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Sialkot is a district of Gujranwala Division. The city’s history is about 5000 years old. It was established by Raja Sul and was invaded by Alexander in 327 AD. It was re-constructed by Raja Sálbán in 200 AD. He built the famous Sialkot Fort. The city is well-known for its industries, such as; surgical goods, sports goods, leather garments, musical instruments, surgical instruments, stainless steel utensils, and many other exportable items. It is also the birth place of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Iqbal Manzil, Sialkot. Allama Iqbal was born in this house, located in Kashmiri Mohallah, Sialkot on November 09, 1877 in a Kashmiri family. Iqbal’s father was Sheikh Noor Mohammad and his mother’s name was Imam Bibi. The house is now a national monument with a small library and most of the belongings of Allam Iqbal are preserved and restored as museum open to everyone.

pic of Iqbal Manzil, Sialkot- Birth place of Allama Iqbal in Sialkot

Sialkot Clock Tower, Saddar Bazar, Sialkot

Pics, images of Sialkot- Sialkot Clock Tower, Saddar Bazar, Sialkot

Sialkot Fort. Sialkot Fort is one of the oldest forts in Pakistan. It is located on a low hill in the centre of the old city. Raja Sálbán, with the services of 10,000 laborers and masons,  built the Sialkot Fort in two years (which, at the time, had double walls) for the defence of the city.
At present, few ruins, including a bastion, are all that is left of the Fort. The growing number of encroachments are a blot on its face. The offices of the district government are also located on the premises of the Fort.

Photo of historical Fort of Sialkot - A bastion of Sialkot Fort

Shrine of Imam Ali-ul-Haq (Imam Sahib). The great sufi saint of Sialkot, Imam Ali-ul-Haq, better known as Imam Sahib, lived here during the 13th century AD, during the reign of Feroz Shah Tughlaq. He had converted a majority of the local population to Islam.

Photo of Shrine of Imam Ali ul Haq (Imam Sahib), Sialkot

Football Manufacture

Photos of Sialkot- Football manfacture in Sialkot- Sports goods Sialkot

Sialkot Cathedral. The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church (Sialkot Cathedral) is located on The Mall (Quaid-e-Azam Road) in Sialkot Cantonment . Its first stone was laid on March 1, 1852. The church was consecrated by the Bishop of Madras on January 30, 1857, Sialkot at the time being in the Diocese of Calcutta.

Pics, images of Sialkot- Sialkot Cathedral

Sialkot International AirportSialkot International Airport is the first-ever private-sector airport of Pakistan managed by the Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL) consortium. It is near Sambrial and is noted for having the longest runway in Pakistan.

Pic of Sialkot International Airport - Photo of Sialkot International Airport

Railway Station, Sialkot

Pics, photos of Sialkot- Sialkot Railway Station

An Aerial View of Allama Iqbal Chowk (Drumaan Wala Chowk), Sialkot. Allama Iqbal Chowk was previously called Drumaan Wala Chowk because of drums all around the chowk.  Later, drums were replaced by cemented pillars and finally a minaret, with Iqbal’s Shaheen on its top, was built.

Aerial view of Allama Iqbal Chowk (Drumaan Wala Chowk), Sialkot

Jinnah Stadium – Conelley Park. The Connelley Park (named after a British Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot) was converted to Jinnah Stadium (by another Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot, Mr. Waqar Ahmed) in 1979.

Photo of Jinnah Stadium, Sialkot, cricket matches are played here

Garrison Park (Now Fatima Jinnah Park) Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Garrison Park (Now Fatima Jinnah Park) Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

Entrance of Fatima Jinnah Park, Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Entrance of Fatima Jinnah Park, Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

Fatima Jinnah Park (Formerly Garrison Park) Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Fatima Jinnah Park (Formerly Garrison Park) Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

An Old Milestone at Quaid-e-Azam Road, Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: An old Milestone at Quaid-e-Azam Road, Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

A Post Office at Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: A post office at Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

KFC, Sialkot

Pictures of  Sialkot: Photo of KFC Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot, Images of Sialkot

McDonald’s at Sialkot Cantt

Sialkot Pictures: McDonald's at Sialkot Cantt - Images, Photos of Sialkot

Sindbad at Sialkot Cantt 

Sialkot Pictures: Sindbad at Sialkot Cantonment - Images, Photos of Sialkot

Murray College, Sialkot. Murray College, the alma mater of  Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, was started in 1868 as Scotch Mission High School situated in Kanak Mandi. It was upgraded to an Intermediate College in 1889 in the same school building. Allama Iqbal joined the said school in 1883 in class one and matriculated in 1893. He was enrolled as an Intermediate student on May 5,1893.

For 20 years, classes were met in the same building and by almost the same staff. The first Intermediate class (11th class) was started with only eleven boys. The teaching staff including the principal Rev. Dr J.W. Younqson consisted of only four members, Maulvi Mir Hasan, Mr Narinjan Das and Sardar Harnam Singh. Of these, Maulvi Mir Hasan; the recipient of the title Shams ul Ulema; Dr Iqbal’s teacher and mentor, served the school and the college for a record period of sixty years.

The college moved to its present premises in 1909 and its name was changed to Murray College. It was necessitated by a legacy left by Captain John Murray for the college.

In 1956, the college was given nationalistic touch and Professor R.C. Thomas (a reputed teacher of Botany and Zoology) was appointed as the first national principal. He retired in 1964. His successor, Dr F.S. Khair Ullah was an all time popular teacher of Poetry and Drama. He was a gifted orator, editor, writer, satirist and humorist. He retired soon after the nationalization of the college in 1972.

Photos, pics of Sialkot- Murray College, Sialkot

Stamp Issued on Centenary of Murray College. Pakistan Post issued a stamp in 1989 on the centenary (100 years) of Murray College, Sialkot.

 Photo of Stamp Issued by Pakistan Post on Centenary (100 years) of Murray College, Sialkot

Islamia College, Sialkot. Islamia College, Sialkot is the second oldest college in Sialkot, established in 1951. It is now known as Government Jinnah Islamia College.

Photo of Islamia College, Sialkot ; Photos of Sialkot

Cadet College Sialkot. Cadet College Sialkot, spread over an area of 25 acres, is the first ever Cadet College established in the private sector in the year 1998. It is located on Daska-Sambrial Road near village Kotli Noonan, approximately 20 Km west of Sialkot. It is founded by Col.Sultan Sidander Ghumman, an Army Aviation helicopter pilot and an ex student of Cadet College Petaro.

Pics of Sialkot - Cadet College Sialkot on Daska-Sambrial Road,, Sialkot

Islam Medical College, Sialkot.  Islam Medical College and Teaching hospital is located on Pasrur Road.

Photos, pics of Sialkot- Islam Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Sialkot

Civil Hospital, Sialkot

Sialkot Pictures: Civil Hospital, Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

Islam Central Hospital, Sialkot

Photo of Islam Central Hospital, Sialkot

Night View of Chen One at Sialkot Cantt

Sialkot Pictures: Night view of Chen One at Sialkot Cantt - Images, Photos of Sialkot

SME Bank, Sialkot

Pictures of  Sialkot: Photo of SME Bank, Sialkot - Photos of Sialkot, Images of Sialkot

Surgical Association, Sialkot 

Sialkot Pictures: Building of Surgical Association, Sialkot - Images, Photos of Sialkot

A British Family at their Bungalow in Sialkot, 1900s

A British family at their Bungalow in Sialkot, 1900s : Rare Old Pictures of Sialkot

British Army Carabiniers at Sialkot, 1882. Carabiniers are Cavalry soldiers armed with carbines, a short version of musket.

Extremely rare Pictures of Sialkot: A very Rare Photo o fBritish Army Carabiniers at Sialkot, 1882 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Sialkot

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  1. Ali Haider says:

    I love Sialkot and I did not see such kind of pics of Sialkot. I like these photos very much. Thanks.

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    I live in Sialkot. I love Sialkot, its culture, its history. I also Love Pakistan.
    Sialkot tu zinda rahay ga!!

  3. Great job, I never found peace and fun at any other city. Sialkot is my sweet home.

  4. Sialkot is great. There is no comparison of Sialkt. it is the most beautiful city!!

  5. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Dear Cheema, the effort you have made in collecting these pictures is excellent, wonderful job done. Hats off to your effort. Regards.

  6. Raja M Akhtar Tahir says:

    Good photographs, reminded me of my days at Murray College(1962-1964) and then as Assistant Collector, Customs (1980-1982) and Collector of Customs (1999-2001), Sialkot.

  7. Akhtar Naeem Mughal says:

    Sialkot is the city of zinda dil loug. SIALKOT Zindabad!!!!!

  8. Azam Gill , France says:

    I have great memories of Sialkot. My father was the Additional District Magistrate, and we lived on Paris Road, opposite the Mission Hospital on one side and the Dawa Khana of a hakim (can’t remember the name right now) on the other. I used to attend Cantt Public School, where the principal was Colonel Hamadani, a very tall, imposing role model.

    I remember being taken for ice cream to a café in the Cantt, and for delicious fried fish to the Sialkot Club. Justice Samdani was then a sessions judge and our next door neighbour. His mum lived with him, we adored her, she was a wonderful cook and a generous Bari Apaa who made us all sorts of Andhra and Hyderabadi dishes like bagharay baingan and khatta gosht.

    As an adult later, posted in Chamb sector, I would often be able to hitch a ride in a jeep, get across Marala Head Works, go to Sialkot, visit my friend Capt Manzar of 1 Baluch, go to the Club, have a few drinks, go to town, eat maghaz and missi roti at Lazzat Kadah, and next day go to Lahore to see my family.

    I also, as a little boy in Sialkot, learned the Sailkoti gham takkar, which came handy in later life!

    Bless you for these pictures!

  9. Maj (R) Rehmat Elahi says:

    Thanks for reviving the old sweet memories of my city. Sialkot tou Zinda Rahay ga!!!

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