Photos of Mohsin Kamal, Lt Gen (HDR-1)

Recent Photo of Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal, July 2011.This photo was taken during Course Get-together held at GHQ Arty Mess (Old Pindi Club), Rawalpindi on 24 July 2011. Photo contributed by Maj Naseem Afzal Baz (HDR-4).

Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal

Mohsin Kamal in Tobe Camp Cafeteria,  June/July 1972. Photo contributed by Lt Col Zubair Ahmed (ABD-3).

Appointment Holders in PMA Cafeteria

Mohsin with H-1 GCs Relaxing in the Sun, 1972. Photo contributed by Capt Ishrat Ansari, (HDR-1).

Mohsin Kamal with Cadets of H-1, 1972

Five Course Mates at Cadet College Hasan Abdal, 1971. This photo shows five Course mates at Cadet College Hasan Abdal in 1971. This group photo of class of 1971 was taken just before the Intermediate exams. Out of 72 class fellows, 23 joined Army, 2 went to Navy and 4 joined PAF. Till date never in the history of Cadet College Hasan Abdal so many class fellows joined the services. Out of 23 who joined Army, 1 made Gen, 2 made Lt Gen, 2 made Maj Gen and 6 made to the rank of Brig. Following 5 joined 2nd SSC:-
1. Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal (H-1), 7th from the left in Standing 1st Row.
2. Lt Col Hassan Akhtar (H-3), 1st from the left in Standing 2nd Row.
3. Capt Aleem Hussain (A-5), 8th from the left in Standing 3rd Row.
4. Brig Kamran Shariff (A-4), 15th from the left in Standing 3rd Row.
5. Brig Tanvir Rafi (SS-3), 1st from the left in Standing 4th Row.
Photo contributed  by Brig Tanvir Rafi (SSH-3).

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  1. Maj Saeed Haider Farooq (SSH-2), USA says:

    Dear Mohsin,
    How are you?
    Regards and take care.

    • Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal (HDR-1) says:

      My Dear Saeed!
      Assalam O Alaikum.
      Hope you are in good health and high spirit. Grateful for your remembrance.
      I admire your collection of photos. I am amazed that you are even keeping photos in which you are not there. Let me admit that I do not have these. My gratitude to you for reviving the memories of golden days at Tobe Camp.
      Wishing you a lasting spell of health, happiness and honour.

      • Editor (Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema, ABD-1) says:

        Dear Mohsin,
        These photos are not with Maj Saeed Haider. This page is a part of 2nd SSC website and the photos have been contributed by different Course mates (their names are given with each photo, and you can also see their photos by clicking at their names). 🙂

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