Photos of Lt Col Zafar Mustafa, Arty (Coy Comd, Abdali Coy)

Maj Zafar Mustafa with A-2 Platoon, 1972. Photo contributed by Lt Col Zafar Mustafa.

A-2 Platoon with Coy Comd, Maj Zafar Mustafa

Maj Zafar Mustafa during an Exercise, PMA, 1972. Maj Zafar Mustafa (Lovingly called as “Daddy” by GCs of Abdali Coy) with stylish Capt Nisar Sarwar Khara during an exercise. Photo contributed by Lt Col Zafar Mustafa.

Maj Zafar Mustafa with Abadli Coy Hockey Team, 1972This is a memorable photo of Abdali Coy Hockey team which won the Inter Coy Hockey Championship in PMA. Please look at the happiness on the face of “Daddy”, a proud Coy Comd at this moment. Liaqat Ali Shah (Standing on extreme Right) is not a hockey team member. He is standing here in the capacity of JUO. Photo contributed by Maj Syed Mushtaq Ali (A-5).

Maj Zafar Mustafa with GCs of A-2 Platoon, 1972Photo contributed by Lt Col Zafar Mustafa.

A-2 GCs with Maj Zafar Mustafa (Coy Comd)

Maj Zafar Mustafa with Platoon Comds of Abdali Coy, 1972

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  1. Dear Farooq. Thanks for your profound affection and kind remembrance of good days spent in Abdali Coy.

    • Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

      Sir, it was an immense pleasure and honour to listen to you after a very long period. May God bless you with a long happy life. Regards.

  2. Maj Farooq Rana (A-4) says:

    It is an honour and pleasure to to see Daddy’s photos and to revisit the nostalgic era, but talingk to him on phone today gave me manifold more pleasure. Daddy is still the same, though he is 79 now. We all must pray for his long life and good health. I am a Lahori and in Lahore it is said “Lahore Lahore aay”, but I must say ‘”Daddy Daddy aye”.

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