Poor Need Warm Clothes

Poor Need Warm Clothes.

Save Poor from the Hardships of Winter

Poor Need Warm Clothes - Easy way to provide winter clothes to poor in Pakistan - Social work in Pakistan

Poor Need Warm Clothes.

English Translation: For those who can’t read Urdu. 

A vast majority of poor people in Pakistan, living below the poverty line, are unable to afford proper warm clothes which may protect them from the severe winter. It is the moral duty of every individual to help the suffering humanity.

Please do visit Landa Bazaar (Market of Used Clothes) in this winter and buy different sizes of used sweaters, jackets and warm socks for children and adults. You may spend Rs. 200, Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, or whatever amount you may spare for the charity work. You will be able to get many warm clothes in this amount.

It is better if you get these clothes washed, otherwise you may do without washing. Whenever you see any child, any homeless person lying on the road side, any labourer, or any poor person, whose dress is insufficient to protect him/her from the severe winter, just give a sweater or jacket and a pair of socks to that person.

Someone may object that why should they be given used clothes, why not to give them new ones? The main reason for it that whatever money is spent for buying one sweater, in the same amount 10 or 12 sweaters can be easily purchased from Landa Bazaar. But if you can spare some new warm clothing from your cupboard, then there is no harm in adding these new items to your charity stock.

One should try to act upon this noble social work and help the poor people in winter. It is not at all a difficult task, it is quite easy and cheap which can be afforded by all.

Please SHARE this Post, it will also get you some reward. If only one individual after reading this Post provides clothes to some shivering body, you will also get the reward from Allah the Almighty. JAZAK ALLAH.

Poor Need Warm Clothes - Charity work Idea, Buy clothes from Landa Bazaar - Social work in Pakistan

Poor Need Warm Clothes.

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  1. Arshad Nazir says:

    Me and my wife bought five quilts & five jackets and distributed in a poor area. In that area we selected a family who did not have a door to their one room rented house. We bought them a tarpaulin to cover their room in order to reduce the cold therein. We feel like doing more of it. The feeling is of being thankful to Allah that he has given us so much to live in a warm house in this cold that is now setting in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

  2. Shaukat Qadir says:

    My wife has been doing that for many years. This season she is not well, so I will be going.

  3. Basit Suhail says:

    All Muslim brothers MUST donate in the name of charity and save the poor people from the cold weather.

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