Pakistani Village Photos

Photos Pakistani Villages.

Editor’s Note: Rare black & white village life photos dating back to 1890s are in the last portion of this post.

Pakistan is an agriculture based country and most of the population lives in the rural areas. People living in the villages have their own way of  life which is quite different from the city dwellers. Their life is simple, they have a cleaner pollution free environment and they eat simple, healthy and pure diet. In this segment, the real life in villages is shown through photos (Pics) . The life in rural areas and Pakistani villages is worth seeing.

A Woman Making Chappati (Roti/Phulka) in the Open

Pakistani Village Pictures: Woman making roti in the open - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Woman Preparing Lunch for Guests. Photo sent by Syed Zaheer Abbas.

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Woman Preparing Lunch for Guests - Photo of Village in Pakistan

A Typical Outdoor Kitchen in the Compound of a House in a Village

Pakistani Village Life: A typical outdoor kitchen - Photos Pakistani Villages

An Indoor Kitchen in a Pakistani Village House. Photo by Shahid Iqbal Burewala Trekkerz.

Photos Pakistani Villages: An indoor Kitchen - Pictures, Photos of Pakistani Villages

A Village House and a huge Tree

Pakistani Village Pictures: A village house and a huge tree - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Woman feeding Peacock at Mithi, Sindh

Pakistani Village Picture: Woman feeding Peacock at Mithi, Sindh - Photos Pakistani Villages

Two Women go towards a Pond to fetch Water in Thar Desert 

Photos Pakistani Villages: Women go to pond to fetch water in Thar Desert - Photo of Pakistani Village

A Typical Village House in Kundian, District Mianwali. Photo contributed by Asif Sultan Sikandar Kalyar.

Pakistani Village Picture: Typical village house in Kundian, District Mianwali - Photos Pakistani Villages


A simple Village House. Photo by Zaheer Chaudry.

Pakistani Village Pictures: A simple village house - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Typical Pakistani Village. Look at the simple mud house. Villagers life is also very simple.

Photos Pakistani Villages - A Typical Pakistani Village - Pictures of Village in Pakistan

Beautiful View of a Village in Punjab

Photos Pakistani Villages: Beautiful View of a Village in Punjab with a mud house - Village pictures

A Village House in Punjab

Pakistani Village Pictures: A village house in Punjab - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Small Canal and a Bridge

Pakistani Village Pictures: A small canal and a bridge - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Beautiful Scene of a Village in Punjab

Photos Pakistani Villages - A beautiful scene of a village in Punjab - Picture Pakistan village

A Dera & ‘Khoo’ (Well) at the Canal Bank in Sultan Pur. The village Sultan Pur is located around 30-40 km from Sargodha towards Shah Pur side. Photo captured and contributed by Syed Zaheer Abbas.

Pakistani Village Picture: A Dera & 'Khoo' (Well) at the Canal Bank - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Village House in Punjab. A typical village house in Punjab with hand pump, tractor and cattle.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Village house in Punjab with hand pump, tractor and cattle

A Gali (Street) in a Pushtoon Village in Sanjavi, BaluchistanSanjavi, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of barren mountains lies on the Loralai – Ziarat Road. Photo by y uMa|r.

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Street in a Pushtoon village in Baluchistan

A Mud Hut and a Cart in a Fruit Garden in a Village

Pakistani Village Life: Mud hut and a cart in a village fruit orchard - Photos Pakistani Villages

Wheat Crop is Ripe

 Photos of Pakistani villages - Ripe Wheat crop in Pakistan Village - Photos Pakistani Villages

Harvesting Wheat Crop in a Village. Villagers and their women folk are busy in harvesting the bumper wheat crop. They will try to immediately store or sell the wheat lest the untimely rain destroy the yield.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Wheat harvesting in a village - Pictures of Pakistani village

Stacks of Harvested Wheat CropStacks of harvested wheat crop lying in the fields.

Photos of Pakistani villages - Stacks of harvested wheat crop lying in the fields - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Villager Thrashing Rice Stalks on a Drum . Obviously the poor farmer can not afford to hire a thrasher.

Pakistani Village Life: A Villager thrashing wheat stalks on a drum - Photos Pakistani Villages

Wheat Crop with Mountains in the Background in a Village in Mianwali, Punjab

Pakistani Village Photos: Mountains and Wheat crop in foreground - Photos Pakistani Villages

Gur (Raw Sugar) Being Made from the Sugarcane Juice 

Pakistani Village Life: Making of 'Gur' (Raw sugar) from the sugarcane - Photos Pakistani Villages

Gur (Raw Sugar) Prepared from the Sugarcane Juice 

Pakistani Village Life: Gur (Raw Sugar) prepared from the sugarcane juice - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Villager is Extracting Mustard Oil (Sarson Ka Tail)

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Villager extracts Mustard Oil (sarson ka tail) - Pictures of Pakistani Villages

A Villager on a Bicycle in Sunflower Fields

Photos Pakistani Villages- A villager on bicycle in sunflower fields

A Sunflower Field and a Donkey Cart on a Dirt Road 

Pakistani Village Life: A sunflower field and a donkey cart - Photos Pakistani Villages

Two Villagers on Bicycles and a Girl with a Pitcher in Mustard Fields

Photos Pakistani Villages: Two Villagers on Bicycles and a girl with a pitcher in Mustard (Sarson) Fields

A Village Farmer in the Lush Green Vegetable Fields

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Farmer in the vegetable Fields - Pictures of Pakistani Villages

Wheat Crop: A farmer working in the wheat fields.

Pakistani Village Pictures: A farmer working in the wheat field - Photos Pakistani Villages

Sugarcane Crop. Ripe sugarcane crop in a Pakistani village.

Pakistani village Pics - Ripe sugarcane crop - Photos Pakistani Villages

Ready to be Picked Ripe Corn Crop

Pakistani Village Life : Ripe corn crop in a Pakistani Village - Photos Pakistani Villages

Tobacco Crop in Village Sehjokay, Tehsil Sambrial, District Sialkot. Photo taken on 17 May 2014 by Maj (R) Javed Arshad Khan Manj.

Photos Pakistani Villages : Tobacco crop in a village - Photos of Pakistani Villages

A Farmer is Harvesting Strawberries

Photos Pakistani Villages: Farmer ipicks ripe red strawberries - Pictures, Photos of Pakistani Villages

A Peasant With His Rich Harvest of Brinjals (Eggplant)

Photos Pakistani Villages: Peasant stands near harvest of Brinjals (Eggplant) - Pictures of Pakistani Villages

Women Working in the Fields

Photos Pakistani Villages - Women working in fields in a Pakistani village

A Village House during Rain.

Photos Pakistani Villages - A village house during rain - Pics Pakistan village

Thirsty, But Disciplined, Goats and Lambs Drinking Water

Pakistani Village Pictures: Goats drinking water from a small stream in a disciplined line - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Village House in Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Animals are eating fodder in the compound and clothes are strung on the washing line.

Photos Pakistani Villages : Animals and clothes on washing line in a Village house in Kohat - Pakistani Village Pictures

A Village in PunjabEvery farmer has enough live stock to cater for his family’s need and also sell the surplus milk to earn some money.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Mud houses in a Village in Punjab, Pakistan

Cattle (Live Stock) in a Typical Village in Punjab

Photos Pakistani Villages: Cattle (Live Stock) in a typical village in Punjab, Pakistan

Buffaloes in a Village

Pics of Pakistani villages - Buffaloes in a Pakistani village - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Farmer Having Lunch in the Fields

Pakistani Village Pictures: A farmer having lunch in the fields - Photos Pakistani Villages

Two Villagers Smoking Huqqa in the Fields 

Pakistani Village Life: Two Villagers smoking 'Huqqa' in the Fields - Photos Pakistani Villages

Farmers Relaxing and Smoking Huqqa

Photos Pakistani Villages: Farmers relaxing and smoking 'Huqqa' - Pictures of Pakitani Villages

An Old Man Smoking Huqqa near his Live Stock

Pakistani Village Life: An old man smoking 'Huqqa' - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Villager is Smoking Huqqa While Riding on a Bicycle

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Villager is smoking 'Huqqa' on a bicycle - Pictures of Pakitani Villages

Shepherds with Their Herd of Sheep

Photos Pakistani Villages - Two Shepherds with their herd of sheep - Pics Pakistani Villages

Village Shepherds Relaxing on Charpoys

Pakistani Village Life: Village shepherds relaxing on Charpoys - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Village Milkman with his Milk Pots and Bicycle

Photos of Pakistani Villages: A Milkman with his milk pots and bicycle - Photos Pakistani Villages

Milking a Buffalo

Photos Pakistani Villages - Villager milking a Buffalo - Pakistan village Pics

A Traditional Bricks Kiln-October 2010.  Along New Bypass Mangla. Photo by A. Ahmed Khan.

Photos Pakistani Villages - A Brick Kiln - Pics Pakistani villages

A Mud House in a Village. He owns a car too, Masha Allah.

Photos Pakistani Villages - A mud house and a car in Pakistani village

Another Village in Punjab

Photos Pakistani Villages - Cattle fed with fodder in Pakistan village

A Villager Cutting Fodder in a Toka Machine for the Animals 

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Villager cutting fodder in a Toka Machine - Pictures of Pakitani Villages

A Well in a Village. A traditional well being run by an ox with  covered eyes.

Photos Pakistani Villages - A well and blind-folded ox in Pakistan village

Another Well in a Village

Village Pics Pakistan - A well in a village - Photos Pakistani Villages

Two Villagers at a Well

Pakistani Village Life: Two villagers at a well - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Village Mosque. A small village mosque and over head clouds.

Pakistani village Pics - A Pakistani village mosque and dark clouds - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Tractor in the Fields

Photos Pakistani Villages: A tractor plowing the fields - Pakistan Village Pics

A Tractor With Sun in the Background

Photos of Pakistani villages - A tractor with sun in the background - Photos Pakistani Villages

A Tractor Carrying Fresh Fodder in a Village in Punjab

Pictures of Pakistani villages - A tractor trolly carrying fresh fodder- Photos Pakistani Villages

A Village School in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Photos Pakistani Villages - Village children studying in a school housed in a mud room - Pakistan village Pics

A Little Boy Playing ‘Gulli Danda’ in a Village. A game which doesn’t cost a penny.

Pakistani Village Life: A little boy playing Gulli Danda - Photos Pakistani Villages

Celebrations After Winning a Dog Fight Tournament 

Pakistani Village Pictures: Villagers are dancing after winning a Dog Fight Tournament -Photos Pakistani Villages

Photos Pakistani Villages: Villagers Watch a Dog Fight Tournament near village Lora, Abbottabad. Photo by Farooq Naeem/AFP/Getty Images.

Photos Pakistani Villages: Villagers watching Dog Fight Tournament near village Lora, Abbottabad

A Village ‘Swimming Pool’. They don’t need any swimming costume. They just jump into the water with their clothes on to beat the heat.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Children bathing at a Tube Well - Village pics Pakistan

Another “Swimming Pool” in a Village. Here thety are neither pushed about swimming gear nor any clothes. The kid seems to be an expert diver.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Child diving in a stream in Village - Pakistan Village Pics

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Village in Sindh Surrounded by Flood Water

Photos Pakistani Villages - A village in Sindh during flood - Pakistan village pictures


Photos Pakistani Villages - A 'Chaati' (Earthen Pitcher) for milk/butter-milk - Pakistan village Pictures

Chaati ka Makhan aur Lassi. The lassi (Buttermilk) is very nourishing and also protect the people from ill effects of heat.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Butter-milk and Butter making in village - Village Pics Pakistan

Cleaning Day by a Milkman in a Village. Who says that milkmen don’t clean their pots? This guy has thoroughly cleaned the utensils and hanged them for drying in the sun.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Cleaning of utensils in the village - Images, Pics Pakistan villages

Dish Washing in the Village House. Even pots for use in the house are cleaned properly and dried.

Photos Pakistani Villages - Utensils dried in the sun after washing - Pakistan Village pics

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Village in Punjab in 1940s 

Pakistani Village Old Pictures: A village in Punjab in 1940s - Rare Old Photos Pakistani Villages

Photos Pakistani Villages: Old Photo of a Well in a Village in Sindh, 1924. Photo by Abaraphobia.

Pakistani Village Pictures: Rare old photo of a well in Sindh, 1924 - old Photos Pakistani Villages

Photos Pakistani Villages: A Date Orchard and Houses in a village in Sindh, 1890

Pakistani Village old Pictures: A date orchard and houses in Sindh, 1890 - Rare old Photos Pakistani Villages

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  7. M. Ashraf Khokhar says:

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    I love undivided Punjab, I have the biggest dream to see my Pardada’s, grandpa’s, father’s house in Bahawalpur. I want to see all villages of our undivided Punjab, I love those times. I heard from my grandma and aunts about those times and I weep, because I missed those times. I should have born before 1947 or kaash humare beech mein 1947 ka saal kabhi nahi aata, I wish mein agar dubara janam loon tou, Punjab aik ho, humara sanjha Punjab.

    • What a positive comment! I hope aap kay jaisa her ik insaan thinking karay.

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    Life is so pure and simple in Pakistani villages. It is the same across in India.
    Both countries would have made progress like Europe but politics, religion left our nations far behind others.

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    1. Dhruggi Rajgan is a village in Chakwal District in the province of Punjab, Pakistan, situated beside the Chakwal-Jehlum Road. The majority of Dhruggi population comprises Chauhan Rajputs, who are believed to have lived in Dhruggi Rajgan since Prithvi Raj Chauhan, who was defeated and his family and army were arrested by Ghauri and were being taken to Afghanistan via Jhelum. Ghauri on his way back was camping near Sohawa, north of present G.T.Road, in the hills, when a rebellion amongst Pathans took place. In the ensuing fight Ghauri got killed. It is believed that some of the members of Chauhan tribe managed to escape the captors and settled in various high grounds surrounding Sohawa and surrounding hills. Out of them 2 brothers came to present day Dhruggi and settelled here.
    2. Its adjacent villages are Bangawala, Tassa Morah, Ghazial, Fateh Pur, Phutaki, Dhoke Rajian, Sidiali and Ghurah Uttam Singh etc.. In these villages there are Chohans also.

    3. Before Partition there was a considerable Hindu population who were well learned at that time. Locally, they were known as Khatri. They eventually left for India after Partition. The majority of the people of Dhruggi are serving in the police, the Pakistan Army and overseas. Many have excelled in private businesses as well.

    4. It is full of greenery with lots of scenic views. The surrounding villages of Dhruggi are Bhoober, Saba Mohra, Maswal and Dhoke Momin. Four roads lead towards Dhruggi, among those three are made of red bricks and one is unpaved. There are two Government schools each for boys and girls. Recently a school for children of Army personnels has opened. There are total six mosques, three of which are Jamia Mosques and a spacious Janaza Gah and a large dam named “Maanka”.

    • Parikshit Ghosh says:

      Khalid Sahab,
      I am an average Indian longing to visit Pakistan village some time in my life time. The pictures here in this site are so moving and resemble lot many of our villages in India. Hooqha, Danda Gulli, Gur all are not only familiar but we use the same terms. I shall feel blessed if you contact me at
      with love

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    I remember one bujharat (Riddle) “Aan kunjan den bache nadi navan chalian”. The answer of this bujarat is “Khoo dian Tindan”.
    My mother’s village is Qila Subha Singh in Pakistan near Narowal Station. And the village of my friend’s mother is Baghiyana Kalian Wala Tibba near Lahore before Partition.

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    • Dear Mr. Razaq,
      Many pics have been picked from the Internet. Please point out your photos, these will be attributed to you or will be removed, if you so desire.

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    Sorry, if I’ve said anything wrong, and I say again these are very nice pictures.

    • Salam to all brothers and sisters.
      I am a Pakistani Punjabi and I am a villager. Thanks to the ADVICE ONE whatever brother Raj Arayan had said about the security of Pakistan is right if think positive as a true Pakistani but we are tolerating the poison of terrorism but if any Indian comes to Pakistan we will provide you guys security and INSHALLAH we’ll play on our lives. If you don’t believe then you can have an example of
      Sikh pilgrims from India coming to Pakistan to perform their rituals.
      May Allah keep you people happy and blooming always, Aameen. Our motto is “Respect for all religions and races”. Islam is a religion of peace.
      Keep smiling always.

      • Raj Aryan says:

        Salam Babar Bhai,
        I like your reply. In future if I get a chance then I will definitely visit to Pakistan. Our motto is also “Respect for all religions and races” so in India we say – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai; aapas may bhai-bhai.
        Hinduism is a religion of nonviolence and peace. May Maleek keep you people happy and blooming always. I beleive that the whole world is our family and all people our family.
        Raj Aryan

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        • Ayesha Chaudhry says:

          Security???? No doubt we are now a days facing crises and fear over tourism but it doesn’t mean that we are unsafe …. our Army is No. 1 among the world’s best forces,…. only we have poor management. 🙁

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        Pinterest is a pinboard style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme based image collections such as events, interests and hobbies. And yes you are most probably right there could be copyright issues, so I’ll leave best alone, anyway thanks.

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