Quotes about Mother in Urdu

Quotes About Mother: A mother is the biological female parent of a child. She has a very important role in upbringing and raising of her children. A mother’s lap is a learning place where a child picks up many things before going to the school. Mothers are held in very high esteem in Islam. There are many verses in the Qur’an and hadith that emphasize the importance of mothers and the respect that should be given to them. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has always commanded the Muslims to accord due respect their mothers. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother” (Ahmad, Nasai).

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The Fear of an Old Mother

Urdu Quotes for Mothers - The Fear of an Old Mother - Quotes About Mother in Urdu

The Fear of an Old Mother

‘Jiss ki Maa nahi, uss ki kaya EID, Sahib!’

Urdu Quotes about Mother :'Jiss ki Maa nahi, uss ki kaya EID, Sahib' - Mother Quotes Urdu

Why all Mothers ‘like’ left over food? Every mother wants to give fresh food to her children.

Quotes About Mother in Urdu : Why all Mothers 'like' left over food? - Quotes on Mother

Quotes About Mother in Urdu: “Mein nay Maa Likh Diya”. The word MOTHER encompasses the whole World.

Quotes About Mother in Urdu : "Mein nay Maa likh diya" - Quotes for Mothers

Quotes About Mother in Urdu: Mother is a ‘Takhti’ (Kind of Slate) of LOVE. Mother is a ‘slate’ on which only LOVE is written by her.

Urdu Quotes about Mother : Mother is a 'Takhti' of LOVE - Mother Sayings

Maa ki Kammi. No other person, not even a father, can fill the vacuum created by the death of one’s mother. 

Urdu Quotes about Mother : "Maa ki Kammi" - Mother Quotes in Urdu

Mother; the Best Gift of Allah to the Mankind

Quotes about Mother in Urdu: "Mother, the best Gift of Allah" - Quotes on Mother

Maa Tabb Bhi Roti Thi, Maa Aaj Bhi Roti Hai 

Urdu Quotes about Mother : Maa aaj bhi roti hai - Mother Quotes Urdu

Quotes About Mother in Urdu : The Wealthiest Person in the World. The one whose mother is alive, should be considered as the wealthiest person in this world.

Quotes About Mother in Urdu : Who is the wealthiest person in the world? - Mother Quotes & Sayings

Quotes About Mother in Urdu: True Love; Only Mother asked about his Food. Every one in the family was asking about the financial aspects, while the mother was the only person who was concerned about the food of her son.

Quotes & Sayings about Mother : Only Mother asked about his food - Quotes About Mother in Urdu

Quotes About Mother in Urdu; Love Your Mother. After seeing the anguish of a mother (Hazrat Hajira) for her thirsty child (Hazrat Ismael), Allah has made the Sa’ee (walking between Safa and Marwah) an integral part of the Hajj.

Mother Quotes Urdu: Safa Marwa during Hajj depict anguish of a mother - Quotes About Mother in Urdu

A Prayer for all Mothers 

Urdu Quotes about Mother : A Prayer for all Mothers- Mother Sayings & Quotations

Maa tou Maa hai Naa. A mother though punishes a child for the mischief but she also feels the pinch.

Quotes About Mother in Urdu : Maa tou Maa hai naa - Sayings and Quotes for Mother

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  1. Mazdar Hossain says:

    maa wahid shakhs hai jinki mutabadil koi aur nehi ho sekta. allah maa ko dojahan me khosh rakhen ameen

  2. ALLAH Pak! Humaray parents ko lambii umer ataa kernaa aur hamesha khush rakhna.
    Love you, Mama & Papa.

  3. Hua hai tujh say bichernay kay baad yeh maalum,
    Kay tu nahi thi teray saath ek duniya thi.( maa )

  4. Shaikh Rumisa Nawaz says:

    Allah Pak tamaam waldain ko salamat rakhay aur auladoun ko unkay ahtaram ki hidayat day, Aameen summ Aameen!!

  5. Shumaila Mumtaz says:

    Excellent collection of Quotes about Mother. You have done a good job!!

  6. Good! I love it!!
    We should always respect our Mothers!

  7. Aboobaker Ismail says:

    Mei jab tak aya naheen, Maa soyee naheen
    Aur ab jaldi bhi aata hoon tou Maa naheen
    Aye Khuda yeh tounay kya kiya?
    Tou jantaa hai Maa naheen tou mujhay chaine nahee
    Ab raat der tak kis say baten karoon?
    Gar Maa naheen tou aisa koi bhi tou naheen
    Bol Khuda, “Aye nadaan! Maa hi say tou meri Jannat saji hai
    Tou rahay hoshayae ab, teray liye Dua karnay wali naheen
    Tou jo itni pareshani dikhata hai
    Souch kiya tounay apna haq adda kiya ya naheen
    Apnay gunahon pay nazar daal, baksshish ki fikar kar
    Maa ki aik pukarsay samajh meri rehmat bhi meray bus mein naheen
    Teri naadaani pay aye naadaan hassi aati hai
    Maa meri unmole takhleeq hai, kiya tujhay yeh bhi khabar naheen?”
    شيربانؤ اؤر
    أبوبكر إسماعيل

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