Urdu Poems for Kids

Unlike the kids of today who have access to TV, Internet, iPhone and iPad, the children during 1950s to 1980s used to recite these poems. It is a collection of a great treasure of Urdu poems for kids. These are so old, so simple and so easy to remember for children.

This poetry will surely take you back to your nostalgic childhood days and you will be forced to wish the following:-

Urdu Poetry - Yeh daulat bhi lay lo, yeh shohrat bhi lay lo

‘Chalo Phir Dhoond Laitay Hain’

Urdu Poetry - "Chalo phir dhoond laitay hain" - Poetry for Kids

An Old Chinese Couple enjoying Swing like their Childhood Days

An old Chinese couple enjoying swing

Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua (Allama Iqbal). This is one of the most famous Urdu poems for children by Allama Iqbal. Read the complete Poem……….

Poems for Kids in Urdu: Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua (Allama Iqbal) - Children Poems

Lab Pe Aaati hai Dua. Watch this video of an extremely touching ‘dua’ (Prayer) written by Allama Iqbal.

“Bhaloo”. A poem for kids by Nighat Khalid Bhatti.

Urdu Poetry - "Bhaloo" by Nighat Khalid Bhatti - Poetry for Kids

Andaa (Egg). Urdu Poem for Kids by Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum.

Poems for Kids in Urdu"Andaa",by Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum.Urdu poem for children

Machli Ka Bachaa

Poems for Kids in Urdu:"Machli ka Bachaa".Urdu poems for children

Hum Nay Dekha Chirriya Ghar. A visit to zoo.

Poems for Kids in Urdu: "Hum nay dekha Chirriya Ghar" (Zoo) - Poetry for Kids

Aik Tha Teetar, Aik Batair 

Urdu Poems for Kids: "Aik Tha Teetar, Aik Batair" - Poetry for kids

Abbu Layye Motor Car, Uss Kay Neechay Pahyye Chaar

Urdu Kids Poems: "Abbu layye Motor Car, Uss kay neechay Pahyye Chaar" - Poems for Children

Nursery Rhyme for Kids: Bulbul ka Bacha

Urdu Kids Poems : Bulbul ka Bacha - Children Poems

Cheechoon Cheechoon Chacha, Ghari Pay Chooha Naacha 

Urdu Kids Poems : Cheechoon Cheechoon Chacha, Ghari Pay Chooha Naacha - Children Poems

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