Photos of Multan

Photos of Multan.

Editor’s Note: Rare black & white photos of Multan dating back to 1877 are in the last portion of this Post.

Brief History: Multan is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back 6000 years when it was known as Maloha. Its current name is derived from the Sanskrit name Mulasthana named after a Sun Temple. Multan has frequently been a site of conflict due to its location on a major invasion route between South Asia and Central Asia.
Multan was conquered by Alexander the Great in 326 BC. It was later conquered by Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 AD. In 965 AD, Multan was conquered by Halam b. Shayban, an Ismaili da’i. Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Multan in 1005 AD, conducting a series of campaigns during which the Ismailis of Multan were massacred. Later Muhammad of Ghor attacked the city and drove out the remaining Ismailis.
Following annexation to Mughal empire in 1557 AD, Multan enjoyed 200 years of peace, and became known as Dar al-Aman (Abode of Peace). After the death of emperor Aurangzeb in 1707, Multan witnessed difficult times as Mughal rule declined. Ahmad Shah Durrani captured Multan in 1752.
In 1758, the Marathas captured Multan. The city was re-captured by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1760. However, after his death in 1772, the influence of Durrani empire declined sharply. Starting at late in 1700s, Multan was ruled locally by the Pashtun Sadozai and Khogyani (also known as Khakwani) chieftains.
On 2 March 1818 Sikh armies defeated Durrani General of Multan Nawab Muzaffar Khan. Later Multan was made part of the British Raj. Multan again came under Muslims rule only when British Empire gave independence to Pakistan in 1947.

Ghanta Ghar Chowk Multan. This chowk was always a traffic mess. It was renovated by the efforts of DCO Multan, Naseem Sadiq. Hats off to his contribution.

Multan Pictures: Ghanta Ghar Chowk Multan - Images, Photos of Multan

Multan in 1970s

 Multan Pics: Multan in 1970s - Images & Photos of Multan

Ghanta Ghar Chowk Multan, Fort in the Background

Multan Pics: Ghanta Ghar Chowk Multan, fort in the background - Images, Photos of Multan

Video Tour of Multan City

Mausoleum of Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakaria  at Multan. Photo by Hydaspes’ Lightbox.

Multan Pictures: Tomb of Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakaria - Images, Photos of Multan

Tomb at Eid Gah, Multan. Photo by Dr. Junaid.

Photos of Multan: Photo of Tomb at Eid Gah, Multan - Multan Pics & Images

Nishtar Medical College, Multan. Nishtar Medical College, Multan is named after Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, a celebrated companion of Father of the Nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the then Governor of Punjab. Nishtar Medical College’s foundation stone was laid on the 28th of April, 1951 and the inauguration ceremony was held on 1 October 1951.  The founding principal was Prof. Dr. Jamal Bhutta. On 1 October 1953, Nishtar Hospital started functioning with 80 beds.

Multan Pictures: Nishtar Medical College Multan - Images, Photos of Multan

Nishtar Hospital, Multan. Photo by Dr. Junaid.

Photos of Multan: Photo of Nishtar Hospital, Multan - Pictures and Images of Multan

Multan Burn Unit and Trauma Centre. Photo by Dr. Junaid.

Photos of Multan: Photo of Multan Burn Unit and Trauma Centre - Multan Pics

State Bank of Pakistan, Multan. Photo by Dr. Junaid.

Photos of Multan: Photo of State Bank of Pakistan, Multan - Pics of Multan

Photos of Multan: Multan Garrison Club (Old Services Club)

Pic of Multan Pics: Multan Garrison Club (Old Services Club, Multan) - Photos of Multan

Photos of Multan: Ghora Wala Chowk, Multan Cantt. Photo by Dr. Junaid.

Photos of Multan: Photo of Ghora Wala Chowk, Multan Cantt - Multan Pictures

Photos of Multan: Ghora Chowk, Multan Cantt. Photo by Zeeshan Nasir.

Photos of Multan: Photo of Ghora chowk, Multan Cantt - Pictures of Multan

Suraj Kund Temple, MultanThe historical temple of Suraj Kund (the Pond of Sun) is located in the south of Multan city in Suraj Kund Area on Old Shujabad Road. It had a pond 132 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep when full of water. It was a place of pilgrimage till 1947 and two fairs were held here annually. One on the 7th of the Vanishing moon of Bhadon, and the other on the 7th of the rising moon of Magh, the numbers having references to the seven hours of the Sun’s Chariot, according to the Hindu belief of the seven Rishies. This temple is in the list of 52 monuments to be preserved on the pattern of Morocco’s city Fez. It is in dilapidated condition and nearing collapse.

 Pictures of Multan: Suraj Kund Temple Multan - Multan Images & Photos of Multan

Prahlad Temple, Multan. Prahlad Temple (also known as Prahladpuri Temple) is an ancient Hindu temple located on a mound in Multan. The wall of this temple touched the wall of the Muslim saint Shah Rukn-e-Alam’s shrine. The original temple of Prahlad is said to have been built by Bhagat Prahlad, son of Hiranayakashipu, the king of Multan  in honor of Narsing Avatar, an incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu. The temple is at present in ruins, since its destruction in 1992 by a mob.

Pictures of Multan: Bhagat Prahlad Temple, Multan - Multan Images, Photos of Multan


Old Photos of Multan: Multan Cantonment Railway Station, 1913 

Rare Pictures of Multan: Multan Cantonment Railway Station, 1913 - Old and rare Photos of Multan

Old Photos of Multan: Multan Railway Station, 1910

Old Pics of Multan: Multan Railway Station, 1910 - Old and rare Photos of Multan

Old Photos of Multan: A Pottery Shop in Multan, 1902

Old Pictures of Multan: A pottery shop in Multan, 1902 - Multan Images, Old Photos of Multan

Rare Old Photos of Multan: British and Indian Soldiers on Elephants at Multan, 1899 

Old Pictures of Multan: British and Indian soldiers on elephants at Multan 1899 - Photos of Multan

Rare Old Photos of Multan: Indian Soldiers and Elephants at Multan, 1898

Old Pics of Multan: Indian soldiers and elephants at Multan 1898 - Rare Old Photos of Multan

Rare Old Photos of Multan: A British Officer and his family at Multan, 1877

Old Pictures of Multan: A British officer and his family at Multan 1877 - Old Photos of Multan

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  1. Ijaz A chohan says:

    Multan my heart & soul and I think that no city is comparable with historical sense in the world.

  2. Rana M. Kamran says:

    Multan is the history of sub continent Indo Pak. l love Multan city.

  3. Hussain Magsi says:

    Great effort. Please add on Multan walled city (alang) historical sites including KHOONI-BURJ related with Sikandar-e-Azam invasion.
    The Hindu temple monument needs an attention. Can you have Khadim-Panjab or Auqaf take notice?

  4. Gurpreet Singh Anand says:

    Beautiful pics. Please also include Jain Temple, it has great wall murals which are Multan’s heritage too. I can send picture if you wish from my trip in early 2016.

  5. Nice information and good photos.

  6. The city has layers of history with recents ones obliterated and new edifices built atop ..still feel Sooraj Kund and Prahlad Temple of Hindus need to be preserved for posterity for their was a time the city vied with Benares for holiness .
    So much history so few landmarks ..wish people understand they are losing precious heritage of Multan, I was pained to see, in my recent trip.
    All in all this is a wonderful page that must add some pics of Hindu past too for the composite culture that existed and is now gone forever.

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    No city like Multan have own tradition and weather

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    Multan is a piece of Heaven.

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