Sufi Poetry/ Mystic Sufi Poetry

It is not possible to include all Sufi poets and their poetry (‘kalam‘) in this website. Only some famous verses/poems of a few legendary Sufi poets of Punjab and other parts of the world are given here.

Click at the name of any Sufi poet and read his mystic poetry (kalam):-

Baba Bulleh Shah 

Khawaja Ghulam Farid 

Mian Muhammad Baksh

Pir Nek Alam Cheema

Sultan Bahu 

Sani Ali Shah

Shah Hussain (alias “Madho Lal Hussain”)

Waris Shah

Quotes of Rumi (Jalal ud Din Rumi)



  1. For lovers of Persian poetry

    Shirin and Farhad

    This poetry tale of desperate love and self destruction reminds one of the Tristan stories centuries later in Europe

    The holy
    Sufi mystical poetry

    The Veil
    Sufi mystical poetry

    Sufi mystical poetry

    The Sufi’s Garden Bk-2
    Sufi mystical poetry

    The face of God
    Sufi mystical poetry

    Sufi mystical poetry

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    Dear brothers, Asslam o alykum,
    I need all books of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. Any one may share link here or mail me at

  3. Mughees Ahmad says:

    Assalaam u Alaikum, please add the poetry of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif also. Many thanks and regards.

  4. Dilshad Qamar says:

    This page is incomplete since you did not add here Mian Mohammad Bakhash Sahib

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