Photos of Rawalpindi

Photos of Rawalpindi.

Editor’s Note: Rare black & white photos of Rawalpindi dating back to 1880s are in the last portion of this page.
Image of Army Welfare Trust Plaza (AWT Plaza), The Mall Road, RawalpindiBrief History: Rawalpindi, locally known as ‘Pindi’, is Pakistan’s prominent city located near the capital, Islamabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are called Twin Cities. The name ‘Rawalpindi’ means the abode of Rawals. The Rawals, a jogi tribe, founded ‘Rawal’ at the site where Rawal Dam is located. When Jhanda Khan, a Ghakkar Chief , founded a new town nearby, at the site of an old town known as ‘Fatehpur Baori’ he named it ‘Rawalpindi’. In 1765, a Sikh Chief Malik Singh, after a fierce battle with Gakhars, took the control of Rawalpindi. In 1849, Rawalpindi came under the British Raj and the pace of development increased rapidly.
Army’s General Headquarters (GHQ) is also located here. Rawalpindi is a thriving city ideally located between the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and Azad Kashmir. This city is a Gateway to Northern Areas. Tourists, mountaineers and local travelers use it as a transit city before traveling towards Gilgit-Baltistan Province in the north. Islamabad’s Benazir International Airport is also located in Chaklala area of  Rawalpindi Cantonment.
A collection of images of Rawalpindi , a mix of old and new photos, is presented on this page exclusively for Pindi lovers.

Fauji Fertiliser Tower, The Mall, RawalpindiThis newly constructed multi-storied building is just opposite Army Hockey Stadium.

Rawalpindi Pics - Image of Fauji Fertiliser Tower, The Mall Rawalpindi - Photos of Rawalpindi
Army Welfare Trust Plaza, The Mall, RawalpindiArmy Welfare Trust (AWT) Plaza is located on the Mall Road, Rawalpindi. It houses headquarters of Askari Bank, while offices of other corporate entities of Army Welfare Trust are also located in this building. Photos of Rawalpindi - Army Welfare Trust Plaza (AWT Plaza), The Mall Rawalpindi - Pictures of Rawalpindi

Infantry Officers’ Mess, Rawalpindi Cantt. One can also see the AWT Plaza, The Mall,  in the background. Photo by WestendRaider.

Pictures of Rawalpindi; Infantry Officers' Mess, Rawalpindi Cantt - Photos of Rawalpindi, Images of Rawalpindi

Night View of KFC and Namak Mandi Restaurant in Saddar. This building is located at the intersection of Murree Road and Adamjee Road in Saddar, Rawalpindi. Photo by Hamadraza.

Rawalpindi Pictures: Night view of KFC and Namak Mandi Restaurant - Photos of Rawalpindi

Flashman’s Hotel, The Mall, Rawalpindi 

Rawalpindi Pictures: Front view of Flashman's Hotel, The Mall Rawalpindi - Photos of Rawalpindi

A Signboard at The Mall Road, Rawalpindi Near Pindi Club & Flashman’s Hotel. Union Bank seen in the photo has since been shifted.

Rawalpindi Pictures - A signboard near Pindi Club - Photos of Rawalpindi

Intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road in Early 1960s.It is the intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road near GTS Stand (Its building is clearly visible behind Capstan signboard). This photograph has been taken from the Massey Gate side. The Tonga Stand on the left of Capstan signboard is still there but now it is Suzuki Stand. The Esso Petrol Pump is no more there. A tyre repair shop is inits place now.

Photos of Rawalpindi - Intersection of Kashmir Road & Adamjee Road, Saddar Rawalpindi, 1960s - old Rawalpindi pictures

Intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee RoadA mosque has emerged in the corner but GTS Bus Stand and Tonga Stand are still there. Esso petrol pump on the left side has vanished. New high-rise Poonch House building is visible in the background.

 Photos of Rawalpindi - Intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi Saddar -Rawalpindi Pics

Traffic Policeman at the intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road. See how the place looked like in 1950s. The old tonga stand can be recognized.

Images of Rawalpindi - Traffic policeman at the intersection of Kashmir Road and Adamjee Road - Photos of Rawalpindi

Video of Rawalpindi.It is a short video from YouTube showing different places of Rawalpindi.

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  1. Shahzad Akhter Rana says:

    I love Rawalpindi

  2. Arshad Aziz says:

    Shaukat Rasheed was my class fellow in Gordon College Rawalpindi (1959-1961) and then I joined PMA Kakul.Later in 1964 I came to England for further studies.I lost contact of Shaukat but in 1988 while visiting my home in Lahore I went to Islamabad to see my cousin Saif ur Rahman Khan.While there I went to Shaukat Rasheed’s house and was welcomed by his mother who was surprised to see me and remembered me.She told me that Shaukat married with a son had moved to Karachi and doing business.She gave me his telephone number and I tried to contact him but unsuccessful.His father was a well known lawyer in Rawalpindi.
    I would like to contact and meet him again.Will someone who know of him please get in touch with me on my email address:caimura Many thanks
    My name Arshad Aziz,Cranford,England.

  3. Can’t forget those momentous moments when I got admission in Denny’s High School Rawalpindi in 5th grade and the farewell party after Matric back in 1984. Our nail biting matches with Eliot High School, Muslim High School. Math taught by sir Raja Khalid Iqbal Kayani, Chemistry by Sir Malik Rub Nawaz and English by Sir Chaudhary Maqsood. Great teachers.

    I want the government to keep / maintain the old architecture of Denny’s High School building and the sprawling lawns. I PROFOUNDLY MISS DENNY’S HIGH SCHOOL and the old Rawalpindi.

    • Shahid Hussain says:

      I did Matriculation in 1973 from Denny’s High School. Surprisingly, respected Rab Nawaz used to teach us Chemistry at that time as well.

  4. Dr. Khalid S. Khan says:

    I have gone through all pics of Rawalpindi and Pakistan which are really great. Keep it up.

  5. Muahammad Safeer Khan says:

    Amazing old look of Rawalpindi love you Pakistan

  6. Nauman Ejaz says:

    Look at some very unique old pictures of Old Rawalpindi

  7. Dr. Khalid Shafiq Khan says:

    Hello Evey one who loves Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi People.
    I have spent 56 years living in Rawalpindi as I was born here in 1960.
    I appreciate Native Pakistan platform to show such great photographs of Rawalpindi. Really the photographer who published such wonderful photos is appreciable. I am sill awaiting more wonderful photographs of such a great city.
    Best Regards,
    Dr. Khalid Shafiq Khan
    College Road, Rawalpindi

  8. Muhammad Saeed says:

    It is midnight at this moment and I am seeing these old pics. I feel that same time is now when I was studying in F.G. Sir Syed College, the Mall, Rawalpindi (1972 to 1976) and many scenes are still fresh in my memory.

  9. I was thrilled to see the photographs.
    Born in Rawalpindi in 1934, I attended Arya School located in Moti Bazar, and later in DAV High School Murree Road, just opposite the then Holy Family Hospital.
    My Father worked in “calcutta Daftar” . We lived in Mohalla Kartarpura.
    What a transformation has taken place. On Murree Road, there was in those days hardly any other building apart from that of Our School and the Holy Family Hospital.
    I am glad to note that most of the Bazars and Streets are known by their old names, e.g., Raja Bazar, DAV College Road, Mai Veero di Bani, etc.

  10. Bakshi Tarenjit Singh Lamba says:

    I wonder if anyone can help, my father was born in Rawalpindi and recalls the house he grew up in until the time of Partiton when he was about 6 years old. He very much wants to see if his house is still there and if someone could photo it for him. He is in his 70s now and has not been back since. The address I have is 93/94 Bazar Dalgaraan, Naswari, Mohalla, Rawalpindi. I have tried to look the address up myself on Google maps but have not had much luck. Would appriciate any help.

  11. Muhammad Riaz Akhtar says:

    This rare collection reminds me the worst memories of slavery under British Raj. Thanks God we got freedom from the Goras’ illegal occupation. Pics of Mosques, Madrassas (Religious schools), Darghas, villages, protests & agitations against occupied forces (Britisher), killings of freedom fighters & old Islamic names of landmarks are missing.
    Our young generation need to know the history of Rawalpindi.

    • Arshad Aziz (Cranford,England) says:

      Riaz Akhtar,
      Your unintelligent & ill-informed rant of ‘worst memories of slavery under British Raj’ needs clarification. East India Company (English and NOT British), Portuguese, French were trying to get into Mughal India because Muslims were divided…just like TODAY in Pakistan & other so-called Muslim countries. British rule also brought excellent civil service, judiciary, vast railways, powerful Pakistan Armed Forces, English education, etc. More Muslims are killing Muslims, eg so-called murderers Talibans & is.Islam wouldn’t have spread if people like you have lived at that time.
      ‘…old Islamic names…’ are not there because our local authorities do not know how to maintain old buildings/landmarks but also demolish them.
      Native Pakistan has done a splendid job of somehow bringing out all these beautiful old historical photos. Riaz Akhtar, could YOU do the same?
      I lived in beautiful and clean 30 Civil Lines, Rawalpindi Cantt from 1959 to 1961, studied in great and famous Gordon College (NOT the same taken over by government and RUINED it). People who studied in Gordon College BEFORE govt take over will agree with me.
      I MISS my old Rawalpindi and Gordon College class fellows.

  12. Great job. It is an asset for the next generation.

  13. The Editor is doing very fine job in reviving old Pindi for the last many years.
    Cheema! Keep it up. I am here since 1964. Matric from C.B.Technical High School, Lalkurti and graduation from Gordon College Rawalpindi. Now settled in Pindi. Please share rare fhotos and anecdotes.
    Will be delighted to help old Pindites in anyway. Welcome!

  14. Junaid Saleem Malik says:

    Yeah come visit pindi,nothing to worry about,safety is guaranted and do contact me for further help regarding pindi visit

  15. Syed Imran Qamar Shamsi says:

    Very amazing picture and sights of Rawalpindi, a brief history shows that Rawalpindi was & is an very important place.

  16. Philip Knight says:

    My Father, William J. B. Knight was once at the helm of a bank (Lloyds/ Cox’s) in Rawalpindi some time around 1925. I have a great photo of him and all the staff. He lived in a bungalow in ‘Pindi’. Can anyone give me or direct me to information about him during his time in India/Pakistan and Burma between 1915 and 1929? I also have several photographs but cannot identify the buildings or places.

    • Farooq Ahmed Bhatti says:

      Could you please post the pictures of Old Rawalpindi enabling us to identify the buildings. I am 63 years old, and have lived in Saddar Bazar, RA Bazar, Tulsa Road. I have in my memory some very old buildings and want to have and or see them again.
      I completed my SSC exam from Model High School Chotta Bazzar Rawalpindi in 1968, my HSSC from Gordon College Rawalpindi in 1970 and then graduated from National College of Arts Lahore.

    • I can also help you. And it will be great pleasure for me to look around that pictures. I can also help you

    • Philip,is that possible you post the pictures directly and someone might be able to recognize them???

  17. can somebody have photograph of the house in Ganj Manadi Rawalpindi where great actress Madhu Bala was born?

  18. Junaid Saleem Malik says:

    The information is very comprehensive but past was not that good to cheer about, colonial era buildings and memories of occupation shouldn’t be remembered anymore, it is my opinion, others may agree or not its their choice. All such buildings should be demolished which remind us our bloody past. The rulers left 70 years ago and we are still thinking it is our heritage.

  19. Zahid shakeel says:

    I love these old huts, very nice, carry on with your work.

  20. Awesome COllection!! I like that. I also have some rare images of Rawalpindi of 1960’s. How can I send you?

  21. Abid Hussain says:

    Beautiful collection of rare images of Rawalpindi. Could you please add some photos of Hailey Water Works (Kaali Tanki). When was it built. Further was Muslim School the end of Rawalpindi.

  22. Inderyas James says:

    I am not part of that time, but I belong to Lalkurti. Unforgettable memories.

  23. Aziz Qureshi says:

    Wonderful information and historical photographs with nice comments of beautiful persons.
    Would you please share more information specially about the LALKURTI, RAWALPINDI? Please send me at:

  24. Zafar Raja says:

    Wonderful….keep it up!!
    We must preserve our heritage, old buildings must be officially protected.

  25. Babar Rafiq says:

    Excellent and heart touching memories. First time I came and visited Rawalpindi in 1968/69 when I was a kid, yet I have a lot of memories.

  26. Rashi Sharma says:

    My grandmother was ecstatic to see these old photographs of her hometown. She has told me countless stories of her childhood in Pakistan. She fondly remembers her house near Murree Road, her school National High School. She’s 82, and can still vividly describe the city. I really wish to take her back to Pakistan sometime so she can see her hometown again.

    Thank you for bringing such a beautiful smile on my Dadi’s face. 🙂

    • Miss Rashi Sharma,
      Please show following posts to your grandmother and hopefully she will have more smiles:-
      Rawalpindi Memorabilia
      Nostalgic Articles about Rawalpindi

    • Sylvia Baig says:

      Dear Editor,
      I loved the pics and want to send you more. I see lots of old buildings on Murree Road disappearing and turning into CNG or petrol pumps. Sad part is I have to have a good camera which I will get soon InshaAllah, before they all disappear.
      There are also lots of old houses in interior city, I always want their old owners, who have gone to India, to see their houses. Plz convey to Rashi Sharma if her Dadi is little more clear about the address, then it shoud be conveyed to me. I live in Pindi and can go to her house (if it’s still there) and can take some shots and email them to her.

    • Khawaja Ahmed Butt says:

      Oh Miss, Rashi Sharma, I was born, raised and spent my childhood to boyhood in Rawalpindi, I miss my old Pindi which unfortunately has been fallen into low class paindu people’s hands. My sisters are still there along with my entire clan but I moved to United States 30 years ago. But next year God willing I am going to visit there, if you happen to be there, just keep in touch. I was born and raised on Murree Road, Waris Khan, Rawalpindi.
      My email is:

  27. Walter Reeve says:

    Great photographs and wonderful memories, I lived in Mrs. Davies Private Hotel for 18 months with my parents in 1948/49. My father was a British Army officer serving in the fledgling Pakistan Army at the time. I attended a private tutor, a Mr. Keith Percy, who had his school in Edwardes Road, Mr. Percy had been the head master of Ghora Ghali school in Murree.
    My sister was born in The Holy Family Hospital in 1948. We often went to the Club on The Mall and used to swim in the pool there. A friend of mine played cricket and I would accompany him to the nets for practice. On one occasion, when I was helping with the scoring at a match, I was used as a substitute to play in a match against Islamia College, Lahore. There were two future Pakistan test players on the field, Maqsood Ahmed and Shuja-u-din. It was the only game of cricket I have ever played in.
    Thank you for posting all the pictures, although much of what I remember has been pulled down in the name of progress.

    • Prof . Dr. Shahid Mahmood Ph D says:

      My dear Reeve,
      Hi! It is always good to share and cherish the memories of olden past. I am Prof. Dr. Shahid Mehmoud Ph.D. I being the son of Rawalpindi, am interested to know about the past of Rawalpindi. I was born in Rawalpindi in 1956.
      Please stay in contact.

  28. Saleem Janjua says:

    Heart touching memories!!

  29. Tahira Mahmooda says:

    Lots and lots of memories indeed!!!While you mentioned diffrent schools on Murree Road, I missed Government Girls High School No. 2, a historical building, which used to be girls degree college and then it was district education office. I also missed the mention of a Parsi qabrastaan just opposite Central Government Hospital near Chandni Chowk. Does any one know about the road from Committee Chowk towards Bhabara Bazar, Urdu Bazar, Sarafa Bazar and then Sabzi Mandi?
    I also miss the mention of Moti Bazar, we women wont be happy, if you don’t mention Moti Bazar with a few pictures if possible.
    Thanks for sharing. Good job!!! I love you my Pindi, I love you!!!

    • The road leading from Committee Chowk to Raja Bazar was first known as South Circular Road and later became Iqbal Road. The first turn to the left on Iqbal Road lead to Gordon College Road and became DAV Road intersecting Company Bagh Road and continued to Gawalmandi and onward to Saddar. It went further to Adamjee Road finally meeting the Mall Road.
      Iqbal Road, however, went straight from the Committee Chowk to Raja Bazar with exits to the right to Chitti Hattian, Sarafa Bazar and Bohar Bazar which straight went on to Raja Bazar through the intersection of Urdu Bazar on the right which went through Purana Qila down to Jamia Masjid Road; and turning left from the intersection of Urdu Bazar to Sabzi Mandi and onward to New Bara Market turning right again to the Fawara Chowk. Iqbal Road had two major schools for boys; Faiz-ul-Islam High School and Mission High School beyond the Trunk Bazar overstepping Moti Bazar on the right. This road had such book shops as Qaumi Kutub Khana and one Urdu Book shop that rented books for one Anna per 24 hrs which was situated in front of Akhtar General Store. Major Doctors’ clinics on it were; (i) Dr. Chiragh Din, (2) Dr. Imtinan Elahi (3) Dr. Gazzan. Two famous lawyers lived there side by side, Bashir Ahmad Ansari and Syed Wazahat Hussain Kazmi.

  30. Pervaiz Iqbal says:

    Rawalpindi (Pindi) lots of memories linked with, my grandfather’s house H/9 College Road, facing the Liaquat Bagh, just short of the traffic intersection at Muree Road, sold sometime ago. Now a multi storey building stands in its place, a prime location, very un-
    forgetable place.

  31. Nice photos and I love Rawalpindi>

  32. Dear Rafique Sahib,
    If you know Jan family of Lalkurti, then you also be knowing Waheed & Sons family. I am in US & paid lot of visits to my uncle & grandfather in Lalkurti.

    • Rafique Ahmed Khan says:

      Dear Mr. Asim,
      Please let me know a few more details of Waheed Saheb’s family to enable me to provide you with more information. One Mr. Waheed from Lalkurti was my class fellow in Gordon College. He was from a well-to-do traders family doing business in general merchandise. Thanking you for your interest.

  33. Naseem ul Ghani says:

    It’s a wonderful collection of pics.

  34. Imran Azmat says:

    Can somebody tell me history of F.G. Sir Syed School, the Mall Road, Rawalpindi?

  35. Masha Allah what a historical photographs of Rawalpindi ever seen by me. Great memories. I was born in Mohalla Kareem Pura, Jamia Masjid Road in 1979. There is no picture of the biggest Mosque of Rawalpindi (Jamia Masjid Rwp)???

  36. I am a citizen of Rawalpindi. This is my native city, where I was born on 19 March 1969. I love Rawalpindi and Pakistan.

  37. Shahid Ahmad says:

    Ms Carol Ann,
    I can e mail you information regarding Gatmell’s Motel. Please be more spefic or you can e mail me

  38. Naeem Akhtar Bhatti says:

    I love Rawalpindi because this is my native city. It is very beautiful. I am shocked because there is not a single picture of Liaquat Bagh, Committee Chowk, Govt. College St. Town.

  39. It was lovely to see the old pictures of Rawalpindi. I studied at the St. Marry’s , Murree Road and was delighted to see the photo of the school. We lived at F-Block S/Town and used to take a double decker bus to school and back! There were a lot of students from Lal Kurti and other parts of Pindi. We also lived near Fawara Chowk for some time. What a time it was!!

  40. I am researching the Gatmell family in India and I would appreciate any information about the history of Gatmell’s Motel.

  41. All pics, new and old, are zabardast!!

  42. Shahid Ahmad says:

    Were you or your parents with the UNIMOGIP ? I used to live in Gatmell’s Motel at the same time.

    • No, we were not. By the way, you lost me on “UNIMOGIP.” What organization was this? My father was in the Pakistan Air Force stationed at Badaber (NWFP) and due to a shortage of housing for families, we stayed at Kashmir Hotel for about a year or so.

      • Shahid Ahmad says:

        Hi Nader,
        UNMOGIP was United Nations Military Observor Group India & Pakistan!
        I had a lot of friends whose parents were from Chile at the time working with UNMOGIP. It was a great time to be in Pindi.

  43. Salahuddin Khan says:

    I remember Commissioner Ghias-ud-Din. I used to live on Greagh Road (present name Sir Syed Road) in 1960’s.

  44. Sajjad Hasni says:

    My birth place, Kashmir Road behind Denny’s High School… Proud of being a Rawalian.

  45. Waheed Raja says:

    Excellent!! Rawalpindi’s past was very rich. It is our responsibility today to preserve it.

  46. Zartashia Mehwish says:

    I really liked all these pics and beautiful locations of Rawalpindi,,,,and I just say that Pakistani people should be proud of having these marvelous places. Please also add pics of those buildings and areas which are not so known but have importance in our country.

  47. Kaleem Usmani says:

    Rawalpindi is my city. I am always proud of it. I have spent good time in it. It is the best city in the region.
    It is a great work, good photo collection!!

    • Shehzad Ansari says:

      Dear Kaleem, (intentionally addressing only with first name as you are my family being from Rawalpindi).
      My name is Shehzad Ansari. just a little intro as a hockey player from Govt. Degree College Asghar Mall, Gordon College and Rawalpindi Zone from Army Stadium. ussalm u alaikum to all who participated and the one who made me “going back” to My Rawalpindi !!! I am positive and proud to say that if any one of us is between the ages of 50 to 62-65 as of today, and specially had some interest in playing or watching Pakistan/Rawalpindi hockey may remember me or at the least my name. (this is my very humble introduction).
      We can get in touch for sure and can share our memories which most of the time do not let me go to sleep and that is wonderful. Mr. Kaleem, just chose your name “randomly” but this is for all who are here.
      With warm regards,

      • Chaudhary Fakhar Zaman says:

        Dear Mr Shahzad Ansari,
        Your name does ring the bell though I am not of your age group but do you remember Ch. Maqsood Anwar and Ch. Shaukat Nawaz?

        • Shehzad Ansari, USA says:

          Dear Fakhar Sahib,
          It is just so pleasing that some one from Rawalpindi is there.
          Sir, mentioned names are not coming in my “memory” as I write. May be when we see one another, we will say Oh, You !!! (this is for Mr. Maqsood and Mr. Shaukat). Please let me know where both gentleman are now. I left Pindi in 1984 and now reside in North Carolina. Another of my introduction is PIA, Islamabad Airport. Besides other weaknesses, I have three very emotional ones named, Pakistan, Hockey and PIA and I am proud to have them and they will remain with me, and off course Rawalpindi!!!!
          Bundle of thanks for your reply. If you can share, where do you live now ?

          • Chaudhary Fakhar Zaman says:

            Mr. Shahzad
            Thanks for your reply. Both the names that I mentioned are my uncles, they used to play hockey for Military Accounts (MAG) team. I am from Rawalpindi (Mohallah Ch. Waris khan) and living in Oxford England from the last 20 years.

            • Syed Sajjad Anwer says:

              Dear Chaudry Sahib,
              Did your uncles study at Gordon Colege and were also part of the college team ? I remember their father Chaudry Anwer Sahib and their elder brother came to the matches regularly in their private tonga. Are we talking about the same people ? Regards.
              Sajjad Shah.

              • Chaudhary Fakhar Zaman says:

                Syed Sajjad Anwer Sahib,
                Yes, you got it right, both my uncles were part of college team and studied at Gordon College. I am grandson of Chaudhary Anwer.

  48. Hummara Rawalpindi zinda bad.

  49. Nadir Rasheed says:

    A simply wonderful set of old photos. A pity that it is now a vanished world, only alive in our dreams. I lived in Rawalpindi during 1972-1974; I was nine years old. We lived in a place called the “Kashmir Hotel” and I went to school at the nearby (walking distance) Sir Syed school. I clearly remember Flashman’s Hotel and the “Wilson’s” (they sold eye wear) near the intersection. I live in Texas now and went to visit Rawalpindi in 2013 but was unable to locate “Kashmir Hotel.” I’m sure its been torn down. Can someone please let me know if they are familiar with this place? It was built during the time of the British (Late 1800’s, early 1900’s) and was a single story place in the shape of a large “U.” In the middle was a lawn/fountain and the entire building had arches with gargoyle heads for rain water gutters! Thanks in advance to anyone who has any information.

    • If I remember correctly Kashmir Hotel was on Bank Road where a commercial plaza now stands. They still have the parking in the center with shops all around . I spent a lot of time there with my Anglo Indian friend Connie Bright whose family lived there.

  50. Farooq Ellahi says:

    Really these photos are very rare. A stupendous job was done to place all these relics at one page. It can be called pictorial history of Rawalpindi. Efforts are still required to bring to light more ancient buildings in pictures e.g. there is an inn behind Khurshid Cinema which remains locked but a small sign board ‘musafir khana’ is placed. Will anyone please throw some light on this building of Rawalpindi?

    • Rafique Ahmed Khan says:

      Dear Mr. Farooq Ellahi,
      Among the old buildings in this area were “Baraf Khana” (Ice factory) and this Musafir Khan also called “Saraiy” were well known buildings during pre thirties period. I have a faint memory of another adjacent building called “Astabal” (Cattle yard). Obviously the outside traders used to stay therein along with their cattle drawn two hall wheeled vehicles “Karachees” for their business in the adjacent grain & vegetable markets “Ghalla Mandi” & “Sabzi Mandi”

  51. Shehla Maqsood says:

    Viqar-un-Nisa College Rawalpindi ki pic nahi hai iss mein.

  52. Nostalgic pictures especially beautiful pic of my college. I was born in this city its in my blood. I no more live there but i still tell my stories about this city to my kids.

  53. M. Bilal Tahir says:

    Sir, it’s wonderful effort, you did such a big job!! I am 27 years old live, I was born in Rawalpindi and still live here but didn’t know these facts which you have mentioned here. Once again you did best job. GOD Bless you.
    I was a student of Gordon College Rawalpindi according to my information which I know from teachers of the college that the first basket ball court in Asia was built there.

  54. Pakistan is a beautiful place but we have to follow human rights as well as the Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) and Alah’s order which is Namaz, talawat, etc. We must be positive if we want to become a good Nation.

  55. i want see photo of DARBAR SHAHI SHAH CHAN CHRAG in Bahbra bazaar …if it posble please share…

  56. Perveen Rasheed says:

    I am a 62 year old Bangladeshi woman, who lived in Lalkurti Cantt in 1952 -1953 before we moved to Wah Cantt. I was 2 years old when I got lost one autumn afternoon and was found by kind hearted villager somewhere 1.5 miles outside the Cantt. I was returned the next morning through police. I always pray for the kind hearted family who found me, looked after me and took the hassle of finding my people. There used to be camel carts coming in and going out through the road barrier. I am supposed to half got onto it and took a wrong ride. I would be grateful if you can post some old photos of the Lalkurti and the surrounding villages and those camel carts.
    Lal kurti Cantt, tenu Allah salamat rakkhey.

    • Madam Parveen,
      The old Lalkurti must be remembering you, why don’t you pay a visit to this place for which you have such a nice, warm and kind words. We still search those good old days. May Allah bless you.

      • Perveen Rasheed says:

        Thank you Shahin for your warm words and invitation. I have tried for a visit. I grew up actually in Wah Cantt and had to leave everything that’s dear to me till today, in 1965 with the death of my father. Rawalpindi remains in my mind as the once a month shopping spree place.
        Is London Book Depot (Sadder) still around? I still have all my LBD books. Eating sumptuously at Muslim hotel (my father’s favourite), and of course Moti Bazaar, my Mum’s grounds. And of course the Holy Family Hospital where my baby sister and brother were born, but both died after a week or so.
        I will visit Rawalpindi/ Lalkurti/ Wah, to find my memories among the humongous development. A person’s soul belongs to the place where one grows up, transits from babyhood to young child to teenage. We have homeland, motherland, etc etc, but no soul’s land. Mine remains in the valley where seasons’ songs were distinct, There I go again… sorry. I loved the new pictures, especially that of the cigarette packets: my brother and I got ears pulled by Ma for playing ‘paaket’ with street smart guys.

  57. Please add pictures of airport. Deep inside we all know airport is in Rawalpindi. 🙂

  58. I am the great great grand son of Sirdar Sujan Singh and was delighted to see the haveli. There was a lot more which I have heard about, including a gurdwara, a public library, a public garden, a place called sardarawala Bagh, etc which were constructed by my ancestors. It is indeed sad to see the dilapidated condition but at least its standing as testimony to the amazing construction skills of yore. Please send more pictures if possible. Thanks for a glorious and most educative article.

    • Dear Ishwar Singh,
      I was so glad to know about your relation with Sardar Sujan Singh Of Bagh Sardaran. If you kindly read my memoirs “MY OLD BUT EVERNEW PINDI” being posted in Nostalgic Articles of Rawalpindi segment of this website (Native Pakistan), you will find some very good & interesting information about your ancestors.

    • Chaudhry Fakhar Zaman says:

      Respective Ishwar Singh Jee,
      I had the honour of meeting late Sardar Gurbachan Singh Jee at their residence at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi, along with my late father Tariq Azam Chaudhry back in 1993.

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  63. Major (Retd) Manzoor Niaz says:

    It was indeed a great treat having seen the fresh and the old historical photos of this Great City. I personally feel, the old buildings should not have been demolished at the cost f expansionism. Did my schooling here. Have lived in old Army dwellings in Chaklala, near Lal kurti Bazaar & at Dalhousie Road opposite Denny’s High School. Every moment spent in Pindi is a history.

  64. Dear, God bless you. How things change, its make me sad. Do you have any pics of Gracey Lines?

  65. Dr. Naresh Kumar, Delhi says:

    I love Rawalpindi. I was born here. It was a land of my forefathers. They were having their houses in Chittian Hattian. Also in nearby villages.

    • Muhammad Shahin says:

      Dr. Kumar, our Rawalpindi has undergone lots of changes since you or your forefathers left the town. It is now a huge unmanageable monster with insurmountable problems. Nullah Leh which used to be called perhaps river Leh in 1920s and was shown blue on the map is now a gunda nullah.

      I wish you once pay a visit to our city and you may still find some things and places which you or your forefathers left. After another few years things will undergo complete change. Regards.

      • Pervaiz Iqbal says:

        Well changes are eminent, so are the people here today there tomorrow, we all are migratory species.

    • Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Finland says:

      Dr. Naresh Kumar,
      I was also born in Chittian Hattian, although now a days I am living in Finland but I still have my home in Chittian Hattian. 🙂

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    Lovely pics. It actually took me to the days when my dad Kh. Jan Mohammad (1910-1987) and granddad Kh. Gul Mohammad (1880-1922) would have strolled here and they would have seen these places. My dad used to tell me that he had been going to Murree and Kashmir on Tonga and there was a premium service and they used to replace horses frequently. Ah! Old small nice and cozy Pindi where have you gone?? We miss you and love you!!!

    • Dear Mr. Yousuf Gul,
      There were a few families under the Name of JAN, for example Haji Jan Mohammad of Taxila, Haji Jan Mohammad of Choore Harpaal or Seth Ahmed Jan of Saddar Area etc; If you mean to refer to Kh. Jan Mohammad of Lal Kurti, Then you must be knowing Ex. Capt Jan of PIA. He was known very well by me. After your reply I may proceed further.

      • I always want to see a symbolic picture of Rawalpindi city like Faisal mosque for Islamabad, Minar-e-Pakistan for Lahore and Mazaar-e- Quaid for Karachi…is there any suitable building or whatever thing here in Rawalpindi in this regard?? if not then I request Mr. Sheikh Rasheed for building a symbolic building, minar or whatever for our beloved and great city.

        • I think the magnificent building of Rawalpindi Railway Station can be a symbol for Rawalpindi. You may also consider AWT Plaza, though it is just 22 years old.

  76. Actually, I was searching the photographs of Mureer Chowk Rawlpindifrom the era 1947-50. The Ice Factory there & Crescent Carboninc Gas Factory on Kashmir Road near Mureer Chowk. I came across this website and found these historic pictures. It’s a good work.

    If any one has the pics of Mureer Chowk of 1950, please post those here. Thanks.

  77. Shaheda Rizvi says:

    I loved the rare pictures. My childhood home was at 125 Westridge Road, a grand mansion owned and maintained by Pakistan Railways for its employees. I don’t see my house, the marvelous peepal trees and fruit trees that surrounded our house and other houses too. Where have all the houses gone? Where have all the old trees gone? These were once on Westridge Road Rawalpindi Cantt.

  78. Ejaz Ahmed Ansari says:

    Excellent work and pics of Rawalpindi. I am still residing in Rawalpindi since 1970. I did my Matric from St. John’s School, Murree Road Rawalpindi (1971-1980) and graduation from Government Post Graduate College, Asghar Mall Rawalpindi. Please also upload pics of St. John’s School.

  79. Col Obaid Zia ( Retd ) says:

    There are old ruins of Mall Hostel , which are located at the intersection of Mall Road and an other road which starts off from Mall Road and goes toward Rahat Bakery ( do not remember its name but Ferozesons building used to be on it ) . The remnants of main gate are adjacent to the old petrol pump owned by Pir of Golra Sharif . Those ruins were there in 50’s and surprisingly , are still there in absolutely the same shape. Those are probably the last remnants the city of Rawalpindi possess in its original shape . I am surprised that how that most precious and valuable piece of land has not been put to some useful purpose , or it has been spared by the land mafias . There were few intact suites , though in slightly depleted condition , of that Hostel in early 60’s and my family stayed there from 1963 to 1968 .

  80. Maj (r) Parvez Mahmood (41 Long Course) says:

    Sir, I am grateful for such a wonderful effort, it took me back by more than 60 years when I was just a 6 years old kid. Can you please add the photo of Saint Mary’s Cambridge School on Murree Road? Earlier it housed the Holy Family hospital and secondly if you could get the pictures of Rawal Jheel (Rawal Dam now).

    • Dr. Arif Qureshi (USA) says:

      Maj Parvez Mahmood, you must be a few years after me at St. Mary’s. I did my matric in 1961. Most of the people commenting here are from the golden era of Pakistan Army. May Allah keep everyone safe.

  81. I just want to add two things that present AWT building was residence of MH Commandant only one person use to live, secondly British Embassy on Napier Road in 1960 at present in a process to demolish it, half way work is complete.

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    Please upload more photos specially from Commerical Market area Satellite Town, where I belong to…….

  87. Shahid Mansoor says:

    I love to see old pics and these are wonderful and awesome pictures I have ever seen. Its my hobby to see the history of Rawalpindi. I am from Mianwali but I have visited Saddar Rawalpindi many times,

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  91. Rashid Skeokh says:

    Where is red light area in Pindi?

    • Usman Munir says:

      It is not Red Light, it is Red Shirt (Lal Kurti) area. Saddar kay saath he hai!!

      • Maj (R) Arshed Ahmed Butt says:

        I am old Pindiite. Rashid Sheokh, you are right. Probably Red Light Area used to be towards Ganjmandi-Ratta Amral side in the surroundings of Raja Bazar in the vicinity of Railway Hospital. Admin please add photos, if any one has.
        Must say a wonderful website. You have really refreshed nostalgic feelings of my city. Well done. Keep it up.

    • Waheed Hassan says:

      Excellent collection. Another beautiful building of Rawalpindi Arts Council was located on Haider Road Saddar opposite new Standard Chartered Bank. Building is demolished and open plot is there. Please add pic of that building if you have the one. Anyhow, thanks a lot, Sir.

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  93. Wally Reeve says:

    A wonderful site with great pictures of Pindi. I lived in Rawalpindi from 1948 / 1949. My father was a British officer serving in the Pakistan Army in the early days. I attended a private tutor in Edwardes Road. We lived in Mrs. Davies Private Hotel.

  94. Maj (R) Muhammad Javaid-ul-Hussan, Australia says:

    It’s a wonderful collection, thanks a lot for reminding us our ancestral history. British Cavalry Barracks in Westridge were my grandfather’s Unit Lines.

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  99. Muhammad Aamir Memon says:

    Saira, I totally agree with you. You are right.

  100. Thank you for such rare pics of Rawalpindi.

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    I visited Pindi in 1963, when I was a child and lost my heart to it. Since then I have not changed my mind though I have been to Europe & U.K. and visited many places. I still like Pindi. Good work done by you. I see the old places but not the people all are gone with the passage of time. Stay blessed.

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