Siachin Dispute – 1984 to Date

– Pak Army Version (Chumik Operation)

– Siachen – The World´s Highest Battlefield

– Pakistan Military History  (A brief case study of Indo-Pak Wars)

Photos of Siachin

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  1. Professor Zaheer Shakeel Awan Ex Captain Army Engineers says:

    The Siachen Glacier is the highest battleground on earth,where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since April 13, 1984. Both countries maintain permanent military presence in the region at a height of over 6,000 metres (20,000 ft). More than 2000 people have died in this inhospitable terrain, mostly due to weather extremes and the natural hazards of mountain warfare. I Have Honor to Serve in Siachen Sector for 3 Years of My early stage Military Service. It was Really a Very Golden Time I had in Siachen Sector. Capt (R) Professor Zaheer Shakeel Awan

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