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Image of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi : Black and white Picture of Sheikh SaadiBrief History: Abu Muhammad Muslih al-Din bin Abdallah Shirazi, better known by his pen-name ‘Saadi’, was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1210.
He is one of the famous Persian poets. He has also been quoted in western sources. He is recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts. His main interests were in Poetry, Mysticism, Logic, Ethics and Sufism.
His best known works are Bostan (The Orchard) completed in 1257 and Gulistan (The Rose Garden) in 1258. Bostan is entirely in verse (epic metre) and consists of stories aptly illustrating the standard virtues recommended to Muslims (justice, liberality, modesty, contentment) as well as of reflections on the behaviour of dervishes and their ecstatic practices. Gulistan is mainly in prose and contains stories and personal anecdotes. The text is interspersed with a variety of short poems, containing aphorisms, advice, and humorous reflections.
He died in 1291 or 1292 in Shiraz, Iran.

Leave the One who Hurts You, But Don’t Hurt in Turn

Sheikh Saadi Urdu Quotes and Sayings: "Leave the one who hurts you, but don't hurt back in turn"

Sheikh Saadi’s Tomb in Sheraz, Iran. Photo by Omid Hatami.

Shrine of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi in Sheraz, Iran: Image of Tomb of Sheikh Saadi

If You Can’t Worship, Don’t Comit Sin Either

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "If you can't worship Allah, then stop committing sins" - Shaykh Saadi Quotes

United Sparrows Can Remove the Skin of a Lion – Sheikh Saadi

Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - If sparrows get united, they can remove the skin of a lion

Search Rizq During Day and Search the Rizq Provider During Night 

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "One should search for Rizq during day and search the Rizq Provider during night"

A Pious Woman

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi - A Pious Woman in a beggar's house, makes him a king - Best Quotes of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi

Sheikh Saadi Quote: It is Better to Lose a Fiend who Sits with Your Enemies

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "It is better to get rid of a friend who sits with your enemies"

Sheikh Saadi about  Ungratefulness of Allah’s Blessings 

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "The teeth have broken by consuming Allah's blessings but the tongue is still ungrateful to Him"

Who Can Give Advice to Kings? 

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "To give advice to kings, one has to be unafraid of death and disinterested in wealth"

 It’s Strange that Allah Doesn’t Forget Me – Sheikh Saadi

 Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - It's strange that Allah doesn't forget me but I forget Allah

Sheikh Saadi’s Quote: A Fool is Like a Drum, Loud but Empty from Insid

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - A fool is like a Drum, loud but empty from inside

Saadi abourt Learning Manners in Childhood

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - Who doesn't learn manners in childhood, can't, learn even when grows up

Saadi about Teaching Manners to Your Children

Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - Saadi about teaching good manners to your children

Learn Tawakal (Content) from Birds  -Sheikh Saadi

Best Sayings of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi in Urdu ; Learn Tawakal (Content) from Birds

Sheikh Saadi about Shortage and Abundance of Rizq

Sayings of Saadi in Urdu - Shortage and abundance of Rizq, both lead to the sin

Sheikh Saadi: Teaching an Incompetent Person

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "Teaching an incompetent person is just like putting a walnut on a dome"

Sheikh Saadi about Making Someone Happy

Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - Making Some One Happy with a kind act is better than thousand sajda (head-bowings) in prayer

Your Objective Should be the Sky but don’t forget that Feet are Always on the Ground

Sheikh Saadi Sayings in Urdu: "Your objective should be the sky but remember that feet are always on the ground"

Keeping Your Secret – Sheikh Saadi

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi  in Urdu : Silence is better than telling Your Secret to someone and then ask him not to tell it to anyone

Always be Careful of your Enemy and Avoid Your Friend when He Starts Praising You – Sheikh Saadi 

Sayings of Saadi in Urdu - Avoid your friend when he starts praising you

Sheikh Saadi’s Quote: The Real Friend Helps in the Time of Need

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi in Urdu - The real friend helps in the time of need and worry


The Wise Sees His Fault But Fool’s Fault is Seen by the World 

Sayings of Saadi in Urdu- The wise sees his fault himself but a fool's fault is seen by the entire world

Sheikh Saadi about Illiterate and Illogical Person

Sayings of Saadi in Urdu - Saadi About illiterate and illogical person

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