Photos of Maj Akhlaq Ahmed, Baluch (HDR-3)

Maj Akhlaq Ahmed, 1972. Photo contributed by Maj Munir Ahmed (HDR-3).

Maj Akhlaq with GC Munir


Maj Akhlaq Ahmed, 1972In this photo, taken in 1972 in PMA during an exercise, you will see three Pl Comds and three GCs. The one in the centre (Without a headgear) is Capt Younis (Pl Comd, GHR-3). The one adjusting his cap is Maj Akhlaq (Pl Comd, HDR-3). Can someone recognise the Pl Comd who is drinking tea? The three GCs from left to right are; Agha Talha , Badar Islam Butt and Waseem Zia (All from GHR-3). Photo contributed by Maj Khalid Saeed Shah (GHR-3).

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  1. Lt Azam Gill (H-1), France says:

    Respectful salutations, Sir. Presiding over one of the dinner nights, you asked me what I would have done if I hadn’t joined the Army, and I said “been a teacher”, and I don’t, considering the circumstances, blame you for looking skeptical. When I said that there was something common to teaching and soldiering as an officer, you murmured “you are trying to philosophically cover I don’t know what”! I’ve been teaching for nearly three decades now! I still remember you with much respect.

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