Poets of Rawalpindi (English Poetry)

‘NO MORE TEARS’, by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee
“Seasons”, by Zahid Zia Cheema
‘Beyond the Grasp’, by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee
“Warm and Cozy in Comforter”, by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee
‘Learn from Your Mistakes‘, by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee
‘Garden of Eden’ by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee

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  1. Khawaja Ahmed Saeed Butt says:

    Oh, I miss my Pindi 🙁

  2. PINDI by itself was a poetry with streams, Bazars, big and small, snow covered peaks letting down the freezing winds on one side in Winter and bringing in hot LOO from barren lands in Summer. WAHE Pindi WAHE!

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