Photos of Siachen

The Siachen Glacier is located in the eastern Karakoram range in the Himalaya Mountains. It is 70 km (43 miles) long. It is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world’s non-polar areas. Including all tributary glaciers, the Siachen Glacier system covers an area of 700 sq km (270 sq miles).
 The glacier lies between the Saltoro Ridge and the main Karakoram range. The major passes on the Saltoro Ridge are; Sia La at 5,589 m (18,336 ft), Bilafond La at 5,450 m (17,880 ft), and Gyong La at 5,689 m (18,665 ft).
Pakistan and India are fighting in this area since 1984. It is the highest battle field area in the world. The climate is very harsh and in winter, the temperatures drop to −50 °C (−58 °F). Incidently more soldiers have perished in Siachen from severe weather conditions than from war.

Helicopter Landing at a Post in Siachen

Siachin Pictures: A helicopter landing at a post in Siachin, a soldier guiding the chopper, an orange color windsock also visible - Photos, Images of Siachin

Video Found in the Mobile Phone of a Victim of 2012 Gayari Avalanche IncidentOn 7 April 2012, an avalanche hit a Pakistani military base of 6 NLI Battalion at Gayari Sector in Siachen Glacier region. The camp was buried under deep snow and 129 soldiers and 11 civilians got shahadat. Later a cell phone of one of the victims was found which contained a brief video of singing and merry-making, two nights before the tragic incident.

Soldiers Playing Cricket on the Snow at Siachen

Siachin Pictures: Soldiers playing cricket in Siachin on snow, a dish antenna and a bunker are visible - Photos, Images of Siachin

Ready to Defend the Nation in Adverse Weather Conditions

Siachin Pictures: Soldiers carrying the rations are going towards their high altitude Post during bad weather - Photos, Images of Siachin

Our Soldiers So Close to Allah

Siachin Pictures: Pakistan Army Soldiers are praying on the heavy snow in Siachin, while a soldier is at guard with his rifle - Photos, Images of Siachin

Pakistani Flag in Siachen

Siachin Pictures: A Pakistani Soldier is holding a large Pakistani flag on the snow in Siachin - Photos, Images of Siachin

Always on High Alert to Guard the Borders

Siachin Pictures: A Soldier is on sentry duty in snow covered area of Siachin - Photos, Images of Siachin

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  1. No doubt both army deserved solute because being a human rights v difficult life

  2. malik ghulam akbar says:

    Pak Army Zindabad!

  3. Christian Thommen says:

    Never heard of a word like “shahadat” – meaning must be “dead” or most likely “gone to paradise”.

  4. Anwar Sharief says:

    I love Pakistan Army because my father’s duty is at Siachin glacier.

  5. Mustafa Ali says:

    Love, love and I only love Pakistani soldiers.

  6. Its not about Muslim or Hindu…Its about world without walls…don’t say bad about India or any country…We respect nation ..we respect soldiers…Jai Hind



  8. Sajid Ali Kasoori says:

    Pak Army Zindabad!!

  9. Sairam Shakeel says:

    Our Heroes. We love them.

  10. Abdul Rasheed says:

    PAK ARMY is GREAT ARMY of a GREAT country. We love our ARMY.

  11. We are proud of our armed forces. We love them for their sacrifices in defending our borders, fighting against criminals/terrorists, and for helping the nation against floods, earth quakes, and any other tragedies.

  12. Amir Khan Yousafzai says:

    We love our soldiers.

  13. Great people from Army to sacrifice their lives for the nation, but politicians of Pakistan…………????

    • Arshad Hussain Khan says:

      They have different face in Waziristan, killing own brothers for the sake of American Dollars.
      Bitter but True.

      • Zaheer Shakeel Awan says:

        Mr. Arshad,
        You are right, Army is killing their own people, but they are not our Bothers. They are people like you and Malala Yousaf Zai who are working as agents of Non-Muslims… and it’s our duty to clear our country from such like snake-types so-called bothers.

  14. Gary Sahi says:


  15. Muhammad Hayat Khan says:

    Proud to be a Pakistan Army in Siachin. Pakistan Army zindabad.

  16. Faisal Khan says:

    We always remember our soldiers in our prayers and in our souls.

  17. The world in turn asks .. When have the Muslims ever been together?

    They have forever fought each other .

  18. Abdur Rehman Khan says:

    Tell the world that once Muslims stand against the enemy, no sign of enemy is left, what the hell are Indians.

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