar performer from very start of his life as GC till end as field officer and the most highly decorated which must be made mention of, for the information of all and sundry, where ever the name is written. .

  164. Major (R) Zahoor Baig, 70th L/C, UK says:

    It’s a very good effort. Keep it up.

  165. Brig (R) Noor ud din Ahmed says:

    Excellent effort. Hope you will honour Cane winners also some day.

  166. Syed Zulfiqar Hussian says:

    Excellent effort!!

  167. Lt Col (R) Farooque Akhtar (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Cheema,
    Very nice effort.

  168. Azam Gill (2nd SSC), France says:

    Another worthy venture to add an additional laurel to your uncontested zeal and devotion.

    As Col Zafar Mustafa says, please do contact the official photographer. When you do that, please also ask him for photographs of non-Muslim cadets doing their oath-taking ceremony.

    For selfish reasons, I would love to have a copy of my own picture taking the oath on a silver-bound copy of the Holy Bible brought on a solid silver platter by the CSM. It all took place in a well-rehearsed silent drill. Whatever the case, hats off to you, ohé Cheeméà!

    • Dear Azam Gill,

      I am Azam Mairaj. I have written a book on Christian War heroes and martyrs including the heroic stories of Christian martyrs and official list of martyrs since 1947 till today. Currently I am working on the 2nd edition of the book “Sabz O Safaid Hilali Parcham Kay Muhafiz Wah Shudha”. If you know any Christian War hero or decorated Christian officer so please inform me. This will a great contribution for the generation of Pakistani Christians.
      And please send me your email id so I can send you the book’s title.

      Azam Mairaj.

      • Dear Azam Mairaj,
        Azam Gill is not likely to revisit this page unless he had checked the box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” while writing his comment.
        Any how, I have informed him to read your comment. As a policy of this website, I can’t disclose his email address without his permission.

      • Muhammad Ghias uddin Babar says:

        Dear Sir,

        What is the name of the first edition of the book?
        Is it available in Military Station Libraries?
        Thanking you and regards,

        • Dear Ghias,
          The book’s name is “The History of Pakistan Military Academy; 1948-2003” written by Brig Safdar Ali Shah and Brig Asif. It was published by PMA. It should be available in Military Station Libraries. Otherwise contact PMA.

          • Muhammad Ghias uddin Babar says:

            Dear Sir,
            Thank you for your quick response.
            I wanted to know about Azam Mairaj’s book “Christian War Heroes and Martyrs”, ie its exact name and availability.
            Requesting you for the needful please.
            With best wishes and regards,

  169. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa (6 OTS Course) says:

    You should start looking for pictures of all Sword of Honour winners starting with late Lt Gen Abbasi who passed out in Oct 1948 with the 2nd IMA/PMA Course. This course got one year’s training in PMA and passed out with the First Graduate Course. Best source would be ISPR’s Photo Section. You should try and cultivate the present Chief Photographer who would have photos of all Passing Out Parades in his Library. Other than this source, you could be up for monumental difficulties and might take you years to collect all the photos from 1948 to date.

    In any case, a commendable idea and knowing you, I am sure you will accomplish the task. Keep going!

    Editor’s Note: Lt Col Zafar Mustafa was my Coy Comd in PMA back in 1971-72.

  170. Lt Col Ansar Khas (2nd SSC), UK says:

    Cheema, I salute you for your efforts.

  171. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd), 2nd SSC says:

    Dear Cheema,
    This is a good segment which you have thought off. It will require lot of research work but it is worth it. Keep it up. Regards.

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