Saint Paul’s Church, The Mall Road, Rawalpindi Cantt

Saint Paul's Church, The Mall Road, Rawalpindi Cantt, opposite Army Hockey Stadium


  1. Are Muslims allowwd to sit in there?

  2. Mrs. Munawar John says:

    Dr. Samuel,
    I want to ask a question. One day you claimed very boldly and confidently in your sermon that you challenge the whole world to prove that Jesus is son of God. Please tell me how you are brave enough to face the whole world what makes you confident? Is it Jesus’ love?

  3. Bilal Amjad says:

    Can you please tell me the sitting capacity of the church?

  4. Rev. Dr. Samuel Titus, Session Moderator/Pastor-In-Charge St. Paul's Church Rawalpindi says:

    My Friend,
    I am thankful that you have added the picture of our Church but being the Pastor-in-Charge of St. Paul’s Church, I can give you the recent and better picture of this church to add. We can give you the history of this Church too.

    • Shona Douglas says:

      Rev. Dr. Samuel Titus,
      Could you possibly reply with a view to passing on some information to me regarding my ancestors, one of whom were buried in Rawalpindi (I am certain this church) around 1935/36/37. Any help would be gratefully received! Church history would also be gratefully received!

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