Extremely rare view of Masjid an Nabawi, Medina-1850

Rare photo of Masjid an Nabawi, Medina-1850


  1. Qaisar Gandapur says:

    Brothers in Islam, all this internal bickering and sqabbles between our own selves, gives a chance to the enemies of Islam to divide us and destroy us.
    If the Germans and the French can sit and talk after the two WW why can’t we sit and discuss all our issues between ourselves.
    Please open your eyes to the world, and see what is happening to the Muslims of the world.
    We are debating on green and white, black or blue.
    Has any one of you thought of the Muslim women begging in the streets of Paris and London. The billions of petro dollars that the Muslims – Arabs, or others have today have been bestowed by All Mighty Allah, will suddenly become useless. Where is Ghaddafi, Husni Mubarak and Saddam Hussain. They were all mighty and absolute rulers.
    Please wake up before it is too late.

  2. Arif Mahmood says:

    Dear Muslim brothers, why are we arguing about green, blue, black and white? Our religion Islam is simple with no ifs and buts. Simply believe in Allah and his Prophet(PBUH). Read and understand Quran and follow the prophet Mohammad (saw) because he did what Allah (subhanAllah) asked him to do .

  3. What are these gentlemen arguing about, something that happened centuries ago, which is of no significance now. Look ahead and to the future?

  4. You are a Wahabi, Iqbaal Faruqi. Green has a great significance in Islam. My Nabi Sallalahu alaihi wassalam preferred green color and in many ocassions he also wore a green Imama Shareef. If you say that green is a Yahudi color, then my Nabi would not have preferred that color. Jews even today have a blue/white flag, and why not green?

    The Salaat in the two harams were offered under 4 fiqhs, Hanafi , Shafi, Maliki, and Hanbli and not 8.

    Ibn e Saud did have his HQ in present Riyadh but according to the Ahadees, it is called Najd. I am sure you are not going to quote this hadees, because it exposes your lies.

    Ibn e Abdul Wahhab Najdi was prepared to topple the Ottoman Empire with the help of British. For details please read: Confessions of a British Spy”. Also check out the link here: http://www.sunna.info/antiwahabies/wahhabies/htm/spy1.htm

    Mr. Faruqi, why are you not clarifying and explaining in detail the tunnel dug by Jews?

    You wrote: "" When two Jews dug a tunnel to steal the holy body, the ruler was informed and shown the faces in the dream of Sultan. He reached Medinah and killed the Jews. "

    My questions are: (1) Who informed the ruler in the dream about the Jews? (2) Who showed the ruler the culprits’ faces?

    Of Course you will not give answers to these questions, because if you do, then your Aqeeda will be in danger. Only a Sunni Sahih ul Aqeeda can answer.

    It was Nabi e Kareem who informed and showed the faces of the culprits in his dream, and to this end a Sunni Aqeeda is proved that :

    (1) Nabi-e-Kareem is alive in his Roza-e-Anwar.
    (2) Nabi-e-Kareem has the Ilm-e-ghaib.

  5. hyder lakhani says:

    Why did they destroy the domes in the Jannat-ul-Baki but not the others, like the one above? Was the destruction based on the fact that they related to Shias?

  6. NAveed Subhan says:

    The Muslim flag during the various Ghazwaats was always green.

  7. Tahir Khan says:

    If ever a stupid and irrational statement, Mr Zaheer takes the cake.

  8. They intend to demolish this too. They say a dome on grave is bida’a. Even if it is the grave of the holy prophet.I wonder if you dig out all the graves of their elders why don’t these wahabi salafi begin it by Bulldozing their Jewish ancestors and remove every trace of their’s. Let us hope Allah does this, Not in a distance future. Insha Allah

    • Iqbal Farooqui says:

      Al-Salam Alaikum. Your remarks are cruel and without knowledge. First World War demolished the KHILAFAT. Arabs were responsible for this. They were instigated by the Britishers who divided Arabs into small states. MAKKAH and MEDINAH were allotted to SHAREEF of MAKKAH. In both these HARUMs SALAAT was offered in 4 to 8 JAMAATS led by separate IMAMS. SAUD was the chief of a tribe in the center of Arabian desert having his HQs in Riyadh. In those days a distinguished scholar named Abdul Wahab was trying to remove impurities in practicing the religion. Abdul Wahab assisted Saud in conquest of whole Hijaz including the two holy cities of MAKKAH and MEDINAH. As per terms only ONE JAMAAT led by ONE IMAM became possible. The SAUDI regime demolished domes and superstructures constructed in grave yards. (Such can be seen in any Pakiistani grave yard.)
      The rumor about the demolition of dome of the Mazaar of our Prophet (PBUH) reached India. The Indian Muslims were uncomfortable and a delegation of Indian Muslims headed by Maulana Mohammad Ali visited Saudi Arabia. In their report they clarified that there are no such plans. Mr Zaheer should have faith in ALLAH. When two Jews dug a tunnel to steal the holy body, the ruler was informed and shown the faces in the dream of Sultan. He reached Medinah and killed the Jews. Mr Zaheer should know that GREEN color has no significance in Islam. It is a JEWS color. The dome of the Rasool ALLAH’s grave was originally white. It was changed GREEN by Mamoon ur Rasheed.

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