Photos of Other Cities of Punjab

Alexander Bridge, near Attock Fort – 1963. Photo by Bill Spence (also seen in the photo).

Old Pics of Pakistan: Alexander Bridge, near Attock Fort, 1963, Old Photos of Pakistan

Hiran Minar, near Sheikhupura

Another view of Hiran Minar, near Sheikhupura

Mangla Lake


Spill Ways of Mangla Dam, Mangla

Mangla Garrison. Main Entrance to Baral Colony. Photo by Sajid Younus.

Ramkot Fort

The Probynabad Stud Farm, Okara.  The Probynabad Stud Farm (near present day Okara)  was owned by Probyns Horse (Unit was renamed as 12th Cavalry in 1903).  After the regiment returned form the Second China War in 1860, Lt Col Probyn had setup a regimental stud near Okara which was subsequently named after him. After the Second China War, there was a dispute with the Army Pay Department because the regiment had accidentally been paid twice for their service in China. Pending the result of an inquiry, the extra money was put aside, but after two years no demand was made, the money was used to set up the farm. This farm enjoyed a long excellence in mounts and the first Arab stallion at the stud was Probyn’s own charger, Clear-the-Line. After Partition the farm was taken over by the Pakistan Army.

Pictures of Okara; Photo of Signpost of Probynabad Stud Farm, near Okara - Photos of Okara, Images of Okara

Derawar Fort, Bahawalpur

Photos of Bahawalpur: Photo of Derawar Fort, Bahawalpur

Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur. Noor Mahal is a palace in Bahawalpur. It was built in 1872 by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV for his wife. She stayed in the palace for only one night because she saw a graveyard from its balcony and refused to live there.

Darbar Mahal, Bahawalpur

Photos of Bahawalpur: Darbar Mahal, Bahawalpur

Bhong Mosque, Rahim Yar Khan

Katasraj Temple, District Chakwal. Katasraj Mandir is a Hindu temple complex situated in Katas village near Choa Saidan Shah, District Chakwal. Katasraj Temple is the 2nd most holiest places of Hindus. It is dedicated to Shiva, a Hindu deity. Katasraj Mandir complex is located 40 kilometres from Chakwal. While coming from Islamabad on M2 Motorway, one has to exit at the Kallar Kahar interchange and go towards Choa Saidan Shah. After travelling 24 km, the temple complex comes on the right.

Katasraj Temple & Katas Village-1875

A Short Video of Katasraj Temple Complex. Posted by Ahmed Bashir Tahir on YouTube.

Uchali Lake, Soon Sakesar Valley. The Salt Range Wetlands Complex comprises of five independent wetlands: Kallar Kahar, Khabbeki, Ucchali, Jahlar and Namal Lakes. The ‘Soon Valley’ or Soon Sakesar is situated in the north west of Khushab.

A Lake in Soon Valley

Soon Sakesar Valley. Near Cadet College Khushab (1 Km away).

Indus River, near Mianwali 



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