Rawalpindi Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

Editor’s Note: People of Rawalpindi are very nice and friendly. This collection of jokes is not to offend any one, these are just simple jokes to make you smile. You may also read Lahori Jokes.

George Washington ki Ghalatti 

Jokes in Punjabi: George Washington ki Ghalatti - Jokes from Rawalpindi

Shohar ki Chalaakian

Jokes in Punjabi: Husband ki Chalaaki - Jokes from Rawalpindi

“Kahootay nee Bus”

Jokes in Punjabi: Kahootay nee Bus - Jokes from Rawalpindi

“Who is Deaf, Husband or Wife?”

Jokes in Punjabi: "Who is Deaf, husband or wife?" - Jokes from Rawalpindi

Marzi ki Shaadi

 "Marzi ki Shaadi" : Jokes from Rawalpindi


Carrying a Fan on Motorcycle 

 Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : Two men carrying a fan on motorcycle - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

A Brainless Husband who would never buy a Car 

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : A Brainless husband who would never buy a car - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

Teacher (to Student); “How many continents are in the World?” 

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : Teacher (to Student); "How many continents are in the World?" - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

A Man asks Rickshaw Driver to charge Rs. 20 for Mareer Chowk 

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : A man asks Rickshaw driver to charge Rs. 20 for Mareer Chowk - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

Effectiveness of Multani Mitti Mask 

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : A Beautician asks a man about the Multani Mitti mask advised to his wife - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

Very Tall Husband Very Short Wife

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : A very tall man from Gujar Khan marries a very short woman - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

A Man Climbs Up a Mango Tree in Ayub Park 

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : A man climbs a mango tree in Ayub Park and eats 'Amrood' - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

Dialogue Between a Lahori and a Pindiwal 

Rawalpindi Punjabi Jokes : Dialogue between a Lahori and a Pindi wal - Funny Jokes from Rawalpindi

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  1. Moosa Kazmi says:

    I want Karachi v Lahore jokes.

  2. There are many language mistakes as more in punjabi than Pothohari. Plz present the language properly. Thank you.

  3. Ali Kayanee says:

    Its nice effort, but I do not think any one of these jokes reflect Potohari culture in true sense, as these can be attributed to any region in Pakistan. I know its a difficult task not only to collect but post them. Good try.

  4. Mary Gilbert (Nee Punchard) says:

    Please give the English translation of these jokes.

  5. These jokes are not impressive.

    • Dear Mr. Arshad,
      This page is under construction and only a few jokes have been added. I agree that some of these jokes are stale. Actually its easy to find Lahori Jokes than Pindi Jokes. With the passage of time more jokes will be added.
      You are also welcome to share jokes for this segment.
      Stay happy and blessed.

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