Sher Shah-1

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Editor’s Note: Course mates whose names are not in this list or observe any spelling mistake may write an instant comment at the end of this page.
You can see the photos of all those whose names are clickable.

Platoon Commander: Maj Saeed-uz-Zafar, Arty
Group Photo: SSH-1 Group Photo, 22 July 1972.
Khalid Hassan, Arty                           (Coy JUO)
Ahmad Abbas, Punjab
Muhammad Ashraf Khan, Arty/AEC
Kamran Gul Abdullah, Engrs
Muhammad Bashir Khan Hiraj, Baluch/AK
Ali Muzaffar Zaidi, FF/Ord
Najib Salah Uddin, Punjab
Syed Haider, Punjab/Sind  (came from 1st SSC)
Naeem Khalid, Baluch          He recited talawat at our Passing Out.
Muhammad Gulzar Khan Malik, Arty
Muhammad Arshad Hussain Shah, Air Def    (Lives in USA)
Irfan Wali Khan, Baluch
Shahid Mahmood, Baluch   (Late)
Zafar Mahmood, Air Def
Sikandar Qadri, Arty        (Late)
Nabi Ahmed  (Is he Nabi Ahmed Bhutta?)
Muhammad Ejaz Baig, Punjab/Sind
Hifz ur Rehman, Arty? or Baluch?
Rehmat Ullah, Baluch
Mohammad Mumtaz, Arty
Saleem Iqbal, Baluch?
Shabbir Ahmed, Baluch (Now Sind) Punjab?
Farooq Nayar, Punjab
Mahmood Hussain Shah, Arty
Mohammad Akbar, Punjab (Now Sind)                                           (Lives in USA)
Murtaza Kamal Pasha, Punjab  (Late)
Hashim Raza Naqvi, Air Def  (Late)

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  1. Brig Tariq Saeed (SSH-2) says:

    AOA Cheema,
    Hifz ur Rehman was in Arty.

  2. Maj M Ejaz Baig (SSH-1) says:

    Nusrat Naeem or Khalid Hassan may be having group photo of SS1. If they do plz upload. Cheema has extracted some individual photos incl mine from that copy but has not been able to upload that group photo for unknown reasons. Anyone able to do is requested to act upon plz.
    Please make available Group Photo of platoon to be posted at above. Col Cheema is requested to do it if that photograph is made available.

    • Dear Ejaz Baig,
      The Group Photo of SSH-1 has been provided by Kamran Gul Abdullah and it has been posted in Course website. Its link is given above (Just below the name of Pl Comd).

  3. Brig Khalid Hassan (SS-1), USA says:

    I think name of Ejaz Hussain is missing who joined Engineers.

    May add a button combining different groups that you have briefly indicated in front of their names like ‘2nd SS in US’, ‘2nd SS in Canada’ etc. 2nd SS lawyers/doctors. Just an idea.

    May be a lengthy process but every officer may submit his profile and his present location and and his photograh that you may add as a link from his name.

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