Funny Poetry (Punjabi)

Funny Poetry Punjabi.

Humour provides enjoyment, entertainment and sparks laughter and provides amusement to people of all ages. Humour breaks the boredom and monotony and makes the audience laugh. Humorous Punjabi poetry is very popular and tremendously liked by the people of Punjab in Pakistan and India. This post has a collection of some very funny poetry in Punjabi. Enjoy it.

Saray Pagal Agay Pichay 

Funny Punjabi Poem: Saaray Paggal aggay pichay - Funny Poetry Punjabi

Punjabi Version of Baby, Baby, Yes Mamma

Punjabi Funny Poem: Punjabi version of Baby, Baby, yes Mamma - Funny Poetry Punjabi

‘Lahore Lahore Aye’

Funny Poem in Punjabi: Lahore Lahore Aye - Funny Poetry Punjabi

‘Tera Mera Jore Vee Ki’. Funny Poetry Punjabi.

Funny Punjabi Poem: Tera mera jore vee ki - Funny Poetry Punjabi

Imam Din Gujrati: “Tou jaldi say douzakh mein warr Maam Dina. Funny Poetry Punjabi.

Imam Din Gujrati Punjabi Poem: "Tou jaldi say douzakh mein warr Maam Dina" - Funny Poetry Punjabi

Funny Poetry Punjabi: ‘Khadim-e-Alla by Dr. Sidhu’

Funny Punjabi Poem: Khadim-e-Alla by Dr. Sidhu - Funny Poetry Punjabi

Kutti Rall Gai Choraan Naal. Punjabi funny poem. Funny Poetry Punjabi.

‘Kikli Kaleer Dee’It is a parody of the following very popular folk song of Punjabi:-
Kikli kaleer dee,
Pugg meray veer dee.
Dupatta meray bhai da,
Fittay moonh jawaai da.

Note: ‘Kikli’ is a fun activity for girls in Punjab, they hold hands of each other and swing around in circles while loudly singing the above folk song.

Funny Poetry Punjabi - Kikli Kaleer Di - Punjabi Funny Poetry

‘Jhelum Da Pul’ by Anwer Masood. Before the construction of a separate bridge for vehicular traffic over Jhelum River, the old one-way bridge was used. Traffic had to wait for a long time to give way to the vehicles coming from the opposite side. In this humorous poem, Anwer Masood depicts that while a bus is waiting for its turn near the bridge, three different vendors (Surmay-wala, Manjan-wala and Jantri-wala) come in turn and try to sell their products to the passengers. It is an extremely funny poem in Punjabi.

Funny Poetry Punjabi: ‘Kaddi Tay Paikay Jaa Nee Begum’

Funny Pakistani Punjabi Poetry : Kaddi tay paikay jaa nee Begum - Funny Poetry Punjabi

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Punjabi Funny Poetry 

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