Shauq Da Koi Mull Nahi

This page shows funny photos of different crazes of people irrespective of their ages. You will find an old man playing cricket, a great grandmother handling a laptop, cell phone craze of people of varying age, and much much more. Scroll down the page and see yourself.

Patient Laptop Buff. This great grandmother is seriously and patiently reading an article on a laptop. Or may be it is a pose for a funny picture?

Crazy about Cricket. The old man is really fond of playing cricket with a tennis ball. The seriousness on his depicts that it is not just a pose for a funny picture. He seems to be a genuine sportsman.

Laptop Addiction? While handling half a dozen laptops and nine cell phones, this guy has not forgotten to have a cup of tea. It will keep him fresh.

Fanatic IPhone User. This bride has not forgotten to read her text messages even on her wedding night.

Mad about Solitaire. She is so busy playing solitaire that a long queue has been formed at the window. She is still not pushed. This is definitely some government job. Nobody can dare indulge in such activities in private sector.

Cell Phone Maniac. This Malang can not afford two square meals in a day but the crazy fellow will have a puff and spend money on cell phone.

Mad about Cricket. These two tribal warriors are playing cricket and discussing some strategy right in the middle of the pitch.

Crazy Cell Phone Users. Ladies! give  it a break for at least five minutes.

Laptop, IPad, IPhone…What Next? What did his parents do in their childhood without all these gadgets? Must be busy in outdoor games and other healthy activities?

IPhone Buff. How can she concentrate on two things at one time?

Chessmen Vs Blocks

Night Hawk. The road is empty late at night to allow this Arab to lie anywhere. Why doesn’t he lie on the grass?

Billiard Champ. This old man will surely beat these young guys. He has got the experience.

Another ‘Shauqeen’. Another laptop crazy guy.

What a Shauq!!


Indigenous Zebra. If this man selling Challi (Corn) can’t afford to buy a zebra for his cart, he can at least paint stripes on his donkey to make it look like a zebra.

Girls Crazy about Cell Phones. These three cute girls are so crazy at this age, what will happen when they grow up?

Even in Bathroom. This laptop crazy guy does not want to waste even one minute without using his laptop. Or is he waiting for some important email?

Even This Infant!! Even this little kid finds this gadget pretty attractive.

 So What if He Can’t Afford a Laptop!! He has the ability to draw one.

Bowling Alley for the Poor. If they can’t afford to go to a Bowling Alley, they can at least play the game in their own way and enjoy it fully.

Clothes or No Clothes, Laptop is a Must. Just look at the eagerness on this little boy’s face. He  looks lika a future Bill Gates.

May be Talking to Her Children/Grandchildren on Skype! Sure, she is doing the same.

 Poor Kid’s Pink Panther. He is so proud of his little ‘Pink Panther’.

Crazy Surfers. A good pose. daughter is busy with the laptop while the mother is engrossed in reading her text messages on her cell phone.

Height of Secrecy. She probably does not want any one to see what she is doing on her laptop.

He Doesn’t Miss Morning Newspaper. So starved about the latest news?

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  1. Use these things but not crazy about these. Good and interesting.

  2. Dr. Khalid Saboor, Gujrat (Pakistan) says:

    Wow, love your collection…

  3. Simply superb,great collection.

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