Pre Election Funny Posters: Pakistan Elections 2013

Wake Up Silent Majority, Cast Your Vote

 Wake up silent majority, cast your vote: Pakistan Elections 2013

Appeal to Masses to Cast Their Vote Wisely

Funny Pre Election Urdu Posters, Signboards and Notices: This time Give vote to some Insaan ka bacha -  Pakistan Elections 2013

Get Rid of the System Responsible for Bribe for Hajj and Dearness in Ramzan

Funny Pre Election Posters: Get rid of the cruel system which asks bribe for Hajj and creates dearness in Ramzan - Pakistan Elections 2013

Poem: “Parinday Woh Hee Hongay, Bus Shikari Jaal Badlain Gay“. It exactly happened what was predicted by the poet.

Funny Pre Election Poem: "Parinday woh hee hongay, bus shikari jaal badlain gay" - Pakistan Elections 2013

Rally against Lotas (Turncoats). ‘Mujhey toilet mein rehnay do, Parliament ki zeenat na banao’.

Rally against Lotas (Turncoats): Mujhey Toilet Mein Rehnay Do, Parliament Ki Zeenat Na banao.

Elections 2013: Love is Conditional to Casting Vote for PTI

 Writing on a currency note, if you Love me cast to PTI: Pakistan Elections 2013

Funny Sign on a Rickshaw: Your Vote Can Reduce the Fare. Do Cast Your Vote on 11 May

Funny Pre Election Sign on a Rickshaw : "Your vote can reduce the fare. Do cast your vote on 11 May" - Pakistan Elections 2013

Funny Banner: “AC Mein Baithay Zalim Hukmarano”

Funny Pre Election Banners: A banner in a street "AC mein Baithay Zalim Hukmarano" - Pakistan Elections 2013

Horn Aahista Bajain, Qaum So Rahi Hai”. A woman is holding a placard to motivate the nation to wake up.

Funny Pre Election Posters and Placards: A woman holding a placard "Horn aahista bajain, Qaum so rahi hai" - Pakistan Elections 2013

A Banner in a Street Proclaiming That We Are Slaves of America. The Government always toed the American line. The residents of this area were so much fed up of government’s policy that they chose to display this banner to condemn it.

Funny Pre Election Posters and Banners: A banner in a street proclaiming that we are slaves of America - Pakistan Elections 2013

Welcome to Laawaris Gali (Street)

Funny Pre Election Posters and Banners: "Welcome to Laawaris Gali (Street)" - Pakistan Elections 2013

An Old Man with a Banner Against Political Parties

Funny Pre Election Posters: An old man with a banner against Muslim League and Peoples Party - Pakistan Elections 2013

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