Funny Poetry (Punjabi)

Saray Pagal Agay Pichay 

Funny Punjabi Poem: Saaray Paggal aggay pichay - Funny Punjabi Poetry

Punjabi Version of Baby, Baby, Yes Mamma

Funny Punjabi Poem: Punjabi version of Baby, Baby, yes Mamma - Funny Punjabi Poetry

Lahore Lahore Aye

Funny Punjabi Poem: Lahore Lahore Aye - Best Funny Punjabi Poetry

Tera Mera Jore Vee Ki 

Funny Punjabi Poem: Tera mera jore vee ki - Funny Punjabi Poetry

Imam Din Gujrati: “Tou jaldi say douzakh mein warr Maam Dina” 

Imam Din Gujrati Funny Punjabi Poem: "Tou jaldi say douzakh mein warr Maam Dina" - Funny Punjabi Poetry of Imam Din Gujrati

Khadim-e-Alla by Dr. Sidhu

Funny Punjabi Poem: Khadim-e-Alla by Dr. Sidhu - Funny Punjabi Poetry

Kutti Rall Gai Choraan Naal. Punjabi funny poem.

 Kikli Kaleer Dee

‘Jehlum Da Pul’ by Anwer Masood. Before the construction of a separate bridge for vehicular traffic over Jhelum River, the old one-way bridge was used. Traffic had to wait for a long time to give way to the vehicles coming from the opposite side. In this humorous poem, Anwer Masood depicts that while a bus is waiting for its turn near the bridge, three different vendors (Surmay-wala, Manjan-wala and Jantri-wala) come in turn and try to sell their products to the passengers. It is an extremely funny poem in Punjabi.

Kaddi Tay Paikay Jaa Nee Begum

Funny Pakistani Punjabi Poetry : Kaddi tay paikay jaa nee Begum

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