Political Jokes & Quotes

Democracy is a Circus 

Funny Jokes about Politics - Democracy is a Circus - Fresh Political Humour

Politics, the Second-oldest Profession

Funny Jokes about Politics - Politics, the second-oldest Profession, resembles the first - Fresh Political Humour

Stupidity in Politics!!

Funny Jokes about Politics -Stupidity in Politics is not a handicap - Fresh Political Humour

Chinese Wit

Funny Jokes about Politics - Chinese Wit - Fresh Political Humour

Very Cold in Washington D. C., USA 

Funny Jokes about Politics - Very cold in Washington D. C., USA - Fresh Political Humour


Politics are a Serious Matter 

Funny Jokes about Politics - Politics are a Serious Matter - Fresh Political Humour

The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Henry Kissinger

Funny Jokes about Politics - The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Henry Kissinger - Fresh Political Humour

Can Sarah Palin be Obsolete in Six Months

Funny Jokes about Politics - Can Sarah Palin be obsolete in six months? - Fresh Political Humor

Clinton’s understanding of International Affairs 

Funny Jokes about Politics - Clinton's understanding of International Affairs - Fresh Political Humour

A British Politician and a Boatman in Zanzibar

Funny Jokes about Politics - A British Politician and a boatman in Zanzibar - Fresh Political Humor

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  1. Lt col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Dear Cheema, well done every now and then you are coming up with new segments which definitely increases the interest of readers. Regards.

  2. Brig (R) Tanveer Rafi says:

    Democracy is a refined form of slavery.(Tanveer Rafi,Slaved after retirement as never voted when in uniform).

  3. Native Pakistan is a “First in everything” website that offers a myriad of topics for every mind and taste before other Pakistani sites do.

    Political jokes, like other sections, is no laughing matter if you look at the search, selection and compiling. It’s a time consuming business and Lt Col (R) Rashid Zia Cheema deserves our thanks for putting in so much of his precious resources. Thanks Mr. Cheema.

  4. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah (2nd SSC) says:

    The nice thing about political JOKES is that, they get selected. 🙂

  5. Mansoor Humayon says:

    I really like this section of Native Pakistan. Let’s put some real jokes / incidents of our pakistani jokers called politicians in this section.

  6. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa (6 OTS Course) says:

    Well done Cheema, as usual a commendable effort to make your blog so readable. Please change the heading “Chinese Comprehension” to “Chinese Wit”.

    • Sir,
      Thanks for the suggestion. The title has been changed to ‘Chinese Wit’ (from ‘Chinese Comprehension’).

  7. Brig (R) Yasub Dogar says:

    Thanks & looking for more of them particularly ‘Humour in Uniform’.

  8. Lt Col (R) Zubair Ahmed, Canada says:

    An excellent means to educate people on the true facet of Politics so that unrealistic hopes are not pinned on them.

  9. Brig (R) Farooq Hameed Khan, Avn/EME says:

    Heartiest congratulations for such a wonderful, exciting and informative website. This is just what we need to regenerate Pakistani nationalism and give hope to the people .

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