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It is not possible to add work of all Punjabi poets in this website. Only some noted verses/poems of a few renowned poets are given here. An effort has been made to include their poetry written in Punjabi script because it is quite cumbersome to read Punjabi poetry in English script. As and when more poetry is available in Punjabi script, that will  Insha Allah be added here.

‘Kujh Unjj Vee Rahwaan Okhiyan Sun’ – Munir Niazi

Poem of Munir Niazi : Honee day Heelay; 'Kujh unjj vee rahwaan Okhiyan sun' - Punjabi Poetry of Munir Niazi

“Ajj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu” – by Amrita PritamThis poem is by the famous Punjabi poet Amrita Pritam written in the backdrop of Partition of India in 1947 and the bloodshed which followed. Read the complete poem………

Punjabi Poem: "Ajj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu" by Amrita Pritam

 ‘O Vee Khoob Deharay Sun’ by Munno Bhai

Poem of Munno Bhai : 'O Vee Khoob deharya sun' - Best Punjabi Poetry of Munno Bhai

Changa Ki Ki Aye

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  1. Shayar Deepak says:

    I need a list of all Pakistani Punjabi poets and Punjabi poetry books. Some one to please help me.

  2. Virender Bajaj says:

    Roman mei hota tou achcha thaa, bahut loge parh saktay.

  3. Arshad Iqbal says:

    Too good. Keep it up. Please add some more poetry.

  4. Mohammad Tajammal Khan says:

    I miss my Mammo, Munir Niazi. ALLAH PAAK un ko Jannat ul Firdous mein aala muqaam atta farmaye, Aameen.

  5. Sajjad Warraich says:

    Excellent, Please add some poetry from Baba Bulleh Shah.

  6. Too good. Can you put Heer Waris Shah on this site?

  7. Excellent site; you are doing a great job; keep it up
    Please see some Punjabi Poetry here;


  8. Brig Khalid Hassan, USA says:

    I listen to some nice funny Punjabi poetry of my neighbor in Islamabad, Anwar Masood. It is simply amazing. His poetry is funny also but has a depth in it. Munir Niazi is of course good. Thanks.

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