Photos of Murree

Photos of Murree.

Editor’s Note: Rare Black & White photos of Murree dating back to 1860s are in the last portion of this post.

Pics of snow covered Murree ; Murree, 'Queen of Hills' during winter.Brief History: Murree, also called ‘The Queen of Hills’, is a summer resort in the Punjab. It is located at an altitude of 7,516 feet (2,291 metres), 36 miles (58 Km) from Islamabad.
The site for Murree was selected in 1850 by Sir Henry Lawrence (who was then President of the Punjab Administrative Board) immediately after the annexation of the Punjab Province. The town was originally established for the British troops garrisoned on the Afghan frontier as a sanatorium. Officially, the municipality was created in 1850. In 1851 temporary accommodation was provided for a detachment of troops; and in 1853 permanent barracks were erected.
The permanent town of Murree was constructed at Sunny Bank in 1853. The Holy Trinity Church was sanctified in May 1857, and The Mall Road was built. The most significant commercial establishments, the Post Office, general merchants with European goods, tailors and a millinery, were established opposite the church. Until 1947, access to The Mall Road was restricted for “natives” (non-Europeans).
Murree was the summer capital of the Punjab during British Raj; which later moved to Simla.  In the hot season it was also the headquarters of the Lieutenant General of the Northern Command. The Commissioner and the Deputy-Commissioner of Rawalpindi also resided here during summer.
The chief educational institutions at that time were the Lawrence Military Asylum for soldiers’ children (now the Lawrence College Ghora Gali), and the St. Denys’ High School and Convent of Jesus and Mary for girls. The station also contained the Lady Roberts Home for invalid officers (Still managed by the Pakistan Army with the same name).
During summer, this popular hill station is thronged by people, mostly from the Punjab, to get a respite from the scorching heat in the plains. Tourists from other parts of Pakistan also visit this place. It is also frequented by tourists during winter to enjoy the snow.
This page has a vast collection of photos of Murree. It is hoped that the readers would like wonderful pics of Murree.

Murree in Winter

Photos of Murree - Pics of snow covered Murree ; Murree, 'Queen of Hills' during winter.

Murree, ‘The Queen of Hills’

Pics of Murree in Winter - Murree during snow - Photos of Murree

Murree, a Concrete Jungle

Pics of Murree - Is Murree still a Queen of Hills?Oh' old Murree! - Photos of Murree

Murree at Night

Pic of Murree at night. Murree, 'The Queen of Hills' - Images and Photos of Murree

Murree During Heavy Snowfall

Murree Pictures: Murree during heavy snowfall - Images, Photos of Murree

Murree at Night, Photo Taken from Lady Roberts. Photo by Sarosh Farooque, 17 September 2012.

Photos of Murree: Photo of Murree at Night, taken from Lady Roberts, Murree - Pics of Murree

Mall Road, Murree at Night. Photo by Sarosh Farooque, 18 September 2012.

Photos of Murree: Photo of Mall Road, Murree at night - Murree Photos - Murree Pictures

Marhaba Hotel, The Mall, Murree, 2008. Photo by Mus24.

Photos of Murree - Image of Marhaba Hotel, The Mall, Murree, 2008 - Murree Pic

Majestic Hotel, The Mall, Murree, 2008. Photo by Mus24.

Photos of Murree - Image of Majestic Hotel, The Mall, Murree, 2008 - Murree Pics

Holy Trinity Church, The Mall, Murree. Holy Trinity Church was built in 1857. Until 1875, it was away from the then main market (Now called “Lower Bazaar”). But when the “Great Fire” burned down the market in 1875 a new Mall strip was built in its place in an area overlooked by the church grounds and parallel to the “Lower Bazaar”. Photo by Karrar Haidria>.

href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-27210″>Pictures of Pakistani Churches: Holy Trinity Church, Murree, during heavy snow - Photos of Murree

Holy Trinity Church Viewed from Kashmir Point, Murree 

Murree Pics: Holy Trinity Church viewed from Kashmir Point, Murree - Photos of Murree

General Post Office (GPO) Murree after Heavy Snow. Photo taken by ???? on 29 Dec 2012.

Murree Pics: General Post Office (GPO) Murree after heavy snow, 2012 - Photos of Murree

A Road Side Umbrella Seller Near Murree 

Murree Pics: A man selling colurful Umbrellas at road side near Murree - Photos of Murree

Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree. It is an elite public boarding school located 4 km from Murree and 57 km from Rawalpindi. It was founded as an ‘asylum’ school for orphans in 1860 during the British Raj and named after Major General Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence. The Lawrence Asylum at Ghora Gali was renamed Lawrence Royal Military School in 1920. In 1927 the name was changed to Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.
Its first principal was Rev. Tabernacle (Tenure: 1860-63) and the first Muslim principal was Ch. Abdul Hamid (Tenure: 1952-55).
Please visit the following websites for more details and photos:-
Gallians Facebook Group
Official website of Lawrence College
Photo taken by Umar Hassan Cheema on 21 Apr 2012. He is an old ‘Galian’, settled in USA since 1995.

Photos of Murree - Pic of Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree. 2012 - Murree Pics

Commemorative Postage Stamp of Lawrence College Ghora Gali, 1985. A commemorative Postage Stamp was issued on the 125 Years Celebrations of Lawrence College by Pakistan Post in 1985.

hotos of Murree - Commemorative Postage Stamp of Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree, 1985 - Murree Pics

Commemorative Coin of Lawrence College Ghora Gali, 2011. To mark the 150 years of Lawrence College, State Bank of Pakistan issued a commemorative coin on 28 May 2011. 

Photos of Murree - Commemorative Coin of Lawrence College Ghora Gali, 2011, Murree, 1985 - Murree Pics

Convent of Jesus & Mary, Murree. Photo by Farah imtiaz092.

Murree Pictures: Convent of Jesus & Mary, Murree - Images & Photos of Murree

Presentation Convent High School, MurreePresentation Convent High School, Murree, was founded in 1895 by the Presentation Sisters (a religious institute of Roman Catholic women founded in Ireland in 1775).

Photos of Murree - Image of Presentation Convent High School, Murree - Murree Pictures

Nutwood House, Presentation Convent High School, Murree. Nutwood House at Presentation Convent School is a superb Victorian style architecture building. It is one of  the oldest houses standing in Murree. It was built by Murree Brewery Company in the early 1860. It was rented during summer to the Freemason’s Lodge for their meetings. Later, it housed priests from the Catholic Church of Mother Mary Our Lady of Sorrows, located on the Mall. Then it was purchased by the Presentation Convent School and was used as hostel for the students. It is now used as a a training centre and summer retreat for Presentation Convent sisters coming from other cities of Pakistan. Photo by mus24.

Photos of Murree - Nutwood House, Presentation Convent High School, Murree - Pictures Murree

Murree Christian School, Jhika Gali, Murree. Murree Christian School is a small boarding school located at Jhika Gali, Murre. It was founded in 1956 to educate the children of missionaries in Pakistan. Since the mid-1960s, not all students have been from missionary families; some are from expatriate workers of consulates and embassies in Islamabad or other international companies. A few are from the small Pakistani Christian community.
Official website: Murree Christian School 
The following photo shows the High School building of Murree Christian School which was a former Garrison Church.

Photos of Murree - High School building of Murree Christian School - Murree Pics

Murree Christian School, Jhika Gali, Murree during Winters

Photos of Murree - Murree Christian School, Jhika Gali, during winters - Murree Pics

View of Murree Express Way and Surroundings. Picture taken from Maisonette Mornin Side Suites & Apartments, Murree. Photo by Sarosh  Farooque, 20 September 2012.

.Photos of Murree - View of Murree Express Way and Surroundings - Images of Murree

Bhurban, Murree. Photo by Umar Hassan Cheema on 21 April 2012.

Pics of Murree - Bhurban, Murree, 2012 - Images and Photos of Murree

View from the Balcony of PC Bhurban, Murree. Photo by Sarosh Farooque, 15 September 2012.

Photos of Murree: View from the balcony of PC Bhurban, Murree - Murree Pics

View of PC Bhurban from Amphitheater. Photo by Sarosh Farooque, 15 September 2012.

Photos of Murree: View of PC Bhurban Murree from Amphitheater - Murree Pictures

Pakistan’s Highest Golf Course: Chinar Golf Club, Bhurban MurreePakistan’s highest Golf Course located at a height of 6350 feet (1935 metres). Photo by Tango Charlee, 26 June 2013.

Murree Pics: Chinar Golf Club, Bhurban Murree. Pakistan's highest Golf Course - Photos of Murree

Main Building of Chinar Golf Club, Bhurban MurreePhoto by Tango Charlee, 26 June 2013.

Murree Pics: Main Building of Chinar Golf Club, Bhurban Murree - Images, Photos of Murree

Picturesque Scene of Chinar Golf Club, Bhurban Murree. Photo by Tango Charlee, 26 June 2013.

Murree Pics: Picturesque scene of Chinar Golf Club, Bhurban Murree - Photos of Murree

Near PAF Base, Lower Topa, Murree. Photo by Umar Hassan Cheema, 23 Apr 2012.

Photos of Murree - Signboard of PAF Base, Lower Topa, Murree, 2012 - Murree Pics

PAF Public School Lower Topa, Murree

Images & Pics of Murree - PAF Public School Lower Topa, Murree - Photos of Murree

PAF Officers Mess, Lower Topa, Murree. A view of cozy sun room of PAF Mess. Photo by Sarosh Farooque, 20 September 2012.

Photos of Murree - Sun Room of Officers Mess at Lower Topa, Murree - Murree Pics

Patriata, New Murree. Patriata, also known as New Murree, is a popular hill resort 15 km from Murree. It is the highest point in the area at an elevation of 6,790 feet(2,070 m). Patriata, having a chair lift and cable car system, is a popular tourist attraction. One can see monkeys in this heavily forested area.

Murree Pics - Photos of Cable cars in Patriata (New Murree) - Photos of Murree

Remnants of Murree BreweryThe Murree Brewery was established in 1860 by Dyer (father of Col Dyer, the Butcher of Amritsar in 1919). It is located 6 kilometers from Sunny Bank at Ghora Gali. It was burned down in 1947 during partition riots.

Pictures of Murree; Remnants of Murree Brewery, demolished building - Photos of Murree


The Mall Road, Murree in the Winter of 1969. This photo was from the gate of church while facing towards Pindi Point. Photo by cavalry.

Murree Pics: Black & White photo of The Mall Road, Murree covered with heavy snow, 1969 - Photos of Murree

A View of Murree, 1963 

Photos of Murree - Image of Murree 1963 - Murree Pics - Murree Images

Sam’s Restaurant, The Mall, Murree-1962. The Ballroom sign depicts that there was a dancing floor as well in Sam’s. Is it still there?

Pics of Murree- Pic of Sam's Restaurant, The Mall Road, Murree - Photos of Murree

Students of Murree Christian School, 1962 

Photos of Murree - Students with a bus of Murree Christian School, 1962 - Murree Pictures

Murree in 1960 

Murree Photos - Image of Murree in 1960 - Murree Pics - Photos of Murree

Mall Road Murree in 1959

Murree Pics: Mall Road Murree in 1959 - Images, Photos of Murree

Old Bus Stop at Murree. This is old Pindi-Murree Bus Stop at Murree. Photo by Environmentalist.

Murree Pictures: Photo of Old Bus Stop at Murree - Photos, Images of Murree

A Hotel in Murree, 1940s-50s  

 Murree Photos, Murree Pics - Old image of a Hotel in Murree, 1940s-50s - Photos of Murree


Golf Club Murree, 1940s 

 Murree Photos, Murree Pictures - Rare Old photo of Golf Club Murree, 1940s - Photos of Murree

Football Ground at Lower Barian, Murree, 1920-30s

Murree Pics, Murree Photos - Football Ground at Lower Barian, Murree, 1920-30s - Photos of Murree

General Charles Monro at Gharial, near Murree, 1917Commander in Chief of India General Charles Monro with his staff inspecting barracks at Gharial near Murree in 1917. General Monro served as C-in-C India from 1916 to 1920.

Rare Pictures of Murree: General Charles Monro at Gharial, Murree, 1917 - Old Rare Photos of Murree

Rare Photo of Barracks at Kuldana, Murree 

Murree Rare Pictures: Old photo of barracks at Kuldana, Murree - Old Photos of Murree

Soldier’s Home, Upper Topa, Murree, 1920s-30s

Old Photos of Murree - Murree Pics - Rare image of Soldier's Home, Upper Topa, Murree, 1920s-30s

Tonga Stand, Murree (Painting on a Postcard), 1910

Old Pics Murree: Tonga Stand, Murree, 1910 - Rare Old Photos of Murree

A View of Gharial, Murree, 1910

Old Pictures of Murree: A view of houses at Gharial, Murree, 1910 - Old Rare Photos of Murree

Motto Bridge, Crest of the Black Watch, Murree, 1910 

Rare Pictures of Murree: Motto Bridge, Crest of the Black Watch, Murree, 1910 - Old Photos of Murree

Football Match in Murree, 1909

Murree Old Pictures: A football match in Murree, 1909 - Rare Photos of Murree

Old Photos of Murree: A Theatre Troupe in Murree, 1905

Old rare Pictures of Murree: A Theatre Troupe in Murree, 1905 - Old Photos of Murree

Old Photos of Murree: A Football Match in Murree, 1903 

Murree Photos - Rare Old image of a football match in Murree, 1903 - Old Photos of Murree

 Old Photo of Murree in Winter, 1900s  

Murree Pics - Rare Old image of Murree in snowfall, 1900s - Old Photos of Murree

Rare Old Photos of Murree: An Ekka coming from Kashmir to Murree

Old Pictures of Murree: An Ekka coming from Kashmir to Murree - Old Photos of Murree

An old Photo of The Mall Road, Murree 

Old and rare Pictures of Murree; An old Photo of The Mall Road, Murree - Old and rare Photos of Murree, Rare Images of Murree

An Old Photo of Jheeka Gali, Murree

Old Photos of Murree - An old photo of Jheeka Gali, Murree - Murree Pictures

Photos of Murree: The Mall Road, Murree, 1900. The road near the  Holy Trinity Church led to Cecil, Brightlands and Lockwood Hotels. These hotels have been demolished.

Old Pics Murree; The Mall Road,Murree, 1900 - Old Photos of Murree - Old Images of Murree

An Old and Rare Photo of Murree Post Office

Old Murree Photos - Murree Pics - Old photo of Murree Post Office - Photos of Murree

Photos of Murree: Murree Valley 1888-89

Old Photos of Murree - Murree Valley, 1888-89 - Old Murree Pictures

Old Photo of Convent of Jesus & Mary, Murree

Old Photos of Murree - Old Photo of Convent of Jesus & Mary, Murree - Pictures Murree

Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree: Prep School Building-1875. It is a rare photo of Prep School Building of Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree in 1875. {More rare photos here: Lawrence College,  Photos of Murree - Old Pic of Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree, Prep School Building-1875

Old Photos of Murree: Junior School Building at Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree

Murree Old Pictures: Black & White photo of Junior School Building Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree - Old Photos of Murree

Old Photos of Murree: Senior School Building at Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree 

Murree old Pictures: Old photo of Senior School Building Lawrence College, Ghora Gali - Old Photos of Murree

Old Photos of Murree: Murree Bazaar after Fire in 1875

Old Photos of Murree - Murree Bazaar after fire in 1875 - Old Pictures of Murree

Old Photos of Murree: Murree in 1870s 

 Murree Photos - Murree Pics - Rare Old image of Murree in 1870s - Old Photos of Murree

Old Photos of Murree: Murree Brewery Buildings – 1870. Umar Khan of has produced a fantastic book From Kabul to Kashmir containing some really great photographs by some Raj photographers.

Old Pictures of Murree; Murree Brewery buildings, 1870 - Old Photos of Murree, Old Images Murree

Rare Old Photos of Murree: An old View of Murree -1870. This view overlooks the town with the Anglican church (Holy Trinity Church) on the skyline.

Old Pics of Murree; Old view of Murree town and Anglican Church, 1870 - Old Photos of Murree

Rare Old Photos of Murree: Snowfall in Murree – 1865

Old and Rare photos of Murree - Snowfall in Murree, 1865 - Murree Pictures old

Rare Old Photos of Murree: A Bridge in Murree-1865. A very rare photo of Murree.

Old photos of Murree - A Bridge in Murree, 1865 - Old Pictures of Murree

Rare Photos of Murree: An old photo of Murree Bazaar, 1865

Old Pics of Murree; Murree Bazar, 1865 - Old and rare Photos of Murree

Engraved Drawing of the Lawrence Asylum, Ghora Gali, Murree, 1860s. Lawrence Asylum was founded in 1860 for the education of children of European soldiers serving in India. It was named after Major General Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence. It was renamed as Lawrence Royal Military School in 1920. In 1927 the name was changed to Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.

Murree Photos - Rare Old Engraved drawing of the Lawrence Asylum, Murree, 1860s - Photos of Murree

Rare Old Photos of Murree: A Road in Murree – 1861

Old Photos of Murree - A road in Murree, 1861- Old Pics of Murree - Old Images Murree

Old Photos of Murree: A Rare Photo of Kashmir Point Murree, 1861

Old Pictures of Murree; Kashmir Point Murree, 1861 - Old Photos of Murree

Rare Old Photos of Murree: Holy Trinity Church in Murree, 19th Century

Old Photos of Murree - A Church in Murree 19th Century - Old Murree Pictures

Rare Old Photos of Murree: Murree Bazaar and Holy Trinity Church – 19th Century

Old Photos of Murree - Murree Bazaar and Church, 19th Century - Old Murree Pictures

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  1. M. Khaleel Chowdhree says:

    Thanks, it’s good memorabilia of Murree and surrounding areas. It brings memories of my schooling at the PAF Public School, Lower Topa, #62-F, Sir Syed House. I was there from March 1954 to May 1957; have revisited Murree and Lower Topa about four times, last being the Alumni Old Boys Reunion in August 2016. I have been living in London, UK since 1963.

  2. Thanks.

  3. Pippa Bamber says:

    I am trying to locate my in laws marriage record at Holy Trinity Church Murree. Married in 1956. Dr. David Bamber to Dr. Dorothea Kelso. Any help? please. Canon Patrick Bamber is my husband.
    Pippa Bamber

  4. I went to Presentation Convent Murree from 1965 to 1972. After this, I really wanted to go to either Military College Sarai-Alamgir (coz only 2 miles from our Village) or to Cadet College. Had to go to Lawrence College. Have great memories of Murree as we used to roam around everywhere on Satur afternoons/Sundays.

    Whoever put up these picture, a big THANK YOU from Florida…… .

  5. Mazhar Cheema says:

    It’s so beautiful to see old Murree. I have lot of good memory of my childhood from Murree but now a days can’t go there because it is too much commercial and over crowded area.
    The city has very bad management and no cleaning arrangements are there, thus making it a dirty place.
    I wish they could keep Murree clean and keep traditional as once it used to be.

  6. I Googled for Murree pics for painting and this post came out …will select one from these.

  7. Alec P. Coelho says:

    I was totally impressed by the photographs of Murree, having spent weekends during the summer months as well as a boarder at Presentation Convent from 1944 to 1947. It brought back such good memories of this town. In later years I remember sitting at Sam’s restaurant watching the people walk up and down the Mall Road. The Wednesday Tea Dances and Saturday Dances. Such Great memories.

    • Rizwan Abbasi says:

      Murree is my native place, I welcome you, come over again and visit Murree.

    • Irshad Ahmed Khan says:

      Dear Mr Coelho,
      Hope you must be doing well and going good. I am happy to hear from you. Murree is as good as you have left it. The school is strong still. I will share a few pictures of the town with you that I have been taking in the past few years. I use to visit Murree once in a few years and hopefully I will be visiting Murree next month. Where are you and what have you been doing. Are you the Brazilian actor Coelho?. Keep in touch. Bye

    • Ejaz (Mickey) Husain says:

      Murree has grown over the years. I was a Boarder in the Presentation Convent (Rev Mother Vincent, Sisters Briget & Christine) from 1952 to 1955 along with my brothers Imtiaz (Tazi) and Niaz. Whenever my parents came from Pindi they took us out to Sam’s for refreshments and then some horse riding round Kashmir Point. PCM is now a day School and our dormitories have been turned into classrooms. Fondly remember stick jaw toffee on feast days, a glass of milk for all the boys at 10 am every morning and year-end bonfire night. Have great respect for the Nuns – they looked after us very well. Later went to Burn Hall, 1956 to 1958 (the new school 3.5 miles from Abbotabad) then run by the Priests – also a great school in those days. The Priests & Nuns were great educators.

      • syed nasir says:

        I went to the same boarding school i think about the same time as you, i remember the bonfires it used to be my favorite time we used to throw acorns and conkers in the fire and wait for them to explode,anyway just wanted to say hello and share my memory with you.
        Hope you are well

  8. Ayesha Imran says:

    It is a very very good and historical collection of photos of Murree. I liked it very much.

  9. It is a good historical collection and it is memorial adn hard work to save them till the time i have a suggestion to the lovers of Murree and also appeal to the Government to reserve a building just like Museum in Murree for the pictures and other historical things which are related with Murree.

  10. It is very historical and educational collection.

  11. Irshad Khan says:

    I was looking for some old pictures of my school Presentation Convent School, but found this treasure. Who ever collected this and compiled this is a genius. My Salute. I have spent my childhood there in the boarding and such pictures remind me of the good old days. If any one has more such pics, please post them.

    • Alec P. Coelho says:

      Irshad Khan,
      I was attracted to your comment on Murree. I spent many a weekend in Murree up to 1944, and was a boarder at the Presentation Convent from 1945 to 1947.
      I fondly remember Murree, Sam’s Restaurant with their wednesday Tea dances and Saturday evening dances. The memories of sitting by the window at Sam’s, enjoying tea with pasteries and sandwiches. Horse riding during my childhood days. But fondest memories of the Convent where I studied. Mother Philomena was Principal and later Mother Columba.
      Irshad, I certainly would like to get in touch with you

      • Convent is still there and murree is still as beautiful as its was! Though i am now abroad to persue my carrer but Murree always remain in my heart. Alec, i Welcome you to come over i certainly will come as well to show you around.

  12. Mohammad Yousuf says:

    Murree is a very beautiful hill station.

  13. Mustafa Shah says:

    Great pics of Murree… My family immigrated from Shimla to Murree… both are paradise on Earth. I can feel the love for Murree in my Sikh brothers comments… Sardar ji o din door nahi jadoon sanoon outhay tey tuanu aithay aanliyeh kissi visa dee zaroorat nahi paisee Insha Allah jaldee o din aasee keh saday donoon mulk apas wich bey k eh masleyaan nu hal kersan… till then let us enjoy the pictures 😉

  14. Dr. M. Manzoor (Jhang, Pakistan) says:

    Nice collection.

    • Michael Pushong says:

      I spent many years visiting Murree, some of my fondest and treasured memories belong there. My youngest brother went to The Presentation Convent. One of my relatives lived above the Post office. My uncle at one time was the Principal of Lawrence College Ghora Gali.
      Thanks for rekindling my memories of yester year.

  15. Dr. M. Manzoor (Jhang) says:

    Very nice collection of photos! These are grand marks of history of Grand People of that age, especially Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Presentation Convent School, Garrison, Cantonment, etc. These people although came in shapes of traders and traitors and became rulers of sub continent. They had great human qualities. They were philanthropists, made many institutions for people which are still being used. Before the arrival of Europeans there were kings, queens, princes & princesses. A vast distance was kept between public, they were treated like animals, LAANAT on such Rulers. BUT when Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and lastly British came to know the realities of life, they released human beings from slavery and inhuman tradition; like ‘Satti’ in Hindus and many more. Allah may send such type of rulers.

    • Beautiful pictures of Murree. Grand buildings of Schools, Colleges, Worship places and of a Post Office are jewels in the crown of queen of Kohsar. Serenity and tranquility may continue to prevail in the environment of Malka-e-Kohsar.

  16. All of us love Murree but we must strive to keep it clean of rubbish and illegal cutting of trees. Moreover the concerned departments and residents alike must work on coordination to keep it clean, roads need immediate repair, water supply condition has to be improved and refurbished as we are still using Raj Era networks and infrastructure. Thanks to them
    A loooooot has to be done pleeeese if we want to save Murree for our future heme generations

  17. Deborah Murree says:

    Love the pictures and enjoy reading the history, It is also my family name Murree.

  18. Sardar Mazhar says:

    Murree is such a beautiful place!!

  19. Prof Shahid Farooq says:

    So beautiful and nostalgic photos!!

  20. Muhammad Irfan Abbasi says:

    Very nice old pics of Murree.

  21. Abeeha Fatima says:

    Beautiful pics, I really love it.

  22. Muhammad Imran says:

    Very good pictures. I also like old photos of Murree.

  23. Fiona Turner says:

    My Great Grandparents were the Sharpes who lived at The Piggery .. the kids went to St. Lawrence and my Aunt and Uncle went there too 🙂

  24. Mohammed Tawhidul Islam says:

    These wonderful pictures remind me of my old school days. What a collection! Good job done!
    Mohammed Tawhidul Islam
    R-30,9 Babur House,
    PAF Public School, Lower Topa,
    Murree Hills, Pakistan

  25. Mujeeb Khan Dhoond Abbasi says:

    A thing of beauty is a joy for ever, lovely old scenes, job well done, cool memories. I love Murree Hills and delighted to see the Golf greens of Rawat purvan/Bhurban

  26. Noraizan Kamaludin of Brunei Darussalam says:

    I never knew about the existence of such a beautiful place on earth such as Muree, Pakistan until I met a friend of Murree origin who introduced me to his beautiful home town. I wish I could go to this place in future and see the scenic views with my own eyes.

  27. Amir Sajjad Abbasi says:

    Nice to see such a detailed info and fabulous photography. Never seen before. It is priceless.

  28. Ghulam Mustafa (Chak No. 279/J.B.) says:

    Old pictures are more attractive. All the British died now who built Murree and others neighbouring areas. British measured all areas in the hot and cold days, they were hard worker indeed. Murree was more graceful in those days and today also.

  29. Hafeezullah Butt says:

    Many thanks for such a great collection of photos of Murree. It recalls me the past of my life from 1964 to 1981.

  30. Dr. Martin Wyatt says:

    Many thanks for putting together this wonderful photographic resource.

    My father, a Sargent in the RAF, was based in Murree / Lower Topa during the Second World War.

    • Mutahir Dhanial says:

      Hello Dr. Martin,

      Do you have any information regarding Murree, history or pictures or useful information you can share.

      Thank you and regards.

  31. Aneeba Bashir says:

    Beautiful pics of Murree.

  32. Muhammad Salman says:

    I am extremely delighted to have seen some awesome historical pics of Murree that I always wondered to find where… great applause for the team of dedicated men and women who made it possible for the passion of many……..Good job!!

  33. Mian Manzoor says:

    “Yaad-e-Mazi Aazab Hai Ya Rab…
    Cheen Lay Mujh Say Hafiza Mera………!!!”
    Hazaroun yadain taza ho gae hain.

  34. These are beautiful pics of Murree.

  35. This collection of Pictures is simply amazing!!

  36. Dr. Syed Hosein says:

    A good historical achievement.

  37. Habib A. Syed says:

    Beautiful pictures that took me back over 45 years when I spent couple of years as a child in Kuldana, Murree where my father served as an instructor at Army school.

  38. Khawar Abbasi says:

    Outstanding photos of Murree and no doubt that Murree is paradise on earth.

  39. Wah ji! Tussan sahday bazurgan noo yaad phir kara cahdeyaa nein. Asaan 1947 toh pehlan kayin pushtan Muree nay san …Lower Mall Road tay dukanaan san tay ghar wi, utthey Arya Samaj Mandir tay Gurdawara Sahab sadey wadhey wadhereyan Sardar Ram Singh ji (Meray Dada Ji) nay banvaeya si ji. Jisdey kaghzaat ajj vi lay phirney haan. Tussan nay bada changa kam kitta sadey wargeyan naa jedey 1947 ton ajj tak ‘rootless’ jinney paye haan. Khair Howay jee!

    • Dr. M..Manzoor JHANG PAKISTAN says:


      • Shukriuya ji sahnoo apney wattan aan da invitation dein wastey ji…eh Wageh wali lakeerean ainiyan doongiyan teh uchiyan ney aa jaana salukha nayi asan dushman karar dittey jawan gey apney bazurgan wattan aan noon ..

    • Sardar G main we Murree tou han, tawada comment daikh ke bohar khussi howe… Kaghzaat de pics share karo…. aur tawadi jagga dil wich ha g…. tussi programe banao tawanoo murree main invite karna han

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