Photos of Typical Pakistani Food & Dishes

Photos of Typical Pakistani Food & Dishes.

Pakistani cuisine is a variety of several regional cooking traditions of South Asia. The style of preparing food varies from one region to another within Pakistan. Food from the Provinces of Sindh and Punjab is mostly very spicy. Whereas food dishes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Azad Kashmir, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan also have peculiar tastes based on various regional culture and traditions.
This Post shows only the photos of typical Pakistani food and dishes, while the recipes are not in the scope. There are many cooking websites where professional Pakistani chefs contribute numerous cooking recipes. Pakistani cooking websites

Traditional Punjabi Lunch; Sarsoun Ka Saag, Makkai Ki Roti and Achaar

Typical Pakistani Food: Sarsoun ka saag, Makkai ki roti and achaar - Pakistani Dishes

Yummy Chunnay with Dahi and Coriandar (Dhaniya)

 Traditional Pakistani Dishes - Chunnay with Dahi and coriandar (Dhaniya) - Pakistani Food

Delicious Channa Pulao, a Popular Dish

Typical Pakistani Food: Channa Pulao, a popular dish - Pakistani Cuisine - Pakistani Dishes

Mouth-watering Seekh Kababs

Typical Pakistani Food : Mouth-watering Seekh kebabs - Pakistani Dishes | Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani Food: Tempting Beef Shami Kababs with Salad

Pakistani Cuisine - Typical Pakistani Food : Beef Shami kababs with salad - Pakistani Dishes

Traditional Pakistani Food: Mouthwatering Chappal Kababs, a Favourite Dish in KPK 

Pakistani Cuisine - Pakistani Food : Mouthwatering Peshawari Chappal Kababs - Pakistani Dishes


Pakistani Food: Kofta (Meat Balls) Curry

Typical Pakistani Food: Kofta Curry (Meat Balls) - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani Food: Appetizing Purrian Chunnay

Pakistani Cuisine - Pakistani Food: Purrian Chunnay, typical breakfast on holidays - Pakistani Dishes

Traditional Pakistani Food: Red Spicy Qatlama (Katlama):  ‘Qatlama’ is a Pakistani spicy savory, which is made with dough mixed with chili powder, garam masala and red food coloring. Qatlama is actually a Pakistani version of the central Asian Katlama which is a pizza-like dish.

Typical Pakistani Food - Red spicy Katlama (Qatlama) - Delicious Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Local ‘Pizza’ of Peshawar. These are naans and also called ‘masalidara rotai’ or tikala’ by locals of Peshawar. Tikala means food , khana, roti, etc in one of the many dialects of the Pashtu language.These naans have a variety of fillings and named according to those fillings, such as Qeema walay Naan, Aalu walay naan, Chicken naan, etc.

 Pakistani Food: Qeema walay Naan, Aalu walay naan, Chicken naan - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Samosa with Green Chutni

Pakistani Food: Samosa with Green Chutney - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani Food: Preparation of Fresh Crispy Samosas

Typical Pakistani Food: Fresh crispy Samosas are being prepared - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Gol Gappay: The Street Snack. The Gol Gappa is a popular street snack in all over Pakistan, especially in Lahore and Karachi. It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and mostly filled with ‘Imli ka Paani’ (Tamarind water). Some people also like it filled with tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, boiled pieces of potato, onion and chickpeas. This yummy delight is generally small enough to fit completely into one’s mouth.

Pakistani Food : Gol Gappay are popular in Karachi and Lahore - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Rasmalai, a Dessert

Traditional Pakistani Food: Pakistani Rasmalai, a dessert - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Jalebi, a Sweet Treat

Typical Pakistani Food: Pakistani Jalebi, a sweet treat - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Qulfa with Falooda: A Tasty Sweet Delight

Pakistani Cuisine - Pakistani Food: Qulfa with Falooda, a sweet delight - Pakistani Dishes

Qulfi (Ice Cream) with Pistachio and Almond

Traditional Pakistani Food: Qulfi (Ice Cream on stick) - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

Lassi (Buttermilk), a Favourite Pakistani DrinkPreparation of Lassi (Buttermilk) by ‘Pehlwaan Jee’

Typical Pakistani Food: Preparation of Lassi (Buttermilk) - Pakistani Dishes - Pakistani Cuisine

‘Fiqay ki Lassi’ (Shop located at Garhi Shahu, Lahore). It is the best Lassi in Lahore. Their classic ‘peray wali lassi’ is very popular.

'Fiqay ki Lassi' (Shop located at Garhi Shahu, Lahore) - Pakistani Cuisine - Pakistani Food

Gannay Ka Russ (Sugarcane Juice)

Typical Pakistani Food: Gannay ka Russ (Sugarcane juice) - Pakistani Dishes

Preparation of Gannay Ka Russ (Sugarcane Juice)

Typical Pakistani Food: Preparation of Gannay ka Russ (Sugarcane juice) - Pakistani Dishes

 Baraf Ka Gola (Ice Candy)

Typical Pakistani Food: Baraf Ka Gola (Pakistani Ice Candy) - Pakistani Dishes

Preparation of Baraf Ka Gola (Ice Candy)

Typical Pakistani Food: Preparation of Baraf Ka Gola (Ice Candy) - Pakistani Dishes

‘Maroonda’: Pakistani Rice Cracker, A Poor Man’s Dessert 

Typical Pakistani Food : Maroonda; Pakistani Rice Cracker - Pakistani Dishes

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  3. Mouth watering. Love it.

  4. Ismatullah Butt says:

    Really very useful list and images of Pakistani traditional food. It will facilitate introduction of Pakistan eating habits to the world.

  5. Sajjad Ali says:

    Trés bon Pakistanais plats. I love Pakistan!!

  6. Nice to see these pics, I am a Pakistani chef, there are so many typical desi Pakistani dishes. I want a joint venture with you. Reply me, please.

  7. Very very awesome Posts about My Pakistan!

  8. I also like these dishes.

  9. U K Madan says:

    Perhaps except for TIKALA all these Pakistani Dishes are Indian dishes as well.
    I see amazing resemblance between our two people in all aspects of life.
    67 years after division we are just the same.

    • Aziz-ur-Rehman says:

      I will like to know your understanding about TIKALA. In our province KPK, some Pathans of a particular area e.g. Afridis refer to meals as TIKALA. There are others who refer it as MARHAi. I don’t think its a particular dish.
      Since your name suggests you hail from India, it will be interesting to know from you about TIKALA.

      • Dear Mr. Aziz-ur-Rehman,

        Thanks for clarifying that TIKALA is a type of ROTI and not really a Dish and also for giving other references.

        We do have Stuffed Roti / Parantha and Naan in India but I have not come across the type of Roti / Tikala that you have.

        Yes I am from New Delhi.
        My parents lived in Quetta before Partition.
        I am proud to have details of my last TEN GENERATIONS all of whom were born and lived in what is now Pakistan.
        I was born in New Delhi in July 1947.
        As kids we used to discuss with our parents and other elders about lives in their native places and that is why I am always keen to know about Pakistan and its culture.

        • AzizurRehman says:

          Welcome. In our country, as a result of electronic media’s programmes on different channels promoting ‘Culinary Recipes,’ peculiar dishes have not been confined to their respective areas / regions. In Punjab, Gujranwala is the place, where people are very fond of consuming all type of meat, white as well as red,including fish,chicken, mutton, beef, small birds e.g. Chirras, Batteras, etc, not to exclude Kajeji, gurde, kapoore, siri paye.
          But peculiarity of Punjab is the items of Dairy products, such as Lassi, Kulfi-Falooda, cheese, maawe ki mithai, etc.
          Coming to the point, Quetta and Baluchistan eatery outlets specialize in preparing mutton dishes, mutton Bar-B-Q and an item called Joints, which I have not found in other areas of the country. Another specialty of Quetta is Balochi Chappals (foot ware).
          Stay blessed.

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    I started on strict diet just three days ago. Accidentally I went on this site and I was forced to go to the kitchen to make a paratha and deep fry peppers. You have posted the most wonderful dishes. Please remove this site during Ramadan as many may give up their fast.

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