Sultan Bahu

Pic of Sultan BahuSultan Bahu, a sufi saint, was born in 1628 at Anga, Soon Valley, Sakesar (Now in District Khushab). He wrote more than forty books on Sufism, mostly in Persian. His Punjabi poetry has very popular appeal. His verses are sung in many genres of Sufi music, including qawwali and kafi. Tradition has established a unique style of singing his couplets. In most of Sultan Bahu’s poems, every other line mesmerizing ends with a ‘Hoo’.  Bahu poetry is marvelous.

Sultan Bahu died in 1691. His tomb is located in Garh Maharaja, Punjab. It was originally built on his grave. However, the tomb subsequently had to be moved twice when the Chenab River changed its course.

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“Kayyi Jaagan  Kayyi Jaag Na Jaanan Hoo”: Sultan Bahu

Sufi Kalam of Sultan Bahu: "Kayyi jaagan, kayyi Jaag na jaanan hoo" - Sultan Bahu Punjabi Poetry

Dil Darya Samunderon Doongay, Kone Dilan Deeyan Janay Hoo. Singer Iqbal Bahoo.

Alif Allah, Chambay Di Booti’-Sultan Bahu

Sufi Kalam of Sultan Bahu: Alif Allah, chambay dee booti, murshid mun wich lai hoo- Sultan Bahu Punjabi Poetry

Sufi Kalam (Poetry) of Sultan Bahu

‘Alif Allah, Chambay Di Booti-Coke StudioSingers: Arif  Lohar & Meesha Shafi. Produced by Rohail Hyatt.

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