Rare Photos of Pakistan

1981: Hijacked Plane of PIA. This photo shows Salam Ullah Tipu, hanging out from the cockpit of a PIA plane that he had hijacked with three other colleagues in 1981. The plane was going from Karachi to Peshawar. Tipu, a leftist student leader from Karachi, had joined Murtaza Bhutto’s Al-Zulfikar Organisation (AZO) to instigate an urban guerrilla war against the Zia-ul-Haq dictatorship. The plane was hijacked from Karachi, flown to Kabul and then to Damascus (Syria). The hijackers released the passengers after the Zia regime agreed to release 54 political prisoners from jails. In 1984, Tipu was executed by the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul after he’d fallen out with Murtaza Bhutto, while the other hijackers traveled to Libya.

Old Pictures of Pakistan: PIA plane hijacked by Salam Ullah Tipu and three accomplices, 1981 - Old Photos of Pakistan

1981: Another Photo of Hijacked PIA Plane. Salamullah Tipu gestures with a scorpion .32 Russian made sub machine gun in hand from the cockpit hijacked PIA plane in 1981.

Old Pictures of Pakistan: Salamullah Tipu gestures with Scorpion SMG - Old Photos of Pakistan

February 2, 1971: Blown Up Indian Airlines Plane, “Ganga”, at Lahore Airport. This Indian Airlines Fokker Friendship F-27 plane, which took off from Srinagar for Jammu on January 30, 1971, was hijacked and brought to Lahore by two young Kashmiri cousins, Hashim Qureshi and Ashraf Qureshi. The official Pakistani story has been that the Ganga hijacking was planned by Indian intelligence to be used as an excuse to ban Pakistani aircraft flying over India in order to keep East Pakistan’s beleaguered garrison from being supplied. After releasing the crew members and passengers, the aircraft was blown up on Feb 2, 1971. Read following articles for more details of the episode:-The Truth about the Ganga Hijacking, by Khalid Hasan and Remembering the 1971 Ganga Episode

Old Pictures of Pakistan: Wreckage of Indian Airlines F-27 Fokker Friendship aircraft, 'Ganga', at Lahore Airport, February 2, 1971

February 1971: Wreckage of “Ganga”, at Lahore Airport

Old Pictures of Pakistan: Wreckage of Indian Airlines plane, 'Ganga', at Lahore Airport, February 2, 1971

Night 13/14 August 1947. First Announcement on Lahore Radio Station. The renowned journalist Khalid Hasan after extensive research claims that the first announcement on Pakistan’s birth came in English from the Lahore Radio station by Zahur Azar exactly five seconds before midnight on August 13 (at 23 hours 59 minutes and 55 seconds). He said in his polished voice, “the independent and sovereign State of Pakistan will come into existence.”
The English announcement was followed by twelve chimes of the studio clock. There was a dramatic pause and then Azar came on the air again: “This is Pakistan Broadcasting Service, Lahore. We now bring you a special programme on the dawn of Pakistan’s Independence.”
The third announcement came from Mustafa Ali Hamdani in Urdu. He said: “ Assalam-au-Alaikum. Yeh Pakistan Broadcasting Service, Lahore, hai. Abb aap hamara khusoosi programme sunye. ” (This is the Pakistan Broadcasting Service, Lahore. Please stand by for our special programme).
Khalid Hasan says that there is a misconception that Mustafa Hamdani made the first announcement. Read following articles to clear this doubt: Zahur Azar and the First Broadcast, by Khalid Hasan, For Zahur Azar’s Eyes, by Khalid Hasan, Zahur Azar and Freedom at Midnight, by Khalid Hasan.
It seems that this is some later days photo of Hamdani because he is wearing a sweater. In those days the radio station was not air conditioned.

Old Pictures of Pakistan: Mustafa Ali Hamdani who made Urdu announcement on Lahore Radio Station on 13/14 August 1947

13/14 Aug 1947: Announcement by Mustafa Ali Hamdani on Lahore Radio Station. After watching this very brief video, the readers can make their own research to find who was the first announcer on the eve of Independence of Pakistan.

Lahore – 1912: Allama Iqbal Reciting a Poem. This is the only known photograph of Allama Iqbal (enlarged in the inset, but also visible in the main picture) reciting a poem in Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. He recited his landmark Urdu poem ‘Huzoor-e-Risalatmaab Mien’ (حضورِ رسالتمآب میں) during a fundraiser for the freedom-fighters of Libya. The mosque is packed to its capacity, which confirms the eye-witness reports that Iqbal’s poems usually drew an audience of more than 20,000 people.

Old Pictures of Pakistan: Allama Iqbal reciting his landmark poem, 'Huzoor-e-Risalatmaab Mien', at Badshahi Masjid Lahore in 1912

1858: Bahadur Shah Zafar. Photo of Mughal Emperor of India Bahadur Shah Zafar just after his show trial before his departure for exile to Rangoon, Burma in 1858.

Old Pictures of Pakistan: Rare Photo of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar before exile to Rangoon (Burma), 1858

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