Sher Shah-4 Platoon

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Editor’s Note: Course mates whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake may write an instant comment at the end of this page. All names have been included as per the Group Photo of 22 July 1972.
You can see the photos of all those whose names are clickable.

Platoon Commander: Maj Tariq Bangash, ASC
Group Photo: SS-4 Group Photo, 22 July 1972.
Laiq Ali Khan, Engrs
Mussarat Ullah Khan, Baluch
Qaisar Rashid Shaikh, Baluch         (BSUO)
Muhammad Aslam, AC
Muhammad Akram, Arty
Abdullah Khan Niazi, Punjab (Late)
Muhammad Shah Ali, FF
Salah-ud-Din, Arty
Mehmood Azam
Shahid Hameed, Punjab/Sind
Javaid-ul-Hassan, Ord
Munir Aslam, Sigs
Syed Akhtar Zaheer, Air Def    (Lives in USA)
Muhammad Sadiq, ASC
Mushtaq Ahmed, Arty
Iqbal Hussain, Air Def/Sigs
Ejaz Butt
Khalid Khan
Khalid Mahmood, Arty
Mir Taqi
Suhail Anwer Malik, Engrs
Safdar Ali, Air Def
Zia Ghori
Muhammad Hassan Mirza, Baluch/Sind    (Late)
Muhammad Athar Khan, Arty
Shafquat Ullah Khan, Punjab
Mazhar                                              (Relegated/Withdrawn?)
Khalid Ajmi (Actual name Usman Ajmi)            (Withdrawn)
Asad Ullah Ghalib Kitchlew    (Late)     Withdrawn.
Aftab Mujtaba                                 Withdrawn.       

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  1. Maj Shahid Hameed, SSH-4 says:

    Qaisar, you ar talking about which Rafiq? Akhter Zaheer, Ajmi, Sadiq, Zulfiqar, Mushtaq, Khalid Rauf, Javaid ul Hassan, Ather Khan, Akram Mujtaba were also in SSH-4.

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

      Thanks Shahid! Names have been added. Please also tell their arms. Javaid-ul-Aassan is from Ord and Athar Khan is from Arty.

  2. Col Qaisar Rashid, SSH-4 says:

    Riaz Toor , Azam ,Mussarat Ullah , Rafiq , and Ijaz were also in SSH-4

    • Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

      Thanks Qaisar! Riaz Toor and Azam’s names are in SSH-5. Names of Mussarat Ullah, Rafiq and Ijaz have been added. Maj Shahid Hameed has doubt about Rafiq being in SSH-4.