Post Election Funny Posters: Pakistan Elections 2013

Editor’s Note: Everyone, irrespective of his affiliation with any political party, can share a joke/cartoon/funny poster in this page. The joke/cartoon, etc should not contain any abusive language or any photo in bad taste. For example, see the second poster on this page titled “New Name for MQM”. Everyone knows what kind of pictures were displayed with this message in social media. The Admin has just changed that photo and gave it a new shape.
One may also observe that most of the cartoons are against PML (N), MQM and PPP. It is because the fans of other parties have chosen  to send the material. Everyone else is also welcome here.

21 Gun Salute

Funny Pakistan Election 2013 Jokes: Ones having Election song about Lion, deserve 21 Gun salute

Budget 2013-14 Mirasi Joke 

Budget 2013-14 Mirasi Joke about no money - Funny Pakistan Elections 2013 Jokes

When Will the Load Shedding End?

The cat asks the dog, "When will the load shedding end?" - Funny Pakistan Elections 2013 Jokes


WAPDA Appeals to Married Couples 

WAPDA appeals to married couples: Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

“Phoonkon Say Yeh Charagh Bujhaya Na Jaye Ga”

"Phoonkon say yeh charagh bujhaya na jaye ga.": Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

What a Quick Change!!!! 

"What a Quick Change!" Lassi (Buttermilk) available in packets : Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

Niswar Khan Threatened

Niswar Khan Threatened when he announced 500 packets of Niswar for arrest of Altaf Hussain: Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

Sharif Brothers ‘Wise’ Plan to Eradicate Poverty 

Sharif brothers 'wise' plan to eradicate poverty from Pakistan: Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

Young Generation of KPK tops “Pakistan Studies” Paper

Young Generation of KPK tops "Pakistan Studies" Paper: Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

Lollywood Version of “Love Aaj Kal” 

Lollywood version of "Love Aaj Kal" between Zardari and Nawaz: Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

Bijli Capsule: Instant Relief for Pakistani Voters

Bijli (Electricity) Capsule instant relief for Pakistani Voters: Funny Pakistan Elections 2013

Musical Chairs in Pakistani Politics

Musical Chairs in Pakistani Politics: Pakistan Elections 2013

The Problem With Political Jokes

The problem with political jokes is they get elected: Pakistan Elections 2013

Funny Elections: Is Joseph Stalin Talking about Russia or Pakistan Elections- 2013?

Funny Elections: Is Joseph Stalin talking about Russia or Pakistan Elections? : Pakistan Elections 2013

Protest at D-Chowk, Islamabad on 24 May 2013 Against Rigging in Elections 2013 

Protest at D-Chowk Islamabad against rigging 24 May: Pakistan Elections 2013

End of Protocol Culture in KPK: Will Other Provinces Follow?

 End of Protocol Culture in KPK by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: Pakistan Elections 2013

New Abbreviation of PPP

Funny new Abbreviation of PP : Pakistan Elections 2013

Nawaz Sahrif, Now it is Your Turn to Rule Pakistan. What a Musical Chair!!!!

Zardari hands over a ruined Pakistan to Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan Elections 2013

New Name for MQM: ‘Mustaqqil Qaumi Museebat’

New name for MQM; Mustaqqil Qaumi Museebat: Pakistan Elections 2013

Elections 2013: Wiki Leaks about Condition of Sharif Brothers on 12 May 2013

Wiki Leaks, Nawaz Sahrif refuses to become Prime Minister: Pakistan Elections 2013

Pakistan Elections 2013: The Brave Lion of PML(N)

The "Brave" Lion of PML(N): Pakistan Elections 2013

Hurry Up, Nawaz Sharif! Take Oath Immediately

Hurry Up Nawaz Sharif, Take Oath Immediately: Pakistan Elections 2013

Both Love and Election Commission of Pakistan Are Blind

Pakistan Elections 2013: Both Love and Election Commission are Blind

Newly Elected Politicians are Ready for the Bandar Baant of Pakistan 

Newly elected Politiciansc are ready for the Bandar Baant: Pakistan Elections 2013

Elections 2013 : Wake up call for ECP

Ballot papers scattered on the road, Wake up ECP: Pakistan Elections 2013

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire 

Out of the frying pan into the fire, Poor Masses: Pakistan Elections 2013

One Has to be Educated or Pathan to Change Pakistan. This Poster is a tribute to the people of KPK who voted in Imran Khan for a change.

One has to be educated or Pathan to Change Pakistan: Elections 2013

Elections 2013:  Where is ‘New’ Pakistan? 

America gave Old Pakistan on 5 years lease: Pakistan Elections 2013

If Election Commission Checks Thumb Impressions in Punjab???

Funny Election Posters: Checking of Thumb Impressions in Punjab

Civilized Silent Protest Against Rigging in Elections 2013

Funny Post Election Posters: Civilized Silent protest against Rigging in Elections 2013 - Pakistan Elections 2013

Elections 2013: Thapay Ee Thapay (Riggng)

Funny Post Election Posters: Thapay Ee Thapay (Riggng) - Pakistan Elections 2013

A Tragic Short Story: Punjabi Voted for PML (N)

Funny Post Election Posters: A Tragic Short Story, Once there was a Punjabi and a Pathan. Punjabi Voted for PML (N) - Pakistan Elections 2013

Zardari Takes All Credit of Winning of Nawaz Sharif 

Funny Post Election Posters:  Zardari takes all credit of winning of Nawaz Sharif - Pakistan Elections 2013

Vision of Imran Khan: Peshawar in 2018 with High Rise Buildings 

Funny Post Election Posters: Vision of Imran Khan, Peshawar in 2018 with high rise buildings - Pakistan Elections 2013

Vision of Nawaz Sharif: Nawaz Sahrif’s Idea of a Bullet Train 

Funny Post Election Posters: Nawaz Sahrif's idea of a bullet Train - Pakistan Elections 2013

Vision of PPP:  Zardari Wants to Sell Old Pakistan

Funny Post Election Posters:  Zardari Sells old Pakistan - Pakistan Elections 2013

Vision of MQM: What is the Use of My Being Educated? My Vote Was Cast by MQM

Funny Post Election Posters: What is the use of my being educated? My vote was cast by MQM - Pakistan Elections 2013

Elections 2013 : ECP! Where is My Vote?

Protesting masses ask, "ECP where is my vote?": Pakistan Elections 2013

Vision of PML (Q): Roti Shoti Kha Kay Jaana 

Funny Post Election Posters:  PML (Q) Roti shoti kha kay jaana - Pakistan Elections 2013

Who Said Elections Were Rigged in Karachi? An apt cartoon.

Funny Post Election Posters: Who said Elections were rigged in Karachi? a good cartoon - Pakistan Elections 2013

I Am a Proud Punjabi But PML(N) Does Not Represent Me 

Funny Post Election Posters: I am a Proud Punjabi but PML(N) does not represent me - Pakistan Elections 2013

Zardari Sees General Zia-ul-Haq in His Dream after Elections 

Funny Post Election Posters: Zardari sees General Zia-ul-Haq in his dream after Elections - Pakistan Elections 2013

Message from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We show them the door if they do not perform.

Funny Post Election Posters: Message from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, "We show them the door if they do not perform" - Pakistan Elections 2013

PML (N) aboutElection Rigging in Sidhh

Funny Posters: Rigging in Sidhh, Liaqat Jatoi - Pakistan Elections 2013

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  1. Farrukh says:

    Good, Very entertaining to see and read.

  2. Very much entertaining . . . . .keep it up!!

  3. Muhammad Afzal Faroqi says:

    Very good, brother!!

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  5. Sirajuddin Ahmed (17 PMA), from USA says:

    Great job and pretty funny. Sad to see the country going to dogs with rampant corruption. Election 2013 was just a joke where rigging was of the highest order.
    Billions of rupees was spent on conducting of elections and all this money could have been used for education and health. Probably Chief justice of Pakistan could have selected a much better government for Pakistan than the future corrupt government of Nawaz Sharif. Pakistanis, enjoy another five years of misery of load shedding, etc, for the wrong choice you made.

  6. Lt Col Tahir Pervaiz Dar says:

    Good compilation on Election. Bravo Sir, You are doing good for the times to come.

  7. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    You must have spent long hours putting together all these posters. Captions are witty and appropriate. Well done.
    Like my father I had never participated in voting. However, my general impression of elections in Pakistan was that polls are rigged and results manipulated. I and my wife were impressed by the call for change and decided to vote for PTI during the recent elections. What we saw and heard has convinced us that elections can never be free and fair in Pakistan. By the way it is wrong to blame Election Commission of Pakistan for what really happens all over Pakistan during elections. It is the civil administration at district and lower levels that manipulates results under the influence of various political parties.
    To sum up, Stalin is right not only about Russia but is on the dot about Pakistan as well. (Editor: The last sentence refers to a Poster with Stalin’s quote in this web page).

  8. Capt (R) M.Tariq Z Rahmani says:

    Good job done. Keep it up.

  9. Maj Tariq Toor says:

    Top Class comic posters. The pictures tell it all. A Job well done. Keep it up.

  10. Maj Rehmat Elahi, Lahore says:

    Fantastic. Khoobsoorat. Araq raizi ki hai.

  11. Lt Col Naeem Ahmed Khan says:

    Oh my God. I laughed my lungs out.

  12. Cobrajock (Dubai) says:

    We could have some very interesting bumper stickers.

  13. Tauqir Ahmed, Brunei says:

    Thanks for summing up so many stories in one go.

  14. Col Anwar Ahmed, Canada says:

    What will happen to Benazir Income Support Scheme? and Sharmeela Farooqi, the new bride?

  15. Maj Mushtaq-ur-Rehman (Retd) says:

    Good posters. Enjoyed, Keep it up and add some more.

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