Photos of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot.

Editor’s Note: Rare black & white photos of Sialkot dating back to 1880s are in the last portion of this Post.

 Alama Iqbal image

Alama Iqbal

Photos of Sialkot - Pics Sialkot - Platform at Rilaway Station Sialkot - Pictures of SialkotSialkot is a district of Gujranwala Division in Punjab Province of Pakistan. The city of Sialkot is the capital of the district. The district is administratively divided into four tehsils (subdivisions); Daska, Pasrur, Sambrial and Sialkot.
Sialkot is also the birth place of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The city is well-known for its industries, such as; surgical goods, sports goods, leather goods & garments, musical instruments, surgical instruments, cutlery, stainless steel utensils, and many other exportable items.
Brief History: The city’s history is about 5000 years old. It was established by Raja Sul and was invaded by Alexander in 327 AD. It was re-constructed by Raja Sálbán in 200 AD. He built the famous Sialkot Fort.

Map of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot - Map of Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Local Map of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot - Local Map of Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Iqbal Manzil, Sialkot. Allama Iqbal was born in this house, located in Kashmiri Mohallah, Sialkot on November 09, 1877 in a Kashmiri family. Iqbal’s father was Sheikh Noor Mohammad and his mother’s name was Imam Bibi. The house is now a national monument with a small library and most of the belongings of Allama Iqbal are preserved and restored as museum open to everyone.

Photos of Sialkot - 'Iqbal Manzil' Sialkot, birth place of Allama Iqbal - Sialkot Pictures

Allama Iqbal’s Poetry at Pakistan-India Border at Sialkot. Look at the interesting display of Allama Iqbal’s poetry by both India and Pakistan at their common border at Sialkot, the birth place of Alama Iqbal.

Photos of Sialkot - Allama Iqbal's poetry at Pakistan-India border at Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Aerial View of India Pakistan Border near Sialkot. Photo by 500.

 Photos of Sialkot - Aerial view of India Pakistan border near Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Gate on Indian side at India Pakistan Border near Sialkot. Photo by Pakia.

Photos of Sialkot - Gate on Indian side at India Pakistan border near Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Sialkot Clock Tower, Saddar Bazar, Sialkot

Pics, images of Sialkot- Sialkot Clock Tower, Saddar Bazaar, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

Sialkot Fort. Sialkot Fort is one of the oldest forts in Pakistan. It is located on a low hill in the centre of the old city. Raja Sálbán, with the services of 10,000 laborers and masons,  built the Sialkot Fort in two years (which, at the time, had double walls) for the defence of the city.
At present, few ruins, including a bastion, are all that is left of the Fort. The growing number of encroachments are a blot on its face. The offices of the district government are also located on the premises of the Fort.

Photos of Sialkot - Photo of historical Fort of Sialkot (A bastion of Sialkot Fort) - Sialkot Pics

Historical Sailkot Fort in 1963. This photo, taken in 1963, shows the historical Sialkot Fort in a good condition. There after the encroachments have destroyed its beauty. It should be declared as a Heritage site and the Archaeology Department of Punjab should restore its original splendor at urgent basis.

Photos of Sialkot - Historical Sailkot Fort in 1963 - Images, Pictures of Sialkot

Shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq (Imam Sahib). The great sufi saint of Sialkot, Imam Ali-ul-Haq, better known as Imam Sahib, lived here during the 13th century AD, during the reign of Feroz Shah Tughlaq. He had converted a majority of the local population to Islam.

Sialkot Pictures - Shrine of Imam Ali ul Haq (Imam Sahib), Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

 Jamia Masjid Abbot Road, Sialkot. Photo by Muhammad Osama.

 Photos of Sialkot - Jamia Mosque Abbot Road, Sialkot - Images, Pictures of Sialkot

Football Manufacture

Photos of Sialkot - Football manufacture in Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Sialkot Cathedral. The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church (Sialkot Cathedral) is located on The Mall (Quaid-e-Azam Road) in Sialkot Cantonment . Its first stone was laid on March 1, 1852. The church was consecrated by the Bishop of Madras on January 30, 1857, Sialkot at the time being in the Diocese of Calcutta.

Sialkot Pictures - Sialkot Cathedral - Photos of Sialkot

 Saint James Catholic Church Sialkot

 Photos of Sialkot - Saint James Catholic Church Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Terminal Building of Sialkot International AirportSialkot International Airport is the first-ever private-sector airport of Pakistan managed by the Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL) consortium. It is constructed on Build, Own & Operate (BOO) basis by a public limited company namely Sialkot International Airport Ltd. (SIAL) at a cost of about Rs.4 billion.
The site measuring 1034 acres is located at 16 k.m. to the west of Sialkot and at a 40 minutes drive from Gujrat and Gujranwala cities. The work started on the Project in January 2003. Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on 18th December 2003 by Chief Minister Punjab. The operation of Domestic and International Flights started from November 30, 2007. Official website of SIAL:

Photos of Sialkot - Terminal building of Sialkot Airport - Pictures of Sialkot

A Jet Bridge (jetway, passenger walkway) at Sialkot International Airport

Photos of Sialkot - A Jet Bridge (jetway) at Sialkot International Airport - Pictures of Sialkot

Air Traffic Control Tower of Sialkot Airport. Photo by Jamshaid.

 Photos of Sialkot - Air Traffic Control Tower of Sialkot Airport - Pictures of Sialkot

Terminal Building of Sialkot International Airport

Photos of Sialkot - Terminal building of Sialkot International Airport - Pictures of Sialkot

Night view of Sialkot Airport Terminal. Photo by Ijaz Ahmad Mughal.

Photos of Sialkot - Night view of Sialkot Airport Terminal - Sialkot Pictures

Inaugural Flight of Emirates Airlines at Sialkot Airport. People gather near the Emirates Airlines Airbus A330-200 at Sialkot Airport after operating airline’s inaugural flight EK-620 arrived from Dubai on November 5, 2013. Photo by INP.

 Photos of Sialkot - Inaugural flight of Emirates Airlines at Sialkot Airport on November 05, 2013 - Pictures of Sialkot

Railway Station, Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot- Sialkot Railway Station - Sialkot Pictures - Sialkot Photos

Platform Number 1 at Sialkot Railway Station. Photo by Chic One.

Photos of Sialkot - Platform Number 1 at Sialkot Railway Station - Pictures of Sialkot

Sailkot Railway Station after Rain

Photos of Sialkot - Sailkot Railway Station after rain - Sialkot Pictures - Sialkot Photos

Daewoo Bus Stand at Sialkot. Photo by Muhammad Waris.

Photos of Sialkot - Daewoo Bus Stand at Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

An Aerial View of Allama Iqbal Chowk (Drumaan Wala Chowk), Sialkot. Allama Iqbal Chowk was previously called Drumaan Wala Chowk because of drums all around the chowk.  Later, drums were replaced by cemented pillars and finally a minaret, with Iqbal’s Shaheen on its top, was built.

Aerial view of Allama Iqbal Chowk (Drumaan Wala Chowk), Sialkot

Peepal Wala Chowk, Kachehri Road, Sialkot. Photo by Chic One.

Photos of Sialkot - Peepal Wala Chowk Kachehri Road Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

The Sailkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Photo by Pakia.

 Photos of Sialkot - Sailkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Sialkot Pictures

An Old Bungalow in Sialkot. This beautiful building, a marvel in architecture, is in a dilapidated condition. Nobody seems to be interested in preserving this heritage. It will crumble down if necessary repairs and preservation work is not undertaken immediately. But there is a big question, ‘ Who will initiate it?’ May be some well-to=do son of the soil awakens to the challenge.

Photos of Sialkot - An old bungalow in Sialkot - Images, Pictures of Sialkot

Bishamberdass & Sons Furniture House Sailkot Cantonment

Photos of Sialkot - Bishamberdass & Sons Furniture House Sailkot Cantt - Pictures of Sialkot

Sony TV Centre Sialkot. Photo by goharMirza97.

Photos of Sialkot - Sony TV Center Sialkot - Images, Pictures of Sialkot

Chic One Chicken Shop, Abbot Road, Sialkot. A modern chicken shop on Abbot Road. Photo by Chic One.

Photos of Sialkot - Chic One Chicken Shop, Abbot Road Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Jinnah Stadium – Conelley Park. The Connelley Park (named after a British Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot) was converted to Jinnah Stadium (by another Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot, Mr. Waqar Ahmed) in 1979.

Photos of Sialkot - Jinnah Stadium, Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Garrison Park (Now Fatima Jinnah Park) Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Garrison Park (Now Fatima Jinnah Park) Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

Entrance of Fatima Jinnah Park, Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Entrance of Fatima Jinnah Park, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

Fatima Jinnah Park (Formerly Garrison Park) Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Fatima Jinnah Park (Formerly Garrison Park) Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

An Old Milestone at Quaid-e-Azam Road, Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: An old Milestone at Quaid-e-Azam Road, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

A Post Office at Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: A post office at Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

KFC, Sialkot

Pictures of Sialkot: Photo of KFC Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot, Images of Sialkot

McDonald’s at Sialkot Cantt

Sialkot Pictures: McDonald's at Sialkot Cantt - Photos of Sialkot

Sindbad at Sialkot Cantt 

Sialkot Pictures: Sindbad at Sialkot Cantonment - Photos of Sialkot

Scotch Mission High School (Now Government Christian High School), SialkotScotch Mission School Sialkot was established in 1857 by the Church of Scotland Mission. It was initially a middle school which was upgraded to secondary level in 1864. In 1889 Scotch Mission College was established in the same premises. When the building of Murray College was built, the college was shifted in the new building on 27th October 1909.
Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal joined Scotch Mission School in 1883. He passed his middle standard exam in 1891, Entrance/matriculation exam in 1893 and intermediate exam in 1895.
Revolutionary Poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz joined this school in 1917 and passed his Matriculation in 1927. In 1969 Mission ceased its activities in Pakistan and school’s name was changed to Christian High School instead of Scotch Mission High School. In 1972 the school was nationalized as per Government policy.

Photos of Sialkot - Christian High School (Scotch Mission High School), Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Scotch Mission High School, Kanak Mandi, Sialkot (School of Allama Iqbal). In 1969 school’s name was changed to Christian High School. In 1972 the school was nationalized and it got the new name Government Christian High School.

Photos of Sialkot - Scotch Mission High School, Kanak Mandi, Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Murray College, Sialkot. Murray College, the alma mater of  Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, was started in 1868 as Scotch Mission High School situated in Kanak Mandi. It was upgraded to an Intermediate College in 1889 in the same school building. Allama Iqbal joined the said school in 1883 in class one and matriculated in 1893. He was enrolled as an Intermediate student on May 5,1893.

For 20 years, classes were met in the same building and by almost the same staff. The first Intermediate class (11th class) was started with only eleven boys. The teaching staff including the principal Rev. Dr J.W. Younqson consisted of only four members, Maulvi Mir Hasan, Mr Narinjan Das and Sardar Harnam Singh. Of these, Maulvi Mir Hasan; the recipient of the title Shams ul Ulema; Dr Iqbal’s teacher and mentor, served the school and the college for a record period of sixty years.

The college moved to its present premises in 1909 and its name was changed to Murray College. It was necessitated by a legacy left by Captain John Murray for the college.

In 1956, the college was given nationalistic touch and Professor R.C. Thomas (a reputed teacher of Botany and Zoology) was appointed as the first national principal. He retired in 1964. His successor, Dr F.S. Khair Ullah was an all time popular teacher of Poetry and Drama. He was a gifted orator, editor, writer, satirist and humorist. He retired soon after the nationalization of the college in 1972.

Photos of Sialkot- Murray College, Sialkot - Images of Sialkot - Sialkot Pics

Stamp Issued on Centenary of Murray College. Pakistan Post issued a stamp in 1989 on the centenary (100 years) of Murray College, Sialkot.

 Photos of Sialkot - Stamp Issued by Pakistan Post on Centenary of Murray College, Sialkot - Sialkot Pictures

Photos of Sialkot: Church in Murray College, Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot - Church in Murray College, Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Islamia College, Sialkot. Islamia College, Sialkot is the second oldest college in Sialkot, established in 1951. It is now known as Government Jinnah Islamia College.

Sialkot Pictures - Photo of Islamia College, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Cadet College Sialkot. Cadet College Sialkot was established in 1998. Spread over an area of 25 acres, it is the first ever Cadet College established in the private sector. It is located on Daska-Sambrial Road near village Kotli Noonan, approximately 20 Km west of Sialkot. It was founded by Lt Col (R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman, an Army Aviation helicopter pilot and an ex student of Cadet College Petaro. His elder brother Lt Gen (R) Israr Ghumman, an Armored Corps officer, is the Chairman Board of Governors of this college. Official website: Cadet College Sialkot

Pics of Sialkot - Cadet College Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot -Sialkot Images


Photos of Sialkot: Government Muslim High School Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot - Government Muslim High School Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Sialkot. The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Sialkot was established in 1856. It was the first Catholic school in the Punjab and second in British India after Agra.

Photos of Sialkot - The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot - Sialkot Photos

Photos of Sialkot: Government Comprehensive School, Sialkot

 Photos of Sialkot - Government Comprehensive School, Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Islam Medical College, Sialkot.  Islam Medical College and Teaching hospital is located on Pasrur Road.

Photos of Sialkot- Islam Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Sialkot - Sialkot Pictures - Sialkot Photos

Photos of Sialkot: Allama Iqbal Hospital, Sialkot. This hospital is located on Commissioner Road, Sialkot. Photo by .

Sialkot Pictures: Civil Hospital, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot - Pics Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Punjab College, Sialkot

 Photos of Sialkot - Punjab College, Sialkot - Pictures of Sialkot - Sialkot Images

Photos of Sialkot: Islam Central Hospital, Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot - Islam Central Hospital, Sialkot -Pics of Sialkot - Sialkot Photos

Photos of Sialkot: Night View of Chen One at Sialkot Cantt

Sialkot Pictures: Night view of Chen One at Sialkot Cantt - Photos of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: SME Bank, Sialkot

Pictures of Sialkot: SME Bank, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot - Images of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Surgical Association, Sialkot 

Sialkot Pictures: Building of Surgical Association, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot

Photos of Sialkot: Marala Headworks, Sialkot. Photo by Ijaz Ahmad Mughal.

Photos of Sialkot - Marala Headworks Sialkot -Sialkot Pictures - Sialkot Photos

Old Photos of Sialkot: British Cavalry Barrack at Sialkot Cantonment, 1910s 

Old Photos of Sialkot - British Cavalry barrack at Sialkot, 1910s - Old Pictures of Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: A Postcard shows Pir Shohda Tomb near M.J. School, Sialkot, 1910

Old Photos of Sialkot - Pir Shohda Tomb near M.J. School, Sialkot, 1910 : Old Pictures Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: An English Couple on a Drive in Sialkot, 1905. An English couple, Ella and Dawson, driving their Humber car in Sialkot in March 1905. Photo by fly ‘n figs.

Old Photos of Sialkot - An English couple on drive in Sialkot, 1905 - Rare Old Pictures of Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: Boer Prisoners playing Football at Sialkot, 1902. A drawing shows Boer Prisoners playing football with their keepers at Sialkot.

Old Photos of Sialkot - Boer Prisoners playing Football at Sialkot, 1902 : Old Pictures of Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: A view of Sialkot city from the top of Sialkot Fort, 1900s

Photos of Sialkot - View from the top of Sialkot Fort, 1900s : Old Pictures of Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: A British Family at their Bungalow in Sialkot, 1900s

Old Photos of Sialkot - A British family at their Bungalow in Sialkot, 1900s : Rare Old Pictures of Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: Sitting Room of an English man’s Bungalow at Sialkot, 1883-86 

Old Sialkot Pictures - Sitting Room of an English man's bungalow at Sialkot, 1883-86 : Old Photos of Sialkot

Old Photos of Sialkot: British Army Carabiniers at Sialkot, 1882. Carabiniers are Cavalry soldiers armed with carbines, a short version of musket.

Old Pictures of Sialkot: Rare Photo of British Army Carabiniers at Sialkot, 1882 - Old and rare Photos of Sialkot

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  1. sadia saleem says:

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    My parents migrated from Sialkot in 1947 to Delhi my grandfather name was Mansukh Lal he was in manufacturing sports goods Uberoi Ltd Ganda singh’s son Hardev Singh and Diana & Company Mr. Rajbir Chawla started business with us in Sialkot and then in Delhi and Meerut , my father Sham Lal studied at Murry College and was also college union Secretary , we lived in Muhlalla Water works , till 1997 when my father died lots of guests we use to get from Sialkot mostly with reference of Enayat Watch Company and Haji Allah Rakkha .

    • Jameel danish BHATTI says:

      Oberoi Sports Bulding was one of Known Bulding on intersection of Paris RD and Kutchery RD next to Ralway Gate and across from Mohallaha waterworks

  3. Wolfgang Schneider says:

    Having come to this page by chance I have liked to browse and get to know a little about a place I might probably never be able to travel to.
    Well done. Thumb up!

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  5. My dad was born in Mohalla Puran Nagar. My grandfather Pt. Mohan Lal Sharma was a lawyer. I guess someone (old people) may have a clue about Chaman Lal Punj or Pt. Mohan Lal Punj. It was his last wish to see his home once more, or at least the pics. I wish, but unfortunately this page was not available back then. Any way, it always feels good when we find out more about our roots.
    Love and peace to all on this blog.

  6. Raju Gusain says:

    My friend’s grandfather, Kali Charan, used to work as contractor at Sialkot Cantonment. He moved to India in 1947. He used to stay at Palkhu Par Khatkaua. Could some one email me the recent photograph of the mentioned locality? Or any photograph of the old Imperial Bank of India at Sialkot?

  7. My great grandfather Lachhman Dass used to live in Sialkot. My grandfather Babu Charanji Lal attended Scottish School and Murray College. But he migrated to Delhi. My great grandfather used to live in Badheriayan di Gali in Mohalla Dharowal.
    Later my grandfather opened a business in Delhi, by the name ‘Lachhman Dass & Sons’ but was more famous as Sialkot walon ki Shop. Which later became Sialkot Shop. Which name is still in use.

    • rohit saerwal says:

      my grand parents is also from sailkot jaini mohhala they have a famous brass sports work near bili ghar..Late shri chunni lal saberwal.. Shri brimohan saberwal.. now we are living in moradabad uttar pradesh..

  8. Bhawishya Sharma says:

    My grandparents were from village Dharau in Sialkot. If any one knows the location, Please add the location with present village name. My only purpose to pay my last tribute to visit and pray. Thanks

  9. Ravinder Jain says:

    is hakim beli ram is Jain? or Bhawera.ASny body tell me because he is only person because people love him for his medican s and healthservices. Please vall tell me about Jainsabha bhwerakhana and jain tempels

    • Jagdish mitter says:

      Hakim Beli Ram of course from Jain community, he is remembered for his medicines, his son who was residing at Batala Disst Gurdaspur Punjab, My father his shop in sialkot just oppoaite to Kacheri Chowk, left hand side and before these shops there was entrace gate very big of wooden made and in side houses were there where we residing, Hazoora singh ‘s Bagh my mother used to call , they are no more. I, was only less than 2 yrs still these memories comes to me, Behind this housing locality on the road side there was Doctor I donot know the name whose two daughters were married on the same day.Sailkot reminds me many things but cannot go there. Thanks Jagdish

      • I saw Hakim Beli Ram around 1960 on my aunty’s marriage. He came to our house in Gujranwala. He was a famous hakim and he owned a palatial mansion on Paris Road.
        My aunty’s husband Ch. Aslam was his adopted son and inherited his properties.

    • Hi,
      My grandparents are also from Sialkot and maternal grandparents side were well known sha family of jains in Sialkot. I hear lot of stories from them.

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    The writer has missed the name of a great and big family of Sialkot which is AWAN. Sialkot is also city of SHUHADA as a reference any one can study the war of 1965. Now-a-days Sialkot is the only city where its Chamber of cCmmerce & Industry has constructed all main roads, Labour Colony, Industrial parks, Industrial items exhibition centers, Export Zone, Dry Port, International Airport and planning for Sialkot international Airline. Many friends are missing Sialkot from their hearts, specially to Hakim Lala Baili Ram. The name was a reference for the persons coming from out of the city. In these days there is a very beautiful office of an international communication company at Hakim sahib DAWAKHANA.

  16. Kaur Parminder says:

    My In-Laws parents belong to village Jaamke, Distt Sialkot, but it is vey sad to say they miss their hometown all their life. They told me about Gama Pehlwan and many cinema houses in their young age and they miss vey much their family friends and they talk about Lahore visits. I notice one thing in my father and their sisters, still alive, they want to go back and they wish it all the time. My husband’s grandfather was well known persen but after Partition everything changed. But Bhua Jee can’t forget their college memories, she as doing FA in 1947. Now she is in Sirhind, Distt Fathegarh Sahib. In my family, I saw many reletives like same pains. So why not Govenments understand all this? I pray to God eveything to go Good like before.

  17. Rajesh Khajuria says:

    I live in Jammu City. My grand father used to live in Sialkot and after Partition shifted to Jammu. He has told us so many stories about Sialkot that I wish to visit this great city once in my life that too from Jammu city side whenever India Pakistan have cordial relations. I wish we should have Wagah border type parade at Jammu Sialkot border post.

    • Mehar Ilyas says:

      Rajesh jee I am from sialkot. Happy to see you. My Facebook id is :
      Mehar Ilyas

      Prof.Mehar Ilyas
      Assistant professor
      Urdu Department
      Govt.Murray college sialkot.

  18. Commander Mitter says:

    I was born in sialkot and only 2 yrs old still remember about the house, place was Hazura singh’s baugh, About Hakim Lala Beli Raam my mother used to tell about him he did not come from Sialkot his son shifted to Batala in Punjab. Memory is ever lasting.

    Commander Jagdish

  19. Commander Mitter Jagdish says:

    Hakim Lala Beli Raam of Sialkot was not allowed to leave Pakistan and remained in Sialkot, his son shifted to Batala, Distt Gurdaspur and I do not know the further, I do not know the place mohala where I was born but my mother used to call Hazoora Singh’s Bagh. My memory is good, I was only 2 yrs old and still remeber which side of door of my house and what was inside and how it was arranged. I remeber much

    • Taimur Shan says:

      My late grandfather used to tell me about a Hindu family who were his business partners and both the families were living at Gohad Pura, SIalkot before Partition. The head of that family was the Treasurer of Punjab Co-operative Bank, Sialkot. Both the families had close family terms with exchange of dishes and attending weddings, etc.
      The family moved to Batala after Partition and started their bearing trading business over there. I can remember a letter from them received in around 1970 or 1971 and it was written in English. There was logo at the top right corner showing ‘Knights Bearings’. I am not sure if that was their company name. I have been very keen to know about them but without any success. If anybody knows anything about them or could help me finding out their whereabouts, I’ll be very thankful to them.

  20. Sialkot is my city. I love it.

  21. Hi Shahzad, Me too…. I m from India. I think you can help me. Can you see one building name “Bishamber Dass and Sons Building” above? It’s of my ancestors and I am the fifth generation of them. Could you please let me know, who is running this building or is it shut down? I do have all the related proofs with me and my family and on the refugee identity card and some pictures in black and white of the same building from inside. It will be of great help to me.
    Please reply.

  22. Lands that once belonged to the grandfather and the father of my husband, today are Govt. Comprehensive High School and Jinnah Stadium Sialkot, sold to the government of Pakistan years ago.

  23. Maj (R) Zahid Aziz says:

    I am impressed with the work done. I have also been a student of Murray College.
    I didn’t see a word about Greek General Rhodes left behind by Alexander the great and remnants of their graveyard. Islam was spread through the efforts of Hazrat Syed Imam Ali-Ul-Haq in Sialkot and our Rajput clan (Sulehrias) were the first ones to convert and embrace Islam.

    • Mehar Ilyas says:

      I am professor at Govt.Murray college sialkot. If you read this message plz contact me .
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    Sialkot is my birth city. My great mother belongs to Sialkot, she grew up in this city. I love this city very much. My all uncles(Mamus, khalo, Phopha) & Aunt (Khala) live here. You have done great job to post these pictures. This gives me the opportunity to memorize the old gold past. Allah aap ko apni Panah mein rakhay. Aameen.

  25. Surendra Jain says:

    Great site.
    I was born and brought up in Sialkot and I am great grandson of Rai Bahadur Ramji Das and lived at Post Office Road in Cantonment and shifted to New Delhi after Partition in 1947. I studied up to 8th Standard in Mission School in the Cantt. I still cherish fond memories of childhood in this lovely town. I have forgotten names of my school friends. Some time back I met a few tourists from Sialkot in Italy and Germany and spent memorable day with them.
    Any one from school in Pakistan or India or USA I would love to renew association.

  26. Zafar Qureshi, USA says:

    I love my city SIALKOT. I never found peace in any other city. SIALKOT is my sweet home.

  27. Azeem Mian says:

    It brought tears to my eyes after visiting your page and going through all the stories. Although I am in the US for more than a decade now but there is absolutely no comparison of Sialkot. Its a great city with great people. The love and affection among the people of Sialkot is matchless. May ALLAH bless our city and its people.

  28. M. Naveed Akhtar says:

    Excellent work. I wish to see Government Pilot Secondary School photo. Please do add when available.
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  29. Ch. Aatif Sul says:

    Any pic of the tomb of Raja Sul in Sialkot?

  30. Nissar A. Naik says:

    Great work. You guys have done a great service to Sialkot and its people trying to narrate the history of Sialkot. There are many names of the people around the world who have earned distinction in their work and professions who were born in Sialkot and who had their education from the Scotch Mission High School and Murray College.
    I was born in Mohalla Water Works/Abbott Road and did my Matriculation from S.M. High School in 1956. At this time the Head Master was J.S Khan. I am living a retired life in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, I could not keep contact with any of my class-fellows although I know a couple of friends who spent their childhood and adult years of life in Sialkot. I wish some body like you could start a webpage and compile a list of Sialkotis around the world with some memories to preserve.
    Once again my compliments to you and best wishes in your endeavours.

  31. Sialkot has a great historical role in the Independence of our homeland Pakistan.
    Whenever I think about the historical moments of Independence Movement, something suddenly enters in my soul and heart that what a people that were who had a great role in that Movement.
    Sialkot is the most important city of Pakistan.

  32. Hi Linda,
    I am from Brasil my husband is from Sialkot..and I like your page..soon I will be in Sialkot and try to go in many places.

  33. M. Mansoor Zubair says:

    Down the memory lane the pictures provide a wonderful collection of the historical city of Sialkot. I have a sentimental association with Sialkot as my Alma Maters – Govt High School & Murray College – are there & also I am proud of Jinnah Islamia College where I started my teaching career & produced thousands of brilliant & refined pupils.
    Sialkot tu Zinda rahe ga In Sha Allah Taala.

  34. Zafar Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Wonderful photos. I love my city.

  35. Rehman Hussain says:

    Amazing pics and very very nice job to introduce our city, SIALKOT!!

  36. Linda Woodfine says:

    Hello, I find this page fascinating, especially the old photos, as my mother’s uncle is buried in Sialkot. Henry Hawkins was serving with the British Army and died of disease in 1898. He is interred in East Cemetery, and also commemorated on a plaque in the Holy Trinity Church. I realise that Colonial history is a controversial topic, but If anyone knows anyone associated with the church I would be eternally grateful to have a photograph with his name. Best wishes.

    • Taimur Shan says:

      Dear Linda,
      I am from Sialkot but settled in London with my family. I am planning to visit Sialkot soon and will try my best to get a picture of the grave of Mr. Henry Hawkins. I’ll meet you on this page hopefully before November, 2014.

      • Linda Woodfine says:

        Thank you so much Taimur Shan! That is so kind and generous of you to offer. I believe the church is only open 9-11 on Sunday mornings. As for the cemetery, are you familiar with it? I believe the old British graves are no longer maintained and may not be standing. It would probably be very time consuming to hunt for one grave. I would love to go there myself one day and see where Henry Hawkins rests.

        • Taimur Shan says:

          Dear Linda,
          I’ll try my best to get as much information as I could and then will contact you again. I have been to that church once and the local management was very helpful. In case you need any help in visiting Sialkot, please let me know.
          Kind regards,

      • Hi Taimur,
        I’m from India. I think you can help me. Can you see one building name “Bishamber Dass and Sons Building” above? It’s of my ancestors and I am the fifth generation of them. Could you please let me know, who is running this building or is it shut down? My maternal father has his refugee card of No. 32 and it is something which really belongs to me. Is there anything possible that I can claim it or something like that. I do have all the related proofs with me and my family and on the refugee identity card and some pictures in black and white of the same building from inside. Because a very loyal servant was there who asked my maternal father to go to India as they have the name in the list of murder as they were the 7th richest person of Sialkot. I hear stories from my mother and my maternal father. It will be of great help to me. Please reply.

        • Taimur Shan, U.K. says:

          Hi Jasmine.
          Sorry, I have just visited this page after many months. The building is still there and there’s a big Servis or Bata shoes shop on the ground floor. I used to see that building whenever I visited that area. I have been very anxious to know about the owners of that building and somehow or other, it came to my knowledge that the owners had moved to Jammu and re-started their furniture business over there.
          I live in London now but will try to know about the present owners of that building during my next visit of Sialkot expected within next two months. It is really very nice to know that you belong to the family who owned that building. I’ll contact you again from Sialkot.
          Best Wishes for you and your family.

        • D J Shazma says:

          I still visit that building that you asked, now the front side of the building is rented to the outlets of Bata and Service shoes, and left over was given to the refugees who came from India in 1947, they still live there, many different families are living in that building, but one thing common is, all of them came migrated from India in 1947.

        • Today I saw and photographed the Bishamber Das building. Still weathering time and history.

          • Commander Mitter says:

            Thanks for the sight, I would like to seek some one’s help. My father’s shop was in Kacheri wala Chowk. It was on the right hand side, before that there was very big gate which led to the Hazoora Singh Bagh and after entering that big gate, on right side was my house. At the from other side of Bagh was Dr. Mohkam Chand’ house on the road. Can some one give some information?

            • DJ Shazma says:

              Well I am not sure about the name, but there is still a beautiful old building near the ketchery side, all other shops and houses around court are now new construction, just a few old buildings are left there.

  37. Haroon Rashid, Canada says:

    I am from Sialkot too, living in Canada, and there is not even a single day without remembering my city, Murray College, Comprehensive High School, its amazing city, its never been apart from me.

  38. Col (R) Muhammad Sarfraz Nawaz says:

    Sialkot is an ancient city, the history of which goes back almost 5000 years. The people are large hearted, brave, hardworking and creative. Apart from other things the construction of an airport of International standards on SELF HELP basis speaks of their metal.
    It’s a collection of very nice photos. Thanks for sharing!!!

  39. I am from Pindi Bhago (Tehsil: Pasroor, Distt: Sialkot) but living in Sialkot City. I travel every where in Pakistan but honestly speaking, I find peace, love & humanity in Sialkot & and among people of Sialkot who love each other as well as support each other.

    Sialkot is the Business City where almost 16000 industries exist & Sialkot Chamber of Commerce has made Sialkot International Airport, Dry Port Trust & roads, etc.

    I will always love Sialkot & my village Pindi Bhago!!! 🙂

  40. Ahsan Sulehri says:

    I love my city, Sialkot Zindabad!!

  41. Well done Admin! I am an ex student of Govt Middle School Kundan Pur, Govt Jinnah Efficiency High School and Murray College, Sialkot. . It’s a great effort and contribution by you to historical background of peaceful and a famous city of Pakistan. Again Bravo! Keep it up.
    I hope in future you will share your efforts with more devotion and dedication.
    May ALLAH bless you and all SIALKOTIs. We should be proud as a SIALKOTI and PAKISTANI.

  42. Lt Gen (R) Israr Ghumman says:

    Being a Sialkoti by birth, I owe a debt to our Veteran brother Rashid Cheema for having undertaken this task for making people aware what Sialkot which stood for over all these 5000 years. My sincere appreciations for this remarkable and authentic work.

    I nostalgically remember those days of September 1965 War spent in and around Sialkot. The thundering of guns, rumbling of tanks, shrieking of Sabre jets and roaring of our men reminds of our epic struggle to fight the overwhelming might of the Indian Western Command. It is here that Fakher-i-Hind was mauled and bulk destroyed and nefarious designs against Pakistan were buried for ever.

    Cheema May Allah bless you for undertaking preservation of history of our great City of Istaklal

  43. Satish Sharma says:

    I was born in Sialkot city, Mohalla Puran Nagar, Prem Gali. We had a very big house of 5 bedrooms and a wide court yard. My father, Hakim Ram Dhan Sharma, was a very famous Hakim of Sialkot and around at Dharowal Barray Peepal walay. He was a very active social worker, politically motivated and had loyal friends who used to inform him before hand during Eid festival so that he can go out of the city during the Eid to avoid any untoward action from his foes. He was family Doctor of many of Muslim families who were very helpful to him.

    I studied up to 5th class in D.A.V. High School opposite Purana Qila when Partition took place. My eldest sister did her Graduation from Murray College Sialkot in 1947. I remeber Drumma Cala Chowk, Trunk Bazaar, Kundra Shoe Shop where a very big shoe was displayed. I along with my father and sisters used to go for morning walk to Cantonment after crossing Bher ka Pull to Cathedral Church. I used to watch the top of the church which used to appear as tilting.

    What a great time I had. I have written my autobiography in which I have written about Sialkot a lot. I wish to visit mi birth place. My one sister was operated by a British doctor in Mission Hospital Sialkot for a wound caused to her during a fight in her school at Ram Talai in 1946. I love my Sialkot which has changed a lot. The drums from Chowk haave been removed.

    • Taimur Shan, U.K. says:

      Dear Mr. Sharma,
      I am also from Sialkot but presently settled in London with my family. I have worked as a lecturer at Murray College, Sialkot. I love my city as you do and wish to know more about pre-partition experiences of it’s inhabitants. Please let me know the title of your autobiography so that I may enjoy reading that.
      Thanks and regards,

    • Mr. Satish Sharma you may get info on tel # 052-4263188 from Bismillah Carpets & General Stores located in the same building.

    • Mehar Ilyas says:

      Dear Saharma, I am also belong to sialkot .Happy to see you.plz add my facebook id.
      My Facebook id is :Mehar Ilyas
      Regards ,
      Prof.mehar ilyas
      Assistant professor
      Urdu Department
      Govt.Murray college sialkot

  44. Ali Haider says:

    I love Sialkot and I did not see such kind of pics of Sialkot. I like these photos very much. Thanks.

  45. Kashif Khan says:

    I live in Sialkot. I love Sialkot, its culture, its history. I also Love Pakistan.
    Sialkot tu zinda rahay ga!!

  46. Great job, I never found peace and fun at any other city. Sialkot is my sweet home.

  47. Sialkot is great. There is no comparison of Sialkt. it is the most beautiful city!!

  48. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Dear Cheema, the effort you have made in collecting these pictures is excellent, wonderful job done. Hats off to your effort. Regards.

  49. Raja M Akhtar Tahir says:

    Good photographs, reminded me of my days at Murray College(1962-1964) and then as Assistant Collector, Customs (1980-1982) and Collector of Customs (1999-2001), Sialkot.

  50. Akhtar Naeem Mughal says:

    Sialkot is the city of zinda dil loug. SIALKOT Zindabad!!!!!

  51. Azam Gill , France says:

    I have great memories of Sialkot. My father was the Additional District Magistrate, and we lived on Paris Road, opposite the Mission Hospital on one side and the Dawa Khana of a hakim (can’t remember the name right now) on the other. I used to attend Cantt Public School, where the principal was Colonel Hamadani, a very tall, imposing role model.

    I remember being taken for ice cream to a café in the Cantt, and for delicious fried fish to the Sialkot Club. Justice Samdani was then a sessions judge and our next door neighbour. His mum lived with him, we adored her, she was a wonderful cook and a generous Bari Apaa who made us all sorts of Andhra and Hyderabadi dishes like bagharay baingan and khatta gosht.

    As an adult later, posted in Chamb sector, I would often be able to hitch a ride in a jeep, get across Marala Head Works, go to Sialkot, visit my friend Capt Manzar of 1 Baluch, go to the Club, have a few drinks, go to town, eat maghaz and missi roti at Lazzat Kadah, and next day go to Lahore to see my family.

    I also, as a little boy in Sialkot, learned the Sailkoti gham takkar, which came handy in later life!

    Bless you for these pictures!

  52. Maj (R) Rehmat Elahi says:

    Thanks for reviving the old sweet memories of my city. Sialkot tou Zinda Rahay ga!!!

  53. Brig (R) Khawaja Alam Zeb says:

    Great city of the great people. Sialkot tu zinda rahey ga.

    • Brigadier (Retd) Waqar Bokhari says:

      Our house was located close to Beli Ram Ata’aran haveli, near kutchery/Anwaar Club Road. Pillar Palace, Paris Road, Sialkot is where our uncle lived till 1977…how I miss the time & this place where we cousins would run up & down, play around on the white & black marble floors, staircases, counting the pillars,….memories of beautiful past!
      I had begun my studies in J & K Islamic Academy (a primary level school owned and effectively run by Mrs. Gohar Rehman…what a lady she was!) located on Abbott Road, a few years in Government Pilot School and then Matriculation from Government Comprehensive High School (ours was the first Matric class from this new school in 1971…Mohammad Khan Kaleem was our first principal…affectionate elder, mentor & a great teacher). Playing cricket in Conley Park was the best part of these happy school days……
      Studied for 2 years in Murray College, happy times too.
      I loved Sialkot then…and I love Sialkot now even more.

      • Jameel Danish Bhatti says:

        Puller place is still there and it’s one of beautiful Landmark in Sialkot it’s worth is over 2 Milion US dollars I guess

      • Mehar Ilyas says:

        Happy to see you. If you ever read this message plz contact me.
        My contact number 03006159687
        Prof.Mehar Ilyas
        Assistant professor
        Urdu Department
        Govt.Murray college sialkot.

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