Rare Old Photos of Lahore – Masjid Sardar jahan, Lahore, 1880s – Old and rare Pictures of Lahore

Extremely rare Pictures of Lahore: Rare photo of Masjid Sardar jahan, Lahore, 1880s - Old and rare Photos, Images of Lahor


  1. Mohammad Khalid Rafi says:

    My house is attached with this mosque on front side door.

  2. Shakil Ahmed says:

    According to British Library its from 1605 -27 era not 1880’s:

    Photograph of Masjid Sardar Jahan at Lahore, Pakistan, taken by George Craddock in the 1880s, part of the Bellew Collection of Architectural Views. Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, is considered the cultural centre of Pakistan. Islam came here after the advent of Mahmud of Ghazni in 1021 AD, and it was subsequently ruled by a succession of dynasties of the Delhi Sultanate, followed by the Mughals, the Sikhs and the British. It reached its apogee under the Mughals, known as the Garden City and with enough architecture to rank it with other great Mughal centres like Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. The mosque in the photograph dates from the reign of Jahangir (ruled 1605–27).


  3. Shakil Ahmed says:

    Lucy Peck
    06 November 2011

    This is the mosque of Sirdar Khan in Mozang, an old village area south of Lahore walled city. F S Aijazuddin (Mapin,1991) says it was built by Sirdar Khan, ‘nambardar of the area’, who died before it could be completed. The locals say it was built by Pir Abdulla Shah Baloch Qadri, who is buried in the tomb just visible to the right of the main block. The mosque still exists, as does the tomb, but the side wings have gone. Apart from that it is very well maintained and the prayer hall is now air-conditioned.

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